18 September, 2005

North is Southern!

This Photo is terrible!

This Photo Belongs to Katelyn
who is an American Student that came to UJ during this summer for a coupla months or so along with a bunch of other american Students studying Arabic & Eastern History in the states. Whome I came by her temporary Traveller blog yesterday.

I dont think Katelyn took this picture noticing that north is south & South is north (Since I figured that Katalyn know some arabic) ... the expressions in the blog show excitement more than irony.

But its really such a shame,The Sign is brand new apparently,but .... WRONG!
SAUDI ARABIA aint in the north! & Iraq aint to the south neither!
Thank god the arabic orientation is right!

.. & watch out dear readers, Im monitoring photos over the web
..more ... & Even more!


Jad said...

ya shamatet abla 6aza fiya! abla 6aza meen?

nasimjo© said...


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Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

The conflict is not only political and military. It is even incorporated with the road signs. Perhaps what Iraq needs right now is a total makeover.