06 September, 2005


The Swedish Opeth, one of the Greatest Metal/Progressive Rock bands in the whole world, & my very best favorites got their new album out on the track.
Ghost Reveries which was released August 30th has been playing in my haedphones since last Saturday..
Out of this world,
Unbelievable! it just moves you into another dimension of your life.

This album was kind of a collection of all the themes they had in their past albums, starting Orchid up to the Very Metalish "BlackWater Park" & "Deliverance", down to the Progressive 2003 album: "Damnation".

But, with all this collection of themes, the Album by its self is forming a Unique theme.. its not quiet the same feeling, its slightly different ... 8 tracks moving you from Karma to Nirvana.

For those opeth fan readers, GET THE Album ,, I mean, how can u call ur self an Opeth fan & ur resisting not having 1 of the albums..

For those still fresh rockish interested people, U might not find the album in the local market, check their website, get the lyrics & dig for the albums around & about.

The songs are "either those from this new album or previous ones" are a complete circle of poetic Lyrics (that are old english written mainly) , Music & style.

It's to mention that Opeth were just around the corner to perform a BIG gig her in Jordan,,, the Gig was meant to be held at the Amman Arena Theater on Nov 28th 2003, all the tickets were running out (I remember the suffering of getting a 1st Class ticket... I kept running for it till finally I couldnt get more than a 3rd Class ticket ... actually the whole gang & Campus went for the 3rd Class except 1 lucky guy who found a 2nd class ticket :P) ... but the gig was canceled 3 days before it cause of the death of a family member of Opeth's vocalist "Michael" ...
5000 Jordanian fans got upset of the cancellation,,, a gig that wasnt recovered after Bloat between the Jordanian Organizer & the band on new times.....

ehhh ,,, Any way, this is the best damn rocking band in the whole wide world!
Check their latest album (Ghost Reveries) This Friday on LC "Listeners Choice" on Radio Jordan FM 96.3 EXCLUSIVELY ...
indeed on the only station the plays all kinds of Rock Music in town .. (Shall I tell that one of the ways Opeth got famous in Jordan was Radio Jordan FM :)
Be tuned !


Anonymous said...

sadly the album sucks, Morning Rise and Orchid were the best albums by far, some people might enjoy the new opeth style but I find it too soft.

Zaid Amireh

nasimjo© said...

& who doesnt enjoy Morning Rise & Orchid ;)

well,if u didnt get this album yet Mr Zaid get it!... its slightly different from Damnation,,,very even, & it has a song that is near to Morning Rise & Orchids style .. but slightly different if we're talking about the album as a whole

enjoy! & welcome to my blog

BlacK^IcE said...

I agree with zaid.. HHz Unite! lol
naseem, We old metallers gave up opeth long time ago since deliverance...

Blackwater park contained coupla tracks that r "ok" when ur drunk n need sth sorta "rayeg" lol