30 January, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow ... while Im @ WORK :)

Yes ... I'm at work ... alone , and need a raise because of that :D

what is this ... its like if Jordan has only 100-200 living people in it, and several speeking radio shows, and alot of police patrols going around the streets:D

Leaving you with some photos :)

While heading to work ,, I found this at the bus station :)

Just outside the building

From my window ...

Whats that tourists bus doing out there!!!


Summer said...

i love your photos! please make sure to take more photos when the snow starting to melt and everything turns into ugly snow slush!

Maher said...

Correct me if i am wrong..but this bus was near the JU university! no? :S

nasimjo© said...

summer, hehe, no ... i hate that ugly blackish slush

Maher, Yup, thats the intersection at The JU's Mosque

Firas said...

That it cold dude!

I mean having you working while everyone is enjoying the break!

ДншдЬ said...

beddak raise ahh, don't even dream that this would effect your evaluation :P