30 January, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow ... while Im @ WORK :)

Yes ... I'm at work ... alone , and need a raise because of that :D

what is this ... its like if Jordan has only 100-200 living people in it, and several speeking radio shows, and alot of police patrols going around the streets:D

Leaving you with some photos :)

While heading to work ,, I found this at the bus station :)

Just outside the building

From my window ...

Whats that tourists bus doing out there!!!

27 January, 2008

Stop Trusting "Trust"!

Yes, this is what we, the people need to do, stopping trusting this coach bus company called "Trust Transport Co.".

For your information, Yesterday's terrible accident is not the 1st accident happening with buses ran by Trust, but probably the 7th or 8th ever since this company started its operations to and from Aqaba. most of those happening on The Desert highway and Wadi Araba. the latest one was last June on the desert highway.

The buses of the company drive with an average speed of 120 KM/h on the road to aqaba, regardless of the weather situation. and sometimes drive with a speed that reaches 140 KM/h (I.E: The bus's maximum speed throughput).

Thus, I ask each and everyone of you to boycott the company, and express your feelings, throughout comments, blog reactions (just like here, here, and here)

or express your feelings directly to the company's management through titc@nets.com.jo

I also urge the traffic police department to assign a traffic police cabin at the transportation companies terminals as well as the major bus terminals, and take readings of the buses takograph of their trips before having the buses ending their trip to start another, and in case the bus have exceeded 90KM/h, the bus & its driver will be put on-hold ... and no, I am not asking for something impossible, this is applied in Turkey, and its effective.

On the other hand, just look at the picture of the bus, which is a 2007 Mercedes Elba coach. Now I doubt this bus has been put to safety tests.. back when i was at school, i know a big accident that occured in the late 1990s for a bus between Jerash and Irbid and pretty similar conditions, and with the same situation, the bus was a turkish made 1993 Mercedes 303 Otomarsan, and the accident caused the death of 7 lives back then, and after spinning like a ball for 3 times, the bus had its ceiling on, unlike this 2007 Elba bus!

Pictures illustrate better :( unfortunately

22 January, 2008

We need a Private Meteo Dept in Jordan!!!

Jordanian Meteo Dept got a kick in the ass this morning!

They forecast: Slight rains are expected with only some iced formed drops in the morning. NO SNOW (they explicitly said it in the forecast)!

on the other hand, its now white all around Sweileh, Khelda & Jubeiha!

& snow is falling all over the capital, even in Marka, Abu Alanda & Sahab!

On Al-Wakeel show earlier, He was very pissed off that he contacted the creator of http://www.jordanweather.net/ who is just a a pure simple individual! & who is expecting snow until the afternoon in some areas!

Just to let you know ,,, ever since the morning and i'm trying to open The Weather Dept's official website.
& this is the best i got so far!!

21 January, 2008

!اتدفوا على .... بنزين

As you heard, regular benzine will be cheaper than Diesel & Kerosene !

[Today's Alrai]

This is the best our Stupid Parliament members got!

What this can mean:
More expensive public transportation ... Buy a Car!
!كاز مغشوش ... مع بنزين

15 January, 2008

A Po-o-n Star in Al-Rai! And cinematographic censorship in Jordan

At the very same time when some movies are being censored in jordan's cinema halls, because gulf based distributors want that, and the AVC are happy with it!

At the very same time, Terra Patrick's picture is being shown in Al-Rai's last page yesterday, while posing "politely" at the 25th AVN (Adult Video News) Awards and Show in Las Vegas!

Take a look!!!

Now i wonder how many guys (and maybe gals) ... out of curiosity had clicked this link on Google! some knows about the po-o-n staa, others dont, and only like the dress, trying to copycat the "talented actress".

No more comments on my side,
its just awesome how varied are things going in here in jordan,
We live in Jordan, and this occupies our entire time :)

06 January, 2008

Radio Guide Update: Radio Amman Net is now Radio Al-Balad

Radio Amman Net 92.4 FM has turned officially today to its new brand, which is, Radio Al-Balad.

Finally, the station will have a better identity, rather than the previous one which was inherited ever since the station was turned to a community FM station from an online radio. and removing the confusion caused with Radio Amman FM, the state owned radio station transmitting on 99.0 FM in Amman.

I hope the change of the name would be associated with improvements as well in the quality of the programs, as well as the FM transmission and coverage.