28 November, 2005

Apple Mac Scientific Session @ HU

Today , Today , Today , Today, Today , Today !

The 1st ever Scientific session about Apple Mac architecture in Jordan.

today the 28th of Nov - at 12,30 PM

at The Hashemite University.


  • Ahmad Humeid, CEO of Syntax Digital Jordan (25 Years of Apple in 25 Minutes).
  • Heidelberg Jordan (Architecture and Organization overview of Apple Computers and MAC OS X)

24 November, 2005

in Response for My Review about the Jordanian FM station after Amman's Attacks

In reply to my after Amman's Attacks review about the Jordanian FM stations, This comment was in reply of it but was posted on quiet an old post by Ahmad Humeid (October 2005) assessing the Jordanian airwaves status.
As part of my Blog Policy where anyone has the right to comment as he/she wishes as far as suitable words are used, & since this comment ,for a reason that i dont know, must have been on reply to my post and was submitted somewhere else. Dear My Blog Reader you have the right to read it as well!
Here is the Comment by Nadim Attieh:

Nadim Attieh Says: November 11th, 2005
at 1:02 pm
Nasimjo… Who are you?
Most of the Radio Stations on the Ammani spectrum are … a shame? First of all, allow me to ask who are you? Apparently nothing, just looking around some topics to criticize…
I saw your blogs and you were as usual criticizing radios playing normal upbeat music on that dark day (09-11-2005) well let me ask you this. If someone of your family members has a cancer, you dress up in black and sit and cry next to him? Or
you’d do anything to cheer him up?
Mr. Nasimjo… yesterday was perhaps one of the darkest days Jordan has ever faced. The overall mood was depressing and there was darkness in the hearts of many. Everywhere a person looked there were constant reminders of the tragedy that happened. Every station on TV showed the horror and every radio station silenced it’s voice in solidarity to play classical music which is to them a sign or respect. Some of the radio stations you personally dislike decided to show their solidarity in another way… they did not dim their broadcast nor did they play classical music. Did they do this for popularity or for ratings? NO! And if you think that then you are sadly mistaken. They did this for 2 reasons:
1) To provide an ESCAPE from all the drama and sadness that was found everywhere in the past 24 hours. They did this to lift the spirits of those who were sad and upset by this nightmare. Music is known to sooth even the harshest of minds in the darkest of moments. They provided an escape from what’s happening for those who NEED it or WANT it. Even if it’s in the span of 3-5 minutes in a track. They would never do anything to disrespect our country for at the end of the day without the listeners and the fellow countrymen… what purpose do they have?
2) The Second reason they aired their upbeat music was to send a strong message that says there are some aspects of Jordanian life that will never be affected by these murderers. They may bomb and try to put us down… but they will never diminish our will to move on.
Mr. Nasimjo… With all due respect, you seem to know so much about the music industry as well as the intricate details of the radio world. With such knowledge and
data I strongly advise you to open up your own radio station and make millions.
You seem to have all the answers. Until then though please do everyone a favor and keep your comments applicable when you yourself have done something CONSTRUCTIVE in the world of FM.
Oooh! And by the way, if you’d like to discuss it, feel free to add me:

Now in reply to Mr Nadim I say:

1- My opinions are kept as mine, just like yours are yours.. this was the way i saw it, & this is my review regarding it using obvious facts not thoughts or claims.

2- My Comment that you might have replyed on in Mr Humeids Post was submitted before those attacks happened, which means there's a "Problem as i claim" already!

3- "....If someone of your family members has a cancer, you dress up in black and sit and cry next to him? Or you’d do anything to cheer him up?..." ... well, except the fact that a cancer affected human is not considered to be dead, I'm refering to the respect those stations are paying for the country and nation that were hit by those attacks.
in an ordinary day 100s of people might die in Jordan, With respect to all the families of all those affected by the attacks, I'm saying the the reaction of the radio stations is not to be targeting the family of those mainly, but the situation the country and nation is passing through.

4- of course not for rating or advs! during those days I didnt hear not even one single adv on those stations that did cope with the atmosphere. while on the other hand, Radio FANN FM had advs even through the Live transmission of the 5th-3rd Circle March!

5- What a "strong message" is that with dumb and random non stop music! Even my MP3 player had a "stronger message" regarding what happened!

