23 April, 2008

Jerash Festival Stopped!

Yes, Unfortunately, the great festival that made stars all around arabia, and the only festival in jordan that had the possibility to get international. was just turned off ... just like that!

I know the festival was going bad lately, but instead of developing it....

Then the 25th , silver, festival ... was the last!

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21 April, 2008

0% taxes on Energy reduction products.. including Hybrid Vehichles

Last thursday, the government announced reducing all the custom taxes and VAT on all the products oriented for reducing energy consumption. Be it solar panels, solar ACs and fridges, consumption reduction light bulbs, energy control panels, isolation construction materials, and .... Hybrid Cars & Vehicles :)

Finally, We'll be seeing more Toyota Prius cars in jordan other than The Minister of environment's car. actually, there is a good set of hybrid cars in the market out there.

Not only this, but how about some hybrid ran urban public transportation. other than thus urban buses are the top of the top brands, this will assure a flat rate for urban public transportation regardless of fuel prices.

Flat rates = stability
stability is an attraction
=> 100% attractive for the people in my opinion.

So there's MAN bus getting things done with Siemens for such a bus.

& Mercedes Benz is releasing its Hybrid Citaro G in less than a year from now.

a Part from the neat European technology, GM had already did it in the states, and over 1700 Hybrid Buses are driving the urban US streets nowadays.

GM debuted the hybrid technology for transit buses in 2003. Demand has been rising steadily each year. Later this month the 1,000 th GM-Allison hybrid-powered bus will be delivered to the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.

More about GM Hybrid Buses here

16 April, 2008

Motorola.. In My Life

For those who don't know, Motorola has been a major part of my life, as well as my family life.

in the family, we had over 10 different Motorola mobiles until now.

It all started back in 1998, when my father got his Motorola D520 .. this one was rocking big, 2x12 characters monochrome screen, and .... it was the 1st device to have encrypted transmission of voice over the network!

(apparently, and the last :P).

Later, came my mum's Motorola Talkabout T180 .. this was an amazing

improvement. especially when it comes to the weight and size. and the one my mum had was fully black ... very stylish if i may say. I inherited

the phone after that, at the 1st times of my uni life, back in 2002.

That is, when the Motorola Timeport T250 entered the house:) this one

worth about 250 JD was acquired from FastLink with my dads post-paid line with only 20 JDs ... that was a rocking offer, for a rocking phone.

Tri-band, blue Optimax backlight (a.k.a laser in jordanian terminology ;) ). voice recording, built-in answering machine and voicemail, auto

answering, voice tag phonebook, and ever IR (which i never used). All of those were one of a kind features back in 2002. & despite the fact that

the mobile got stolen in 2003, my mum bought another similar one, and she still has it (but not use it).

Meanwhile, & since i'm obsessed with radio, I decided to run up for an FM Radio Mobile phone, my option was again the "KOOL" Motorola v2288. It was some sort of an advanced talkabout, with built-in FM

Radio & earphones, colored in Orange, with 2 rubber covers (when of them was the umniah kind of yellow :P). This phone was probably the most

powerful i ever had, it dropped several times from the 2nd and 3rd floor with no problems, I remember we even used to play volleyball with it :D
It brokeout at the end, actually, only the transmitter/receiver unit had, it still turned ON and OFF :D

The story continues with Motorola in my family, after got her Motorola L6 (or

actually i got her this as a birthday gift last year :P), a cool high-tech device all of today's usual stuff.

On the other hand, my story with Motorola continued after that with iDEN devices.
iDEN, a technology from Nextel and Motorola, available in Jordan throughout Xpress Telecom. runs on awesome powerful Motorola devices, with integrated GPS, data-packet and wap, to some multimedia cool stuff, you got it all there, with both direct phone calling and PTT.

A part of Project BiSCA took advantage of this technology, and i still keep my Motorola i265 device until now, and use it for mobile internet surfing, as well as PTT, phonecalls, and the GPS features.

I got board of this i265 actually, and aiming for an i850 ... if any one has got a used one, please don't hesitate contacting me :D

13 April, 2008

Mobile Radio Vs. Mobile TV Streaming

We have been witnessing lately the live TV Streaming on mobile over GPRS technology around the world's GSM networks

I still dunno how much of a feasible things this is! apart from the opinion of researchers in this domain's idea , I have never, ever seen anyone using this service around here in jordan, despite the fact its available on all the GSM mobile networks operating, nor i've seen any one using it in Europe!

