30 September, 2005

JordanPlanet is Proudly BIG IN JAPAN

After My previous Post showing My Statistics getting Visits from the Jordanian Royal Court.. Now WE ARE BIG IN JapaN! SHIMNEWA!

1. 29 September 18:37 Global One, Jordan
2. 29 September 23:51 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
3. 29 September 23:55 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
4. 30 September 00:08 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
5. 30 September 09:12 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
6. 30 September 11:54 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
7. 30 September 13:34 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
8. 30 September 17:49 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
9. 30 September 19:07 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
10. 30 September 20:28 Global One, Jordan

27 September, 2005

JordanPlanet is Proudly Visited! .. including My Blog!

Upon Jad's post on the power of Blogging increasing here in Jordan, This is just a snap shot tracing the pings on 1 of my pages (The Radio Guide Page) today..

1. 27 September 09:02 Global One, Jordan
2. 27 September 09:21 The Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan
3. 27 September 09:25 The Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan
4. 27 September 09:28 The Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan
5. 27 September 10:20 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
6. 27 September 11:09 Global One, Jordan
7. 27 September 11:11 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
8. 27 September 11:16 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
9. 27 September 11:22 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
10. 27 September 11:27 Jordan (nets.com.jo)

Someone's really around ;)
PS: This is not the 1st time i get access to my Blog or Radio Guide from the Royal Jordanian Court.
PS 2: All Times are Jordan Local Time

26 September, 2005

Bin Ads in Jordan, Creatively Ironic

Creatively Ironic.... I hope people will get it this way ... at least,,,,

For Real,I guess one day we'll need to get Cindy Crawford making a promo on JTV throwing something in the Bin & all the guys going behind her throwing in the Bin & going after her... "Be clean, throw it in the Bin & Follow me!" !

I hope such ads in the newspapers will affect some people at least, Sha3teelee's Latest Post
is just an example to how un respectful those Bins are in town, again & again , its about Culture, Its about Kids Learning from their parents, its useless if you teach kids how to be clean in a clean environment in a subject or 2 at the school if he is leaving it right the opposite way with his parents & the community around him/her.

Sorry for the Quality of the Pic, it was taken Late Last night using My Cam from Yesterdays Al-Rai Newspaper.

Thanx for the Greater Amman Municipality for its efforts, as well as the newly formed Ministry of Environment.

24 September, 2005

a Tribute to Mo'nes Razzaz...

الى اين يهرب المرء من ضجيج هذا العالم المرهق , ليعقد هدنة مع النفس ولو الى حين ؟ أي ملاذ بوسعه ان يوارينا بين الحين و الآخر بعيدا عن رنين الهاتف و جرس الباب و ابواق السيارات و صوت التلفزيون ؟

.... الايام قصيرة .. والاعوام طويلة ..من ذا الذي قال لي ذلك ؟ تركض و تلهث طوال اليوم .. موعد هنا , مقابلة هناك , اجتمع هنالك .. و في نهاية السنة تقف . متأملا ما أنجزته , فاذا به لا شيء !!!

مؤنس الرزاز

Mo'nes Al-Razzaz, May god Rest His soul...

Being a person who likes originals as is , i didnt translate this, it sounds better in his own words.

Stop Smoking!

Kill Your Smoke Before it Kills you,
I should be really making an effort to write a post about smoking in Jordan... where all the non-smoking signes are strongly unrespected.. I just hate my father for how much he smokes carelessly!

Thanks to: http://adsoftheworld.com


Check it out on MacRadio Live 3.30 - 6 AM Jordan Local Time , Thursday Dawn...
Or lsn to it recorded anytime, any where on www.yourmaclife.com

I wonder how the news is on Mac Radio ..... maybe:

"A Jordanian Taxi Driver was seen to Have MAC OS X Tiger DVD used as an accessory for his internal method, the individual declared the DVDs performance in transforming his care transparently invisible for the Speed Radars on the roads!"

hehe ,, just a Jordanian touch!