6- Still wondering why you didnt post this on my Blog! Dont worry, I wont delete it! I'm a person with ethics!

21 November, 2005

Radio Guide Update: Hayat FM

Hayat FM on 104.7 FM
a new Station in Amman Greater Area
More Details Soon....!

17 November, 2005

سجناء تنظيم القاعدة في السواقة والجويدة يحتفلون بالتفجيرات الإرهابية

a news in today's Alghad Newpaper made me nervous.... Hell to Those people!

عمان - أكدت مصادر أمنية موثوقة على أن عناصر تنظيم القاعدة وتنظيمات أخرى، من المحكومين والموقوفين داخل مركزي اصلاح وتأهيل جويدة والسواقة على ذمة قضايا ارهابية "احتفلوا" بنبأ التفجيرات الإجرامية التي طالت 3 فنادق في عمان وأوقعت 58 شهيدا وأكثر من مائة جريح.

وبينت ذات المصادر ان هؤلاء السجناء ومنهم متهمون بالانتماء لتنظيم القاعدة او تنظيمات ارهابية اخرى تحمل نفس مبادئ وافكار التيار السفلي الجهادي، بدأوا "يهللون ويكبرون ويرددون اناشيد لزعيمهم ابو مصعب الزرقاوي بعد هذه التفجيرات".

15 November, 2005

Protests in HU

Unlike Other Campuses and places around jordan, along with the fact that the security forces have got the bitch and unveiled about the attacks, Peaceful protest were held in the Hashemite University, where everyone was Proud of being Jordanian and Proud of the jordanian security discovering the attackers and capturing the Bitch. Despite most of the students know at least 1 person who got hurt or passed away cause of those attacks.

Mourning announcements where everywhere, Ra2fat was one of our colleagues who have just graduated last semester, brothers and cousins of others also passed away... still, everyone was feeling stronger and proud of being Jordanian.

Those Pictures (some of which you have seen already) describe the situation last monday, The University was completely off for 4 hours , a big silent protest made by Prof and Drs also took place and ended at the Sports hall where deans and the president held speeches condemning the attacks (No Photos since i didnt prepare my self with new batteries, Sorry!).

a Slight rise in Al-Ghad's Popularity was felt that day!

14 November, 2005

My PC's Compound!

My PC's Compound mourning the innocent , its like a small closet where My PC & all its accessorries are.. this is where most of my time is spent, just wanted to share my Spirit's thoughts regarding those attacks against Jordan in a Picture and a coupla snap shots

To Jordan Planet with respect,

To Jordan Planet with respect,

Before anything, condolences to jameed and his family, I guess each and every Jordanian knows at least 1 person affected by those attacks…. At least, that’s what im observing until this moment.

Respect to All Jordan Planet’s residents for being there, representing (or even Totally representing) a group of people inside the Jordanian Community and its feelings.
From Breaking news, to updates, to demonstrations, to streets, to newspapers, to News TV stations, to Local Radio Stations, to capturing the criminals, to Students on Campus, to Poor’s reaction, to Wealthy people’s reaction, to kids reaction, to Jordanian’s reaction, to foreigner’s reaction ….. Jordan Planet was a portal gathering each and every little thing in Jordan’s community regarding those incidents.

Thanks to Roba, Isam, Natasha, and Haitham for keeping the live updates up and running on Global Voices Online.
& not forgetting the Largest Photo Pools on Flickr in 1 single event I’ve ever seen.

