27 September, 2005

JordanPlanet is Proudly Visited! .. including My Blog!

Upon Jad's post on the power of Blogging increasing here in Jordan, This is just a snap shot tracing the pings on 1 of my pages (The Radio Guide Page) today..

1. 27 September 09:02 Global One, Jordan
2. 27 September 09:21 The Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan
3. 27 September 09:25 The Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan
4. 27 September 09:28 The Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan
5. 27 September 10:20 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
6. 27 September 11:09 Global One, Jordan
7. 27 September 11:11 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
8. 27 September 11:16 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
9. 27 September 11:22 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
10. 27 September 11:27 Jordan (nets.com.jo)

Someone's really around ;)
PS: This is not the 1st time i get access to my Blog or Radio Guide from the Royal Jordanian Court.
PS 2: All Times are Jordan Local Time


jameed said...

One should watch out what he comments on you blog then ;-)

nasimjo© said...

I think its totally opposite! One should comment & give it the best shot because someone is hear.. & someone is interested...

PS: who is "ONE" ??!!!

nadeen said...

Congraaaats!!! heheh they might make you someday the musical assistant of the king! or the minister of music in jordan! or actually they might make you the manager of radio jordan to make it a better one teehee :D
Great recent posts!! You're such an active blogger!

nasimjo© said...

about being an active blogger :P Im spending all the time on checking blogs all around here at the comany I'm having my internship at .. 2mro ill be back to uni & u'll find less posts by me!

Ministry of Music ;))) Cool!

Radio Jordan... I have my eye on that one you know !! & trust me ill get thru it & "Clean it someday" ... i'll use ((FLASH! for WCs!))

ADmin said...

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