31 December, 2008

My own Radio Show segment on Radio Al-Balad 92.4 FM

I will be starting my own radio show segments by the beginning of 2009, where I'd be talking about the Jordanian Radio-sphere on weekly basis! Covering all the latest in the Jordanian radio scene, frequency updates, coverages, and what's hot and what's not on the Jordanian radio stations regardless of their genre and orientation.

The segments, will be weekly episodes as part of the radio show called: "Eye on Media", on Radio Al-Balad 92.4 FM, the 1st Jordanian Community Radio. Airing every Monday at 11 AM, and replayed Wednesdays at 4 PM..And will be also available as a podcast and a text-based format each and every week.

This weekly segment is fully prepared and cooked by yours truly, independently from any radio station, including Radio Al-Balad it self (this is how a real community radio should be after all!). As you most probably got used to my style on my blog, i will publish anything, rationally, independently, neutrally and clearly, based as much as possible on facts rather than personal opinions. And will make sure this will be my methodology while preparing this weekly segment. And i hope you'd feel free to accept any positive criticism, and feel free to comment on Absolutely anything! and feed the segment with what you listen on the radio right away to the email address: radio@ammannet.net

For the 1st upcoming episode, i will be reviewing the reactions on the jordanian radio stations regarding the Gaza crisis.

If you think you heard anything unusual lately on the radio on any station regarding this issue, please feel free to contact the email mentioned above or comment on this post.

30 December, 2008

Lubna "Al-Koshieh" decleared dead!

For those who don't know, and maybe never been to zarqa to know, Lubna Al-Koshieh (لبنى الكوشية) or (لبنى السريعة) is most probably the most dangerous woman in Jordan. and is famous in zarqa (mainly the inside zarqa bus terminal) for getting money from shops and people by force using knifes, and is also famous for beating up alot of gangsters in zarqa.

Lubna was declared dead yesterday after a fight.

The question that was always raised, forgetting the fact that her case was caused by a family destruction:
Why, and how she was always free! regardless of what she was doing.

Here is also a video i found on youtube for lubna during a wedding, another way for her to collect money:

17 December, 2008

Exclusive Photos of the Aqaba teenagers car accident

ammannet.net, Radio Al-Balad's website has published last night exclusive photos for the teenagers car accident that happened during the eid holiday in Aqaba.

Just a to recap, this accident was caused by 5 teenagers, 4 boys and a girl, all under 18, driving during the eid holiday late at night without a license, on the southern beach highway in aqaba with a nissan with over 180 Km/h at crash time as reported by the traffic police dept (also obvious in the 1st photo), after it got off a bridge and ended up in a valley near the sea near the port's industrial area.

The tragic accident caused death to 4 of the teenagers, out of which was the son of the minister of justice, along with children of other socially and economically famous families.

I am publishing the photos just for the sake of reminding people that cars are not toys, and that responsible driving is the responsibility of us all.

13 December, 2008

Bloggers on air!

Radio Al-Balad and ammannet.net have announced the launch of "Bloggers on Air" (مدونون على الهواء), a project and initiative oriented for improving video blogging.

The project will train 25 individuals on how to blog and vblog, and then create a blog for each and every one of them. and a video cam for 20 of them. and accordingly start a radio show that will tackle what they would be blogging!

The complete information and registration details are available on this link

03 December, 2008

Tomorrow, The Romanian Movie Days in Jordan

The Jordanian Romanian Forum for Culture, along with the Romanian Embassy in Amman, and the Royal Film Commission, are proud to announce the 2nd edition of:
The Romanian Movie Days in Jordan
This coming Thursday & Friday, 4th and 5th of December, 2008. at the Royal Cultural Center.

1st Day: 4th of December.
Starting 6 PM:
- Opening ceremony by the Romanian Folkloric Group "Dumitru Zamfira"
- The 13 minutes short film : “Datorie” / “Duty” : by Vlad Trandafir
- The 9 minutes short film : “O Scurta plimbare cu masina” / “A short ride”
by Paul Negoescu – Karlovy Vary Fresh Film Festival winner
- The 14 minutes short film : “Megatron” by Marian Crisan – Cannes 2008 Best Short Film winner.

2nd Day: 5th of December.
4 PM: Classical Long Movie: "Padureanca" by Nicolae Margineanu
6 PM: Classical Long Movie: "Stefan Luchian" by Nicolae Margineanu

Entrance is Free. Films are subtitled in English