Roba, Its Amman My dear, It’s Amman.
Lulu, Amman is all about Light and Love since the dawn of History.
Amino, Terrorism is not any “Human’s” Opinion, some creatures aren’t! Those creatures did it,,, but….
Hareega, But … The Wont “Yomzotoo Men el Mokhabarat”, They couldn’t, they cant…. THEY WILL NEVER AS A JORDANIAN HUMAN Lives on this Jordan. Each and every Jordanian is a Mokhabarat Mr Reega Hareega.. our mokhabarat community is our power, Jordanians are jealous on their country from such creatures…. But No, WE ARE A HAREEGA NATION, WE WON THE GAME.
Mira, not arabs, not humans, but creatures, simply dumb creatures.
Linda, The Jordanian Anthem is always blowing in our hearts… always, where there’s a Jordanian blood walking on this earth.
Firas, Our sky is our Balcony, here’s the flag hanged on it.
Lina, Emotions are like Sand, with Blood and fire it turns into ROCK, Bless You.
Isam, Tech speaks out Jordan against terrorism.
Jad, Waiting for you to drop down all those servers used by Zarqawi, Let JoLug rock and roll!
Natasha, while others protested on the streets of Amman, you did on the cyberspace like no one did in the cyberspace’s history.
Mozzy, We.Are=Anti.situation(terrorism);
Ibrahim, and whats better than a vacation dedicated for the nation when it really needs it.
Oleander, when the media is dumb, we are the heroes.
Khaled and sabri, The heroes for the dumb media.
Naseem (V 1.0), who needs cable when there’s JordanPlanet, and with a political Naseem in Jordan Planet.
& with Isam Sameir, Mercy on Jordan.

Suffering from Internet Lack, I couldnt be that active on the Planet those days, always when i wanted to post about a demonstration or a news some already got it, & being against redundancy, I didnt post but ONE Post during those incidents.

I dunno, Im still out of words for what happened, But very proud of our people's react with it, proud of our country, & proud of Jordan Planet.


10 November, 2005

11/9 ,the Jordanian Version of 9/11!

Shocked By last night’s incidents....
Instead of re-writing facts of last nights event, I want to express some feelings and observations about it. Including Media and radio stations reaction.

The Jordanian police, Civil defense, Security forces, Anti-terro troupes, The Royal Engineering Armed Forces .... All respect, You have been the best.

Private Hospitals in Amman, Respect for the feelings with people and ignoring your usual costs bureaucracy and being the primary help desk for all those affected by the attacks.

Yesterday there where Ambulances from the Civil defense, Ministry of Heath, Private Hospitals ( Jordan, Amman , Islamic, Khalidi, Farah, Takhasosee, Lozmella ,& others..) Red cross, Charities, The Armed Forces .... Respect.

Respect to JTV, France Press, Al-Arabia,& Al-Jazeera. ( with the 1st 3 more than the forth!).

Respect to all the Jordanian News papers’ journalists for being everywhere, in location, in hospitals, between the affected people, with the neighbors of the locations attacked.

Respect for The Only Private Radio Station who had their people in locations, Radio Amman Net.

Talking about Radio Stations, Here’s what i got today on the Jordanian FM airwaves until 2 PM Jordan Local Time:

-Radio Jordan Broadcasting: Live Open Air Public Show, analysis, News coverage, and National Music.

-Radio Amman FM: National Music , Live Shows, News.

-Radio Jordan FM: Classic Mellow Music, News updates and coverage, Live Analysis, LIVE ONLOCATION COVERAGE FOR TODAYS DEMONSTRATIONS, Live Open Air Public Show.

-RFJ: Classic Mellow Music, News.

-Radio Fann FM: Army Music, National Music, Live Open Air Public Show, News.

-Sout Al-Ghad: National Music.

-Mood FM: Normal Oldies Music varieties.

-Radio Rotana: Normal Upbeat Arabic Music Varieties (SHAME!)

-Beat FM: Normal Western Upbeat Music Varieties (SHAME!)

-Play FM 99.6: Normal Western Upbeat Music Varieties, switched to Mellow Sessions after midday, I’ve actually sent a message to Play around 9,30 this morning criticizing them and saying: “I guess it’s obvious and official that today is a national black day. Or is it that your ‘LOVE JORDAN’ slogan is just to make people ‘LOVE PLAY’! SHAME! ”.... I dont know if others have reacted the same with Play so that they WAKED UP around midday! I wanted to send a similar Message to Beat but couldnt get a contact nr or email so far.

UPDATE [27-Nov-2005]: in a meeting with Mr Zafer Younis - General Manager at Play 99.6; Mr Zafer Explained that the upbeat music on the morning of the 10th of Nov was computer controlled, no body was available at the station to stop it & the whole area where the station is located (That is: opposite to Le Meridian Hotel in Shmeisani) was closed by the security forces, being as well at an area leading to Radisson & Hayatt hotels that where hit by the terrorist attacks. As soon as access was allowed to the area music was changed. AKA: My Msg was viewed afterwards maybe.