21 September, 2005

This is what i call High School!

Respect to the school I couldnt get in! I was accepted as a "2nd Call" ...
just tell me who's the stupid person who would have given up his seat for me on such a school!

Any, details about the event are found HERE
or sha3teely's Post days ago

20 September, 2005

Such a Stupid .... Earthquake!

This Post discusses the Earthquake Rumor that Bloat in the Jordanian community last weekend – week start.

If your head is made of dumb stones STOP READING THIS CAUSE Im SICK OF ARGUING WITH YOU!
Else, even if your head is made of “Jameed” you can continue the post laughing ironically!

How did it start?!
I dont really know! How & Where?! I know that sometime about 10 days ago the ministry of education announced in collaboration with the Civil Defense Forces ( AKA Jordanian Ambulance, Rescue & Fire Department) a day of evacuation training on the 18th of September. I repeat, a fully planned & pre announced in the Newspapers training in all the schools around the kingdom.

((I personally didnt know about this training but saturday, but check the archives & figured out that it was announced way before as well as Thursday,Friday,Saturday & Sunday in a row))

On the other hand, at the company im training at an employee “Berj” said that he heard an earthquake on the 18th, of course we made fun of his idiotic thoughts!

Exactly the same day my mum said that being at one of her “friends”, her friends daughter said that she heard on the radio that an earthquake hit Mekka & its coming towards Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU ALL know me as a RADIO oriented guy! I kept flipping all the station that i can get thru FM & AM (remembering my old good AM skills ;) & i heard nothing about such news of an earthquake happening at Mekka! Besides,The statement “& Its heading towards Jordan” was a 100% Rumor indicator. What shall I say, I’ve crapped laughing that night :P

What Next!?
On Thursday, My dad,coming from Karak, said that in Karak & Tafile all the schools will be off! No,not that evacuation trainings will be performed but that people wont send kids to their schools because .....

Now be ready for this big lie ::::::::::::::::::::::::
Because Israel is getting rid of Her Dimona Nuclear Factory in the naqab desert & this will be making a huge destroying Earthquake!

WHAT ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok! as any explosion it will make some seism-waves in the earth but not “a huge earthquake” Damn it! My father was actually more afraid of Radiations!

“My dear father, those arent arabs to blow a bazooka over their heads when someone is married!”

I didnt argue with my father because i know he always believes people,so i was just making fun of him & the whole situation. But didnt argue with him anyway letting him discover it by his self... ironically!

Believe it or not, he even encouraged me to go to the University & see what happened with my registration & marks since the Hashemite University is a safe remote place!

Ma 3alena..

Saturday night’s hysteria!
I didnt witness that one! I’m a person who has been ‘fixly’ sleeping at 12 midnight to wake up at 6,15 AM.
Sunday morning, I was hearing the stories from people around..... I couldnt stand between them that morning not declaring my ironic laughing on the situation, want to laugh dear reader?! Read this!

“They” called us at 11,30 & woke us up, telling us that the earthquake will happen this night at 1,28 ... ya3nee by 1,30 it would have hit the town!

Since it didnt come I went to sleep & My children started to cry not wanting me to die sleeping!

“Grabetna el wasel”, “My cousin in the Army”, “my uncles nephew who is in the security ”, “a high official in the family” .... etc .. all of those where TRUSTED SOURCES assuring &/or Not excluding the Rumor!

I said let us pray a bit in order to assure our selves before the moment comes...

someone in Aqaba assured there will be an earthquake tonight.

Our neighbors are still awake in the home garden waiting for it!

& more ... & more ... & more of all this funny laughable Crap!

Oh dear me,Im still laughing while writing this to you,
of course dont forget that every1 had only Quraan on their Radios & players all day long on Sunday,& The Rumor Guy at the company ”Berj” didnt even come to work.
& hey, even my Mum (a Wise Woman!) kept arguing with me on the phone at around 11.30 to come back home from the company!

