21 November, 2005

Radio Guide Update: Hayat FM

Hayat FM on 104.7 FM
a new Station in Amman Greater Area
More Details Soon....!


Samir said...

would you know how much a radio license costs? I dream of owning a radio station someday...

The equipment won't be too cheap either.. yallah, lamma aseer millionaire.

Sabri Hakim said...

isnt there a limit, my 6 memory spots have already been used up.

nasimjo© said...

hehe! No Limits Sabri,only the best will survive on the preset channels ;)

Samir.. here are the licensing costs for Local Stations:
FM Station with up to 5 KW power=
25000 in Amman Greater Area,
15000 in Irbid and Zarqa,
10000 in the rest of Jordan.
++ 5000 for every new frequency up to 1 KW power.
++50% for broadcasting News and political shows.
++20% for transmission power up to 10KW.
++30% for transmission power up to 20KW.

Now all of this is paid only once, yearly renewal costs are 20%,25%,30%,40% of the total license costs for the 1st 4 years in a row, & 50% of it on starting the 5th year...

In Short, I do hv a dream as well,,, maybe for the 1st ever pirate radio in Jordan ;)
Transmission equip, you'll find some at RadioShack, in the states 0.5 KW transmission equip cost around 100$ at radioShack.

ternny said...

Good days!
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MY best regards!