-Radio Amman Net: NEWS, ANALYSIS, LIVE COVERAGE, maybe the best arabic coverage.

-Radio Ahlen: Mellow Music.

-Mazaj FM: Normal Arabic Varieties (SHAME!)

-BBC London: Poor Coverage, interest in the Egyptian elections.

-Radio Sawa: Normal Music varieties and news Headlines.

-Radio Monte Carlo Amman: Usual Programs.

-Panorama FM: Usual Programs.

Really shame on those careless about what happened last night, Shame!
Respect for Radio Amman Net’s and Radio Jordan FM’s reporters on-location.
Respect to Tamer Bataine and Mike Dardrian.

And finally, Respect to each and every angry Jordanian who feels that he/she can be part of protecting the society from such criminals. And let that flag up high in the sky.

By the way,

Jordan, Think Big! May God Bless you.

09 November, 2005

Windows Users Going Mac!

By Thomas Claburn, InformationWeek

Windows users are getting sick of computer viruses and are increasingly switching to Macs, according to a research note issued on Monday by New York-based investment firm Needham & Co.
The report downgrades Apple's stock from a buy to a hold based on the high price of the computer company's shares. But it cautions that "the frenetic pace of innovation at Apple could present new opportunities," which might merit a higher share valuation. Much of that innovation of late has involved the iPod, specifically the
company's video-capable fifth generation iPod and its iPod Nano.
On October 11, Apple reported the highest revenue and earnings in its history. The company shipped 1.2 million Macintosh computers and 6.5 million iPods during its fiscal 2005 fourth quarter, a 48% increase in Mac sales and a 220% increase in iPod
sales compared to the same quarter a year earlier.
In his report, Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf observes that cumulative iPod sales have reached 28 million since 2001 and that the momentum of the iPod, in conjunction with the ubiquity of malware on the PC, has created a halo effect that benefits the Mac platform. "Windows users are buying Macs in increasing numbers," he wrote. "We estimate in the first three quarters of calendar 2005, over one million of them have purchased a Mac compared to our estimate of 500,000 for the entire calendar year."
Wolf's assessment jibes with at least one person's experience. When news of the report reached University of Pennsylvania computer science professor David Farber's Interesting People E-mail list, subscriber Robert Raisch, CTO of Financial Media Holdings Group, Inc., volunteered his experience switching platforms.
"I've recently switched my laptop from a Toshiba Portege running Windows XP to an Apple Macintosh Powerbook G4, and I must say I am impressed,"
Raisch wrote in an E-mail. "A number of factors contributed to this change, not the least of which was the soul-crushing weariness I've felt hunting down and eradicating each new Window's-borne virus or other malware."
Another reader was less impressed, noting that while Mac OS X had much to recommend it, he found the operating system to be extremely slow. Such concerns may diminish when Apple rolls out its Intel-based notebooks next year.

02 November, 2005

Arabian Technology of Monitoring the Hijri Months new Moon!

An article in yesterdays Alrai newspaper have brought my attention to this issue! It was actually a more conversation like with an astronomy scientist in the Arabic Space and astronomy Union.

And By the way, There are pretty good scientists in this field in the arab world espicially in Jordan in case u didnt know.. me my self am a person interested in this field!, or well, was since I dont really have time nowadays!

So, in short, this article proves how stupid arab communities are! In brief here are the facts this article highlights

-Eid’s new moon cannot be viewed tuesday simply because Moon sets before sunset! IE: The Moon didnt meet the Sun yet!

-a new Moon can be viewed today Wednesday only using big telescopes in South America and viewed hardly by human eye in Western Latin America, Moon will set today Wednesday 6-10 minutes after Sunset.. and that’s not enough for even Worlds biggest telescopes to see it (the least time in history on which a new moon could have been seen was a 29 minutes difference between the Moon and Sun, that is about 10 hours and 30 minutes of a moons life)!

-AKA: We started Ramadan in a wrong way! If u remember, Ramadan’s new moon was declared seen in the day of an eclipse.. again it was impossible to see the moon that day since it would have set just minutes after sunset (a period of 18 hours in a moons life are need so that it would be seen, that happens when the moon sets 40-45 minutes after sunset)

-Only Turkey,Indonesia,Malaysia, Oman and Tunis have started ramadan properly and have the eid properly as well (that is FRIDAY NOT THURSDAY!)