My Interesting Impressions!
* I didnt know we have such High Technologies of pretending earthquakes before it’ll happen with days & weeks & estimate when it will happen by the exact minute & even give the exact time it will reach to each & every town in Jordan!

* apparently such high technologies are all located in Aqaba!

* & Yeah, in each & Every town in Jordan people were hearing another time for it reaching the town ... hehe, it would have reached Jerash at 1.30 & Amman at 3.20! even Gaza Camp Buses reach amman speeder ;P

* Tsunami!!!! Every1 forgot that it was a full moon night & the sea water’s level & its waves are normally to rise in such a night!

My Impressions! Sorry Jordan, YOU WERE STUPID!
Yeah, Our community was the silliest, most stupid & the most ******* !
The problem that each & every time you would explain to people about it that not even those Japanese couldnt announce an emergency state before a quake but 3-5 minutes before!

No one can understand that an earthquake hitting aqaba cant make a Tsunami without people feeling it, neither that no Tsunami can be formed in Aqaba Gulf, not even in the the shallow & tight Red Sea.

For everyone who remembered God I said Good morning. God’s the creator,didn’t you know that?!

I dont know why but Im sick of all my explanations to those people. Im really sad & feeling very unpleasant from how this community acted & dealt with those Rumors, not only that , but some came out with stories that it actually happened in Aqaba but didnt reach amman, & others that it will be coming Sunday night being just a mistake in “Calculations!”
Like if we have the greatest Mathematicians & physicians in the whole wide world!

& Of course now street political experts came out with the conclusion that the government made this out to make people forget about Fuel prices rising. The problem is that those people don’t even know how much the fuel is rising!
5% my dear not 30 % !! & diesel is rising 22% not 300% …. Yeah, I heard it 4 times till now from people! 300%!

Finally … We Need a Solution!
Reading & Thinking…. The most rare resources in our community!
If you don’t know something say I don’t know, stop analyzing & dropping us with your precious thoughts.

Honestly, if I would have gone with the flow & believed all those things I would have been ashame of my self at least & not open my mouth with more Crappy stuff!

The Jordanian Community owns its self an official apology! Thank god we are a nation that doesnt know how to politely apologies but say “7AGGAK 3ARASEE”!

Sorry again, but still, i cant express my sadness & anger upon this incident, or shall i call it something else?! POLITE NAMES FOR THE SITUATION ARE WELCOMED!

18 September, 2005

North is Southern!

This Photo is terrible!

This Photo Belongs to Katelyn
who is an American Student that came to UJ during this summer for a coupla months or so along with a bunch of other american Students studying Arabic & Eastern History in the states. Whome I came by her temporary Traveller blog yesterday.

I dont think Katelyn took this picture noticing that north is south & South is north (Since I figured that Katalyn know some arabic) ... the expressions in the blog show excitement more than irony.

But its really such a shame,The Sign is brand new apparently,but .... WRONG!
SAUDI ARABIA aint in the north! & Iraq aint to the south neither!
Thank god the arabic orientation is right!

.. & watch out dear readers, Im monitoring photos over the web
..more ... & Even more!

17 September, 2005

East Vs. West = Right Vs. Left!

Interesting ... except that it looks the same! ......mostly!
((IF YOU ARE ON JordanPlanet Please View the posts in my BLOG to View The Photos!))

Anyway,I came by this while surfing a new "Bloggy" community for Design,Adv, & Computer Based Arts (Talking MACs insdie!) ...

The community is called: CreativeBits
I urge Jordanian bloggers interested in Design,Adv, Arts & MAC to follow it up & be members in it.. mentioning: Roba, Mr Humeid, Mira ..... etc!

Finally, Google Egypt ;)

Yup, we have it! Google's 1st HQ in the arab world... hitting Cairo Streets ;)
Thank god no spelling mistakes where made during the "Promotional Phase"!

