18 May, 2008

Play 99.6's Radio Reality Show

An amazing idea Play 99.6 has came out with when thinking about their new compition "Live in it, to Win it" with Toyota.
The competition is in short, what i'd rather like to call, a "Radio Reality Show"

The competition in short, will involve 4 people, who would be living in the car one of them would win (The Toyota Yaris), 24/7, eat and sleep in it. with no mobiles, no electronic devices. and will be only allowed to go to the bathroom. The last contestant that will resist these conditions will be the winner of the car.

If you have been to city mall last weekend, where the competition will be held, you'll gonna mention the massive setup for it. Since it will be starting on the 22nd of May. The car in which the contestants will be spending their next coupla weeks or so, will have a complete camera setup recording what's going in the car as well.
Hmm, will they be producing a daily show about what's being done in the car, since we have no such much of an "interested" local TV stations, a channel on ikbis.com might be something nice :)

I told you it'll be a reality show :)
here's a trailer about it.

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Maha from Play 99.6 said...

Thanks Nasim for the posting! Its Maha from Play 99.6 (btw that's my voice at the end of the trailer hehe) and I will give you a shoutout on tommorrow morning's show, so you better listen in! :D