22 November, 2006

The best Jordanian Radio broadcasting over the internet

As my office was moved inside the company I work in, I sadly receive NO RADIO Transmission in this new place :(

Hint Hint, Internet broadcasting.

Result, and very unlike Play FM's claim about their broadcasting being (As they claim with their 32K streaming) the one with the best quality in jordan. Fann FM was found to be broadcasting with a bit rate of 128k CD-Quality online broadcasting!

Sounds wonderful!
The last time I tuned to Fann FM online was when their online broadcasting was still 24K.

PS: you DO really need a powerful leased line for such streaming :/


Moey said...

nice.. zaman 3annak man

Nizar Selander said...

wow, never listened to that play radiostation,
I quite liked it exept for that british accent dude, he sounds horible..

I always listen to Radio Fann, its great,
once my friend saied that i guy called the program to make a report against
the Jordanian king O.o
weel, claimed that one of the kings security cars crashed his car and
he doesn't afford to fix it himself, a couple of moments later the King called
and gave an offer to choose any car "97 model" from any place in Jordan for free !

I used to have my own radio station brodcasting on the net,
its not hard to make, all you need is
a good connection, basic soundcard, download Winamp from www.winamp.com ,
SHOUTcast from www.shoutcast.com and a simple plugin that
i can provide if u want it..

I saw some of your clips on ikbis,
keep them up :P