& Hey,Are those white papers sticked on the door "Career announcements"!

3ogbal 3enna!

from: http://www.ordoesitexplode.com

12 September, 2005

My Music Tag!

Since No one except for Palforce did the tag I posted ... I'm publishing my responses (Me tagging My self ;) Hoping By this to motivate other bloggers in publishing theirs !

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands that makes the biggest part of your musical collection in Minutes
Metallica 570:55 Mins
Opeth 490:04 Mins
Anathema 453:23 Mins
Nightwish 404:19 Mins
Evanescence 345:15 Mins
Bjork 316:20 Mins
Jimi Hendrix 259:29 Mins
ATB 240:38 Mins
Alanis Morissette 223:54 Mins
Led Zepplein 218:21 Mins
Linkin Park 188:11 Mins
ColdPlay 186:35 Mins
Within Temptation 181:32 Mins

The Music I have in total is enough to be played non-stop for just over 10 days including just under 3200 tracks from more than 370 Artists & Bands & Part of 243 Albums

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands you have FULL Collections by them, all the CDs, all the Demos, & even Concerts & gigs.
Opeth 490:04 Mins
Nightwish 404:19 Mins
Evanescence 404:19 Mins
Linkin Park 188:11 Mins
ColdPlay 186:35 Mins
Dido 105:50 Mins
Avril Lavigne 101:35 Mins

- Please Mention Musical Sets that you conside "Precious" in your collection.
*A recording of DJ Wajih Halaweh's Mixology on Radio Jordan FM Featuring DJ Nemesis (of course when Dj Wajih was doing it great at Jordan FM before he went behind the seen & got of RJ FM doing I dunno what managerial stuff in Play FM after he was hittin all the fine nightclubs in Amman along with his very Famous show Mixology)...exclusive stuff for Radio Jordan FM.

*absolutely every lil' thing Amy Lee Sang..Alone,with David Hodges,with Seether, with Big Dismal, being a part of evanescence...I even have one personal track of her for that "never been" lover!

* Qulture By our Beloved local Dj Qussay Asad, 3 collections: Qulture1 (2 CDs),Qulture2 (2 CDs), Qulture 3 (3 CDs) = 551 Minutes of Trance,Hourse,& Techno from the finest Djs & Bands Mixed By DJ Qussay Asad (& Yes I got them waaaaaaaaaay before Play FM was even Born!)

*Deep Purple - Machine Head Anniversay Edition (Double CD)

*Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Box Set) (4 CDs)

*Paul Van Dyk - Reflections(Special Edition) (double CD)

*ATB - The Dj In the Mix (Triple CD)

*ONE Digital ORIGINAL TRACK By .... Abu Yousef in 192Kbps Quality ;) for realy! .. its the only arabic track that i hv!

*Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I,II,III,IV

*Tracks By Linkin Park when they were Called "Hybrid Theory",way before releasing their Debut album entitled "Hybrid Theory"

*A Metal Tribute to ABBA

*Bjorks latest CD! Drawing Restraint 9 ... Drawing Restraint 9 never appeared in Jordan till this very moment Im posting this, this Album simply Moves you to Japan..! it even has a track called (Shimenawa) .. Bjork participated in the Live G8 from Japan,she has been very influenced by their culture Starting her 2004 Album (Medulla).

*Gorillaz - Demon Days, Because we had it specially provided at LC (Listeners Choice) at Radio Jordan FM after their 1st albums big success in Jordan.... I had this album 3 weeks before its release ;) I love it!

- Please Mention the latest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection
*Opeth - Ghost Of Perdition
*t.A.T.u - Dangerous & Moving
*Bjork - Drawing Restraint 9
*Rihanna - Music of The Sun
*The PussyCat Dolls - PCD
*The Rolling Stones - A bigger Bang
*McFly - Wonderland
*Staind - Chapter 'V'
*Kanye West - Late Registration
*Craig David - The Story Goes
... All entered my collection during last week & still playing in my headphones as you to the right of this post on my blog,,,it was maybe the my BIGGEST week in music EVER! Maybe that's why I decided to go for that Music Tag thingy!

