27 January, 2008

Stop Trusting "Trust"!

Yes, this is what we, the people need to do, stopping trusting this coach bus company called "Trust Transport Co.".

For your information, Yesterday's terrible accident is not the 1st accident happening with buses ran by Trust, but probably the 7th or 8th ever since this company started its operations to and from Aqaba. most of those happening on The Desert highway and Wadi Araba. the latest one was last June on the desert highway.

The buses of the company drive with an average speed of 120 KM/h on the road to aqaba, regardless of the weather situation. and sometimes drive with a speed that reaches 140 KM/h (I.E: The bus's maximum speed throughput).

Thus, I ask each and everyone of you to boycott the company, and express your feelings, throughout comments, blog reactions (just like here, here, and here)

or express your feelings directly to the company's management through titc@nets.com.jo

I also urge the traffic police department to assign a traffic police cabin at the transportation companies terminals as well as the major bus terminals, and take readings of the buses takograph of their trips before having the buses ending their trip to start another, and in case the bus have exceeded 90KM/h, the bus & its driver will be put on-hold ... and no, I am not asking for something impossible, this is applied in Turkey, and its effective.

On the other hand, just look at the picture of the bus, which is a 2007 Mercedes Elba coach. Now I doubt this bus has been put to safety tests.. back when i was at school, i know a big accident that occured in the late 1990s for a bus between Jerash and Irbid and pretty similar conditions, and with the same situation, the bus was a turkish made 1993 Mercedes 303 Otomarsan, and the accident caused the death of 7 lives back then, and after spinning like a ball for 3 times, the bus had its ceiling on, unlike this 2007 Elba bus!

Pictures illustrate better :( unfortunately


Amman Voice said...

I totally support you. Thats what should happen and most of the countries make this monitoring.

They post monitoring devices arround the city for inbounds and outbounds.

The bus look like a Carton, is this an Elba "Jordanian" made bus?

Maybe we should also send a letter to Elba?

For petitions go to :


Anonymous said...

Hello Nasim,

the reason the roof of the bus is gone is because it was shorn by the rescue personnel.

I know because I was told by a witness, and you can see that too clearly in the pictures.

Can you provide a way to contact you through email? I think I might be of help here. I tried looking for contact info on your blog, but couldn't. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, got it. nasimjo at the G mail.

Qwaider قويدر said...

It's so sad, the accident is very tragic.
I completely support your effort, these things need to stop the good intelligent way. A tachograph is not that hard to install on all the buses. It's like installing seat belts. Any company or bus owner should be able to afford it.

Bakkouz said...

I agree with you 100%! not only boycotted by I urge all the families of the victims to sue them. I'm just going to copy the comment I wrote on Nasim's post:

this company should be sued till kingdom come! they should be issue an apology to the families of the deceases, compensate them, and then close down for good! and this is not the first time this happens with this damn company, just a few months ago a similar accident also occurred on the Aqaba road killing many people, and leaving many injured, one of which was a close friend of mine who remains to this day at the hospital receiving treatment from massive head injuries that left him incapacitated!

Their buses are junk, their drivers are incompetent, their policy with customers is random is unprofessional, they always have incidents and break downs with their buses all the time!! its a travesty! I don’t know how people still use them! I don’t even know how they are still operating after all these incidents, I suspect If this was the U.S they’d be over their heads with lawsuits left and right! I’ve boycotted them a long time ago and swore never to use their buses again!

Gal “Trust” Gal! they should be called “incompetence” or “Failure” not trust!

Firas said...

Good information. Do you know who does own the company? Any phone numbers?
Because yesterday on the 8'clock they said they thought this company was one of the good ones!


All buses in Jordan do have tachograph , it is mandotary.
And the one found in the bus indicated he was driving at 80-90kmhr on a deadly incline.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Thanks for the tip Firas, I didn't know that.

Then I guess these tachographs need to be checked, regularly, after every trip. Grounding the drivers that violate the safe limits.

Maybe also add an accelerometer to detect of any sudden shifts indicating unsafe manuvours and the like.

nasimjo© said...

let me start down up ...
Firas, All the commercial vehicles in this world do have tachographs, but the tachographs i am talking about are digital ones with accumulative reporting and direct printout of the speed receipt.

Firas, the company has its stocks in the Amman Stock Exchange, its not owned by someone in particular:
Beside, es2al mjarreb wala tes2al khabeer!!!!

Bakkouz: your observations are appreciated.
I Boycotted it long time ago as well.

Anony: got it.

Emad Salameh, YUP! a question mark should be raised in-front of Elba's coaches as well, since coaches shouldnot be made as simple as an urban city bus.

nasimjo© said...

Firas, check what tachographs i am talking about:


abu_alfouz said...

Thank u Nasim

May Allah save their souls. But Nasim I think the problem is not in the technology, the problem is that the drivers must understand that "arwa7 elnas m$ l3be"

Firas said...

Great, thanks NasimJo

Will the UMNIAH tracking sys be good enough as well?

anywys, can you please give me sources about their other accidents, at least name the location and the time frame if possible


Mazz said...

i fly back and forth! much easier, and safer!

nasimjo© said...

abu_alfouz, exactly:

firas, please note that the accidents i am talking about are ever since they started their operations to and from Aqaba (Amman - Aqaba) at the beginning, and Aqaba-Zarqa & Aqaba-Irbid later.

one of the accidents, the last before this one is linked out from an article from addustour last summer, in Al-Mreigha on the desert highway.

And no, an Fleet tracking system will not solve the problem, an intelligent tachographs is the best solution (most of the drivers in Jordan have ready made tachograph cards, and show the police a false "nice" one whenever the police would ask them about the tachograph cards, I saw this over 40 times in my bare eyes , not on Trust's buses, but other ones across the country across those years).

Beside, Umniah's fleet tracking stuffy gives the area where the device is situated (Cell-based), and not a GPS reading. just for your information :)
Why did u delete the post that u published like ... 19 hours ago!

Mazz: Yeah, right! All the people have money around, I forgot!

toto said...

sorry but don't agree with you , it has nothing to do with trust company . its God's will and full stop .

nasimjo© said...

toto ... its ur opinion ...
I respect it,
You might change it though if you have a ride!