-Finally, as Arabs most stupid... Libya, they have invented a new way to “discover” the new moon! They build their calculations on the moon meeting the sun before Dawn! That is, If Moon just meets the sun during the night then the next day will be eid!!!! (Yeah, they’re kind of discovering the new moon days before it can be seen!)

For example, Last night there calculations said that the moon will meet the sun and sun will rise 15 seconds before the moon, then it will be Eid!!!!!!

forget about Libya now, Why arent other arabic countries use the right suitable calculations that our scientist are using to know when the moon can be viewed rather than the political view of the new moon! I just remember Iraq Last year when the south had eid in a day, bagdad in another day, and the north in yet another day! Duh!

Assessing JTV in Ramadan!

I guess this Ramadan,Just ending today, JTV had prepared a wide range of programs and shows,making it able to be compared with Pan-arabic TV stations.. and even succeeding to win many of those comparisons!

It was noticeable for example that JTV had most of the Arabic & Local Series aired on other Arabic station (Despite I’m not an Arabic Series fan, but i was watching the Famous Jordanian Series “Al-Tareek Al-Wa’er” which is one of Jordan’s biggest productions ever, and a successful one I say, since such big productions to be compared with was “Road to Kabul” a series that was killed by Qatar TV for reasons undeclared until the moment ).

another noticeable things were the Call and Win shows! Which ware fully call And Win! No serious intelligence was needed to answer Questions nor Luck in Order to Win.. “Ramadan Ma’na Ahla” was the show that made it big on JTV with over 400,000 JDs of prices including 5 Brand new Cars.... just a figure of this program’s success is LBCI’s “Blank Check” which last year was gaining a wide range of Jordanians participating in the show and winning, this year Jordanians where rare on the show.... do I sense that JTV won this Post-Iftar Price-shows competition!

In-Location shows where also available on JTV, moving from The Cafes and restaurants based silly shows that JTV used to do in the past, to an “All-Public” open Show each and every Friday & Monday night in Mecca Mall, getting closer to the people was a plan needed by JTV to succeed, Thank God they’ve noticed that!

Youth shows and Ramadani Cooking shows where also a big bang for this year! Since they’ve focused on the Culture and educational parts rather than being stupid imitation for other alike TV shows.

News and Political shows where noticed to have been improved as well! On nice shoot at the beginning days of Ramadan on the news was Mr Prime Minister declaring on JTV’s News that he doesnt like the way JTV is conducting news and political shows!
Just airing this was an improvement!
But I’m really sensing that JTV is finally towards a State-News transformation.
Abu Mahjoob’s Shorties was just another demonstration of “A Thing I’ve never dreamed it would happen as Emad Hajjaj says!” as he declared in Yesterday’s Alrai Newspaper.. highlighting the fact that Abu Mahjoob’s clips has criticized JTV it self, some of its shows, and audience even!!!!

Finally,In Case you wanna talk figures, and as declared in Yesterday’s Alrai article, that until last friday, JTV has gained from this Ramadan’s Promotions DOUBLE as it has gotten the ENTIRE year of 2004!

I Hope JTV got that the formula of success is having it’s shows produced and/Or Co-produced by Private production companies just like each and every show this Ramadan was!
Now more quality MUST be added to many shows including those just mentioned above, i still dont like the fact that JTV still insist on using some stupid blondies on their shows ;P
a thing that I noticeably didnt like that much that some shows on JTV where making promotions for Mazaj FM & Sout Al-Ghad, Major competitors of Radio Amman FM, Jordanian Broadcasting Corp’s Arabic commercial like FM station! Cant understand why couldnt they have their own station supporting some programs on JTV! Not to ban those stations from promoting as it is known in the world-wide media (U can never have a Capital FM or Virgin Radio promotion on BBC TV stations for example! Because they want their BBC stations to have the share not others!), but simply have their own alike FM station having part too!

Anyway, I hope things will keep going better with JTV, I personally rank JTV as Very Good for this ramadan... not to forget that I’ve heard rumors that a BIG BANG in JTV’s programs will explode by the beginning of year 2006! lets wait and see!!!