02 November, 2005

Assessing JTV in Ramadan!

I guess this Ramadan,Just ending today, JTV had prepared a wide range of programs and shows,making it able to be compared with Pan-arabic TV stations.. and even succeeding to win many of those comparisons!

It was noticeable for example that JTV had most of the Arabic & Local Series aired on other Arabic station (Despite I’m not an Arabic Series fan, but i was watching the Famous Jordanian Series “Al-Tareek Al-Wa’er” which is one of Jordan’s biggest productions ever, and a successful one I say, since such big productions to be compared with was “Road to Kabul” a series that was killed by Qatar TV for reasons undeclared until the moment ).

another noticeable things were the Call and Win shows! Which ware fully call And Win! No serious intelligence was needed to answer Questions nor Luck in Order to Win.. “Ramadan Ma’na Ahla” was the show that made it big on JTV with over 400,000 JDs of prices including 5 Brand new Cars.... just a figure of this program’s success is LBCI’s “Blank Check” which last year was gaining a wide range of Jordanians participating in the show and winning, this year Jordanians where rare on the show.... do I sense that JTV won this Post-Iftar Price-shows competition!

In-Location shows where also available on JTV, moving from The Cafes and restaurants based silly shows that JTV used to do in the past, to an “All-Public” open Show each and every Friday & Monday night in Mecca Mall, getting closer to the people was a plan needed by JTV to succeed, Thank God they’ve noticed that!

Youth shows and Ramadani Cooking shows where also a big bang for this year! Since they’ve focused on the Culture and educational parts rather than being stupid imitation for other alike TV shows.

News and Political shows where noticed to have been improved as well! On nice shoot at the beginning days of Ramadan on the news was Mr Prime Minister declaring on JTV’s News that he doesnt like the way JTV is conducting news and political shows!
Just airing this was an improvement!
But I’m really sensing that JTV is finally towards a State-News transformation.
Abu Mahjoob’s Shorties was just another demonstration of “A Thing I’ve never dreamed it would happen as Emad Hajjaj says!” as he declared in Yesterday’s Alrai Newspaper.. highlighting the fact that Abu Mahjoob’s clips has criticized JTV it self, some of its shows, and audience even!!!!

Finally,In Case you wanna talk figures, and as declared in Yesterday’s Alrai article, that until last friday, JTV has gained from this Ramadan’s Promotions DOUBLE as it has gotten the ENTIRE year of 2004!

I Hope JTV got that the formula of success is having it’s shows produced and/Or Co-produced by Private production companies just like each and every show this Ramadan was!
Now more quality MUST be added to many shows including those just mentioned above, i still dont like the fact that JTV still insist on using some stupid blondies on their shows ;P
a thing that I noticeably didnt like that much that some shows on JTV where making promotions for Mazaj FM & Sout Al-Ghad, Major competitors of Radio Amman FM, Jordanian Broadcasting Corp’s Arabic commercial like FM station! Cant understand why couldnt they have their own station supporting some programs on JTV! Not to ban those stations from promoting as it is known in the world-wide media (U can never have a Capital FM or Virgin Radio promotion on BBC TV stations for example! Because they want their BBC stations to have the share not others!), but simply have their own alike FM station having part too!

Anyway, I hope things will keep going better with JTV, I personally rank JTV as Very Good for this ramadan... not to forget that I’ve heard rumors that a BIG BANG in JTV’s programs will explode by the beginning of year 2006! lets wait and see!!!

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