19 May, 2008

Radio Guide Update: Sunny 105.1 FM

Sawt Amman, which has been broadcasting on 105.1 FM for over a year now. has been finally released. and started official broadcasting since yesterday on 105.1 FM in Amman. with the name "Sunny 105.1".

The station stopped playing Classical music, and is playing all types of music, mainly 90s and post-2K pop music.

I don't know how much of a smart move is this for Modern Media Corp, to have a radio station, almost, the same as Play 99.6, and with a morning show competitive for The Big Breakfast show on Play (it's not to be compared at the moment, but well..)

Maybe have a different kind of a radio station, with a different theme and gener of music. would have been more of a benefit for them...

Whatever happened to the classic music thingy!?

1 comment:

mohammed sakkijha said...

actually i did like it more now than the classical music ! and plz if u know anything about this station ! or a site for it would like to know it ! plz if u can reply to me at this e-mail (weezee35@hotmail.com ) and thnx