- Please Mention the Oldest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection
as Digital Music,the 1st album i got was The 1st CD I ever bought, it was Alice DJ - Who Needs Guitars Anyway
but as for non Digital Music My very 1st was a Tape for Ace of Base (Happy Nation)

- Please mention any Vinyls you may own.
None :/

- Please Mention Albums/singles from your collection that your proud to have!
*The Abu Yousef's Track mentioned Above.

*Gorillaz Latest Album "Demon Days" Mentioned Above Why & How!

*A recording of DJ Wajih Halaweh's Mixology on Radio Jordan FM Featuring DJ Nemesis,Mentioned Above Why & How!

*My Evanescence & Amy Lee collection,Mentioned Above Why & How!

*Qulture Sessions By Dj Qussay Asad, Mentioned Above Why & How!

*All Opeth collection are available on my PC in TRANSPARENT CD Quality! VBR Baby;) That Means if one touch from Mikael Akerfeldt on the guitar costs 500 Kbps, YOU WILL BE HEARING 500Kbps ;) IE: There are more data in a song than a Video... which mean You'll be anywhere else but on earth while hearing it ;) THOSE ARE THE BEST MUSICIANs ON PLANET EARTH at the Moment at least ;)

- Please Mention Radio Station you do check or tune in.
Sorted By Weekly Time Tuned in:

* Radio Jordan FM 96.3
* Mood 92 FM
* Play 99.6
*Used to Monitor some UK radio Stations through Astra Sat...now the lack of time is preventing me,used to tune to BBC Radio 1,Capital FM, XFM, Radio Virgin..... etc

That's of course beside being a Radio Media Development analyser Having created the 1st Jordanian Airwaves Guide ;)

I tag,,for the 2nd time... all jordanian Bloggers! You knew everything about my music,let my know yours ;)

08 September, 2005

Music TAG!

I'm tagging all Jordan Planet Members for a Music tag..! Since I couldnt make it in the yesterday on the Jordan Planet Meet Up & for the 2nd time in a row, Im still interested to know more about the members of the most exciting community I've ever seen in my life! since I brely met a coupla of you guys for once or twice each,talked thru the phone or email about "Business" with 4 or 5 beside the two mentioned above.

Being a Music obsessed guy, & being able to get an image (Maybe not as specific as you might think) about People according to the music they listen to & they keep (Keeping music is slightly different from listening to it!)

Here are the questions that Im tagging the planet members with, ill be answering them my self within a couple of weeks from now:

PS:Digital Music ONLY is survied in here,no Cassettes please!

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands that makes the biggest part of your musical collection in Minutes (Ex: Metallica = 570:55 Mins , Opeth= 470:04 Mins) ... its up to you to mention as many as you can as well as you consider them taking a "part" of your collection

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands you have FULL Collections by them, all the CDs, all the Demos, & even Concerts & gigs.

- Please Mention Musical Sets that you conside "Precious" in your collection (Ex: The Jimi Hendrix Experience (4 CDs Box Set) )

- Please Mention the latest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection

- Please Mention the Oldest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection

- Please mention any Vinyls you may own (Vinyls arent digital Music so they arent counted in the question before but this question is a special case)

- Please Mention Albums/singles from your collection that your proud to have!

- Please Mention Radio Station you do check or tune in,NOT THE FAVORATE, but a list of those you keep checking, either Local,Arabic, English, Internation Services broadcasting Locally, forgin Radio Stations through the internet or satellite, or forgin station in your resident country if your a jordanian living outside jordan.

... & Thats all,It might take you some time to re-organize your musical collection for this lil' thingy in here... you might unleash some old CDs or files that you forgot about on the shelves,Everyone in the Planet is tagged....
Jordan Planet Monitors & non members are welcome to participate through a comment on this post.

