02 November, 2005

Arabian Technology of Monitoring the Hijri Months new Moon!

An article in yesterdays Alrai newspaper have brought my attention to this issue! It was actually a more conversation like with an astronomy scientist in the Arabic Space and astronomy Union.

And By the way, There are pretty good scientists in this field in the arab world espicially in Jordan in case u didnt know.. me my self am a person interested in this field!, or well, was since I dont really have time nowadays!

So, in short, this article proves how stupid arab communities are! In brief here are the facts this article highlights

-Eid’s new moon cannot be viewed tuesday simply because Moon sets before sunset! IE: The Moon didnt meet the Sun yet!

-a new Moon can be viewed today Wednesday only using big telescopes in South America and viewed hardly by human eye in Western Latin America, Moon will set today Wednesday 6-10 minutes after Sunset.. and that’s not enough for even Worlds biggest telescopes to see it (the least time in history on which a new moon could have been seen was a 29 minutes difference between the Moon and Sun, that is about 10 hours and 30 minutes of a moons life)!

-AKA: We started Ramadan in a wrong way! If u remember, Ramadan’s new moon was declared seen in the day of an eclipse.. again it was impossible to see the moon that day since it would have set just minutes after sunset (a period of 18 hours in a moons life are need so that it would be seen, that happens when the moon sets 40-45 minutes after sunset)

-Only Turkey,Indonesia,Malaysia, Oman and Tunis have started ramadan properly and have the eid properly as well (that is FRIDAY NOT THURSDAY!)

-Finally, as Arabs most stupid... Libya, they have invented a new way to “discover” the new moon! They build their calculations on the moon meeting the sun before Dawn! That is, If Moon just meets the sun during the night then the next day will be eid!!!! (Yeah, they’re kind of discovering the new moon days before it can be seen!)

For example, Last night there calculations said that the moon will meet the sun and sun will rise 15 seconds before the moon, then it will be Eid!!!!!!

forget about Libya now, Why arent other arabic countries use the right suitable calculations that our scientist are using to know when the moon can be viewed rather than the political view of the new moon! I just remember Iraq Last year when the south had eid in a day, bagdad in another day, and the north in yet another day! Duh!

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