Maybe having a radio streaming service is more efficient, convenient, and feasible. and lets think about it for a lil' bit!

What Radio over GPRS/EDGE would mean for the nation as a service?
- Having Radio available everywhere! without any area limitations, and without reception problems when you're traveling. Maybe having the in-car integrated mobile phones benefiting from this service to listen to the radio stations over GPRS/EDGE whenever the station's signal gets weaker and RDS-AF didn't get to receive a better signal.

- This will enable the radio stations broadcasting on a nation wide coverage through GSM Networks.

- In case of listening through a headset, its more feasible to listen to radio over GPRS (just like listening to a Mobile's FM Radio), than watching TV through it.

- Having it as a service would most probably insure having it at a low affordable price, especially when compared with TV Streaming over GPRS, which is alot more costy for both the customers and the operators (where infrastructure costs are kind of limited).

There might be mobile streaming some softwares around like the J2ME MFRadio, The Symbian specificVRadio, and the Window Mobile specific Mortplayer , but a software-only concept has a lot of limits, while Having it as a service would change all the measures regarding Radio over GPRS.
MFRadio for example, is an open source project of a software used by the Russian mobile operation MegaFon, for a value-added service of this kind. Thus, the service motivated the software, and not vis a vis in this case.
Having it as a service, with a specific protocol can even make special in-car integrated telephony & Audio systems get united, having the car computer switching to the radio station over GPRS in case no clear radio reception is available in the area of driving.

who knows, maybe we'd have this becoming a reality one day :)

Until then, lets see this nice attempt of streaming through a Windows Mobile PDA, that broadcasts whats being streamed through GPRS over an FM signal modulator built-in the PDA, and thus received through the car radio. cool stuff, but very complicated.

Radio Guide Update: Amen FM in Irbid on 89.7 FM

The Police Radio Station, Amen FM (أمن FM), started today (or actually partally yesterday), the transmission in Irbid and the area around it on 89.7 FM.

The ads company supposed to announce this on the ad boards in irbid, apparently didnot do its job, and no ads are there, yet. But the mouth-to-mouth news started between the people, and its doing well ever since this morning apparently.

More & More on Amen FM

09 April, 2008

Queen Rania replies on her commentators with a new video

After over 1.1 million views and around 5000 comment on Her Majesty's 1st video deputing after the creation of Her Channel on youTube last week.

Queen Rania replies with a 2nd video, watch it here:

And thanks to the Royal Hashemite Court for the trust in our jordanian blogosphere :)

SoftFeeder .. for hungrey software diggers

My ex-university colleague, peer at work, and partner in Project BiSCA, Ehab Al-Hakawati, has recently launched his own website, SoftFeeder.com

The website was fully programmed by ehab on J2EE Technologies, no Ready CMS, no Ready-made blog software. 100% his own code. As well as his design (well, with some icons inspired and gripped from here and there).

The website is mainly oriented towards the software apps and utilities hungry computer users. As it mainly feeds its visitors with download link-outs and description for softwares as they're released.

Last but not least, the website has an interactive commenting platform for its members, and an RSS feed to keep its visitors updated with what's hot and what's not around and about.

The site's URL is: www.softfeeder.com

Oh... its been ages since i've posted a geeky post :)

05 April, 2008

n@simjo 3.0


As promised, a new version of blogger is finally there running on my blog, with a new RSS Feed as well (please update your RSS if your still using the previous atom.xml one), and all the new blogger features.

Also, a notable change in design and blog make over was done (Apparently, no more coral pinkish color :D). I hope the annoyers who didnt like the previous theme would like this one :P

del.icio.us bookmarks are also ON now, and add this will help you bookmark any post on a big variety of web networks, from your account on Google, Yahoo and even Facebook.

Hopefully, more would be coming soon around my blog, like moving my Jordanian Airwaves guide in here. and adding some hotlinks, and labeling old posts.
Its just that i'm not having that much time to do it all, so bare with me. I'm still accepting your suggestions.

Last but not least, this make over got me much more less rating on google. despite all the URLs are the same!!!!! I got really confused from this, and i'm feeling pretty sad about it:(

01 April, 2008

Queen Rania's channel on Youtube

Check the channel here, it already had over 47000 hits & over 160 comments on the video and almost 100 on the channel (Very interesting ones if i might say!)

This is what i call Web 2.0 :)

its amazing how this is having a big buzz on the bl og os ph ere :) ) ) Even before the written and audio media.... and hey, forget about the visual one!

Good Morning your majesty I know you read our Jordanian blogosphere