06 September, 2005


The Swedish Opeth, one of the Greatest Metal/Progressive Rock bands in the whole world, & my very best favorites got their new album out on the track.
Ghost Reveries which was released August 30th has been playing in my haedphones since last Saturday..
Out of this world,
Unbelievable! it just moves you into another dimension of your life.

This album was kind of a collection of all the themes they had in their past albums, starting Orchid up to the Very Metalish "BlackWater Park" & "Deliverance", down to the Progressive 2003 album: "Damnation".

But, with all this collection of themes, the Album by its self is forming a Unique theme.. its not quiet the same feeling, its slightly different ... 8 tracks moving you from Karma to Nirvana.

For those opeth fan readers, GET THE Album ,, I mean, how can u call ur self an Opeth fan & ur resisting not having 1 of the albums..

For those still fresh rockish interested people, U might not find the album in the local market, check their website, get the lyrics & dig for the albums around & about.

The songs are "either those from this new album or previous ones" are a complete circle of poetic Lyrics (that are old english written mainly) , Music & style.

It's to mention that Opeth were just around the corner to perform a BIG gig her in Jordan,,, the Gig was meant to be held at the Amman Arena Theater on Nov 28th 2003, all the tickets were running out (I remember the suffering of getting a 1st Class ticket... I kept running for it till finally I couldnt get more than a 3rd Class ticket ... actually the whole gang & Campus went for the 3rd Class except 1 lucky guy who found a 2nd class ticket :P) ... but the gig was canceled 3 days before it cause of the death of a family member of Opeth's vocalist "Michael" ...
5000 Jordanian fans got upset of the cancellation,,, a gig that wasnt recovered after Bloat between the Jordanian Organizer & the band on new times.....

ehhh ,,, Any way, this is the best damn rocking band in the whole wide world!
Check their latest album (Ghost Reveries) This Friday on LC "Listeners Choice" on Radio Jordan FM 96.3 EXCLUSIVELY ...
indeed on the only station the plays all kinds of Rock Music in town .. (Shall I tell that one of the ways Opeth got famous in Jordan was Radio Jordan FM :)
Be tuned !

The ONE.. Total Life Experience!

The ONE, one of the finest "funky Home stuff" store in town..if not the only ONE!
kudos to The ONE Cafe part of the store its self...
not for having the best cuisine in town,
not for being the most relaxing place i've ever been to in my whole life,
not because my friend & colleague Diana works at The ONE,


Because the wonderful environment of the one cafe made my parents get back togather!!!

its just that this place has too much magic in it!


Check http://www.errorwear.com/ to embrace your computer problems ;)

01 September, 2005

Project Looking Glass 3D, a Reality Dream!

Sun Microsystems, world's leader Server Supplier & the creator of the greatest Object Oriented language in Programming History “JAVA”, is the one behind the project that is to move desktop PCs usability & interface to the next level.

Project Looking Glass 3D is the 1st Operating System with an entire 3D world of display (I HOPE THIS TIME IMAGES ARE APPEARING ON JORDAN PLANET TOO!), bringing a richer user experience to the desktop and applications via 3D windowing and visualization capabilities. It is an open source development project based on and evolved from Sun Microsystems' advanced technology project. It supports running unmodified existing applications in a 3D space (That is in Linux/Solaris session mode, Just like im doing now writing this to you), as well as APIs for 3D window manager and application development.

The nice thing about the whole thing, rather than having a 3D operating System that will turn our PC into a .....let's say Small virtual world that can be called “a world!” , it is that this project is an Open Source Software where it's not built only by Java specialists at sun but a whole community that builds up its vision for a completely new world closer to the users community that they their selves are part of after all!

Yes, even YOU can be part of this project through out your java.net account;)

the underdevelopment project is indeed the graphical 3D interface which is built using Java. I personally dont think the C written kernel for an operating system is such a big deal for SUN since we all know how performant & wonderful Sun's Solaris' Kernel is.

