24 May, 2008

My 1st ever independence day outside Jordan

Tomorrow is the 25th of May, Jordan's independence day.

I'm currently off for vacation and some personal arrangements in Romania. and i will be missing, for the 1st time in my life, spending the independence day home in jordan.

Happy Independence day Jordan!

19 May, 2008

Radio Guide Update: Sunny 105.1 FM

Sawt Amman, which has been broadcasting on 105.1 FM for over a year now. has been finally released. and started official broadcasting since yesterday on 105.1 FM in Amman. with the name "Sunny 105.1".

The station stopped playing Classical music, and is playing all types of music, mainly 90s and post-2K pop music.

I don't know how much of a smart move is this for Modern Media Corp, to have a radio station, almost, the same as Play 99.6, and with a morning show competitive for The Big Breakfast show on Play (it's not to be compared at the moment, but well..)

Maybe have a different kind of a radio station, with a different theme and gener of music. would have been more of a benefit for them...

Whatever happened to the classic music thingy!?

18 May, 2008

Play 99.6's Radio Reality Show

An amazing idea Play 99.6 has came out with when thinking about their new compition "Live in it, to Win it" with Toyota.
The competition is in short, what i'd rather like to call, a "Radio Reality Show"

The competition in short, will involve 4 people, who would be living in the car one of them would win (The Toyota Yaris), 24/7, eat and sleep in it. with no mobiles, no electronic devices. and will be only allowed to go to the bathroom. The last contestant that will resist these conditions will be the winner of the car.

If you have been to city mall last weekend, where the competition will be held, you'll gonna mention the massive setup for it. Since it will be starting on the 22nd of May. The car in which the contestants will be spending their next coupla weeks or so, will have a complete camera setup recording what's going in the car as well.
Hmm, will they be producing a daily show about what's being done in the car, since we have no such much of an "interested" local TV stations, a channel on ikbis.com might be something nice :)

I told you it'll be a reality show :)
here's a trailer about it.

14 May, 2008

3ein, the new-generation weekly newspaper.

Yesterday, while getting the daily newspaper from the traffic-light newspapers distributor.I got this free supplement small-size newspaper. an interesting new one on the scene.

Its called 3ein عين. and its branded with the arabic letter (ع) and in short i can call it: "The New Generation weekly" ... its social, its political, its realistic, its the new fresh mind, of the same real world we are living in.

The newspaper is the 1st arabic publication by JO Publishing, and the 1st newspaper issued by Al-Farida.
The newspaper is ran by a bunch of professional young journalists, meeting together for the 1st time even. just like Pheras Hilal(I Wonder why he deleted his blog!) and Mohammad Shamma.

I liked the 3ein's topics, contents, design, and even the way it was distributed with daily newspapers yesterday.

Way to go guys

Photo courtesy of Lina Ejeilat

08 May, 2008

"Morning Fix" debuts on Energy FM this coming sunday

Energy FM which started earlier this year. Will finally start speaking :)

"Morning Fix" is the 1st show to go on the airwaves of Energy FM, which can be heard in Amman Greater Area on 97.7 FM, and is to broadcast Sunday-Thursday, 7 - 10 AM. & will be hosted by Dj Yanal Kassay, the one and only morning man ever since he used to be on RJ 96.3 FM's morning show, then on Beat FM, and now is back, better than ever hopefully, on Energy FM's Morning Fix, along with Adrienne Denaro.

05 May, 2008

Alphonse Mucha in City Mall Amman

For all those suffering a middle of the week crisis, just like me right now. I advice you to go get a doze of art nouveau, from the Gallery currently being held by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in City Mall - Amman.

The gallery mainly features art works by Alphonse Mucha , displayed in the middle of the ground floor hall, and are not to be missed until May the 7th.

To see more artworks by Alphonse Mucha, there is always some flikr for you :)

04 May, 2008

Radio Guide Update: Hawa FM starts on 105.9 FM

The Greater Amman Municipality's FM radio station (Hawa Amman) started its test transmission on 105.9 FM in The Greater Amman Area, with the declared name of Hawa FM (هوا FM)