The LG3D project indeed uses J3D API & makes benefit of JAI libraries (Java Advanced Imaging), all with some widely “canvasic” imagination of a developer part of the project ;) (& believe me this “canvasic” imagination is just so brain stormy since I've been programming Java 3D canvases just over a coupla months ago!)

So, now since it's a developers community, developer's will need to have some developers editions, that u can enjoy as a user as well ;)

Yup! U can run Project Looking Glass on your desktop too!
when I've did a seminar about LG3D last semester in my GUI course release 0.6.1 was available then, & only on Linux & Solaris platforms, whilst now release 0.7.1 is available for Windows Platforms too!

All u have to do is to go to:


here u will be able to find all the requirements, downloads & installation note to get this 3D world running on your desktop!

in short, the requirements are: J2SE 1.5, J3D 1.4, JAI 1.1.2 & finally LG3D it self :)

LG3D will be running as a window in your operating system since its a developers version, on Solaris & Linux platforms u can switch to text mode turning off ur KDE or GNOME interface & running the LG3D Session, now in the session mode u'll be able to run even normal 2D applications that are installed on your PC appearing in 3D shapes & part of the whole env as well .... COOOOOOOOOOL!

Performance assessment: release 0.6.1 worked very well in dev “That is development” mode on linux fedora 2 with me, it worked perfect on 3amr's 2 Ghz Cellaron with 128 MB RAM even believe it or not! but we couldnt run it in session mode since it refused all the keyboards we have attached! Junk keyboards in this country :P

release 0.7.1 was first tried on Windows at its release by me, on my home 2Ghz P4 with 384 MB RAM it worked a lil bit slow, I've tried it on a 3Ghz P4 HT with 512 RAM & still didnt work as perfect as it did on Linux with a Cellaron machine!!!!

Now the WOW thingy is that it ran on my P4 that has an intel 64MB extreme graphics 1 VGA running the newly released Fedora Cora 4 (WHICH IM IN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE With) despite this VGA isnt 3D accelerated as Nvidia Gforce or ATI Radon, note that it didnt work with the Fedora 2 on my machine but on Amr’s,while now with FC4 its like Fire....damn this 3D environment is running speeder than Windows XP with minimum services on my PC ;P ... Thanks Mr Kefah for Fedora Core 4:)

& here’s the great thing now...
TARAAAAANN, Im running it in session mode now while writing this post.. yes, i turned of KDE & ran LG3D on raw kernel from the text mode, & im currently running Open Office 2.0 (which is a 2D application installed on my Linux Box) ,& YES THE KEYBOARD IS WORKING, Not only this,but also Listening to Tori Amos’s Latest CD (The Beekeeper) using KsCD “Another 2D Linux Application”;) & God I Love it !

I think my new Task now is to modify ANACODIA’s code in order to add Looking Glass 3D session option at log-in a long with KDE & GNOME :) “Any Assistance out there is appreciated”
Man I Love it!

It’s finally to notice that no session mode is available on Windows platform. Hehe,dream on Actually ;) I have actually made a small demo of looking glass during the Linux event @ hu earlier this august ,it wasn't professional as i have introduced it in the GUI course Seminar,we ran LG3D 0.7.1 on Linux Suse 9.3 (we didnt have Fedora Core 4 Then) on a 3 Ghz P4-HT Acer Brand machine with 512 MB of RAM with a normal non-3D accelerated Intel 64 MB VGA, but it didnt work as performant as it is running on Fedora 4 .. I mean,now running LG3D in session mode on Fedora 4’s kernel with 2D applications running is way much more speeder than the dev mode ran then on Suse,despite I have exactly the same VGA & 1 Ghz less CPU speed, not forgetting the HT differences! So Run it on Linux RedHat Fedora Core 4,,,,,,, & ENJOY!

PS: a Live CD is also available on SourceForge.net