31 May, 2006

“Mother Russia's” scientists discover a vaccine for Bird Flu.. Whose turn is next in the dirty game!?

For those of you who do not know, even though the USSR has “Supposedly” died since around 15 years now, being the last falling brick in the world of communism, supposedly again,,,, but it is not really as it may seem!

“Mother Russia” is still alive in the eastern European people's minds, including those hybrid ones just like yours truly in here.

Nothing unusual till now, but there's even more, “Mother Russia's” husband, the KGB along with all its scientific, brigade, mass-media, military, and social-oriented division is still alive some where in what is currently entitled “Federal Russia”..... no, i'm not talking about a ghost, but about “Mother Russia's” hand of power that you have all been watch movies about on TV since the 80s!

And yes, Mother Russia still have interests around and about, maybe the US is not considering Russia a danger any more, but its still there, clear and obvious even! Despite America's ignorance.

In case you have heard the news around yesterday on stations other than Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabia, and JTV, you would have heard that an advanced group of Russian medical-military researchers and scientists have discovered a vaccine for Bird Flu, and have taken the risk their selves to take it and face the H5N1 without having a single symptom of the bird flu upon them.

So, what will be next, will Mother Russia supply this vaccine to its beloved old children, A.K.A: easter European + ex-USSR countries facing the avian flu, will it further more provide the humanity's most suffering nations with it?! ( Hint Hint: Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia...)

Will it provide its ex-child: Romania, with it, since Romania has been facing a suspicious raid of bird flu since the last couple of weeks or so, after Mother Russia has been flooding Romania with Rain?!

Hmmm,, let's hold on for a moment and explain the last paragraph, it holds a lot of embedded talk in it!

1st of all there was bird flu, moving around, country by country until it reached Romania by the end of last summer.

Romania has controlled all the cases, those were coming from traveling birds passing by the danupe's delta, affecting villages in that area. It was actually for the 1st time in history when i see the romanian authorities dealing with something in a better way than jordanians do! I personally consider the Jordanian experience with the bird flue a faulty one, either talking about the governemental authorities or the population it self.

Later one, by the end of the winter, floods started to hit Romania from all the possible sides, the danupe, which when it comes to my personal experience is wider in some places than the dead sea, got flooded by all the european melting snow and rain, adding to which extensive heavy rain rates in Romania, turning millions and millions of square meters under the water including hundreds of villages and towns, those floods were associated with extensive heavy rainfall, reaching up to 100 liter/hour, continuing for over 48 hours non-stop...
Now those unusual rainfalls happened to be by artificial clouds made by Mother Russia's scientists! A fact that i personally take the responsibility of publishing based on some secret news published lately by an ex-romanian security personnel..... well, hiding-ly published if i would rather say.

Yes, Russian's can make rain, as you might have heard back in 2002 when the Russian president was in a visit to St Petersburg, when the Russian scientists have forced rainy clouds to vanish from the cities skies!
Unfortunately, on the international mass media only EuroNews have taken the risk to publish this fact back then, though several news agencies have published it with the piece of news concerning the president's visit.

So, Russian's can evaporate rain, and make it too,,, and the made it lately in easter Europe, especially Romania, a country that had set NATO bases in several areas on its territories.

In return, seems some else wants to get his hands dirty in Romania, most probably someone from the west this time, spreading H5N1 in Romania extensively,
it all started in having an entire company's chicken houses affected, by some H5N1 affected chicks imported through hungry to “CODLEA-BRASOV”, one of the major chicken meat producers in Romania...
but the thing wasn't really as simple as it might look, there are several personnel in the power, which even Mr President Traian Basescu, who have been facing some health problems lately, and was saved from being paralyzed in Austria earlier this month after some people in power played a dirty game in preventing the president of being operated urgently.

Maybe those fat guys in suits are the same implicated in both issues i'm mentioning in the last paragraph in here,, who knows...

So, those fat guys in suits had the H5N1 spread around the country in some dirty unclear ways up to the moment, that has put Romania in a grave situation facing 10s of areas where H5N1 is discovered, including 3 areas in side the capital Bucharest it self!

Where is Mother Russia when we need it now?!
Or well she let the NATO spies complete their dirty job on the romanian territory!

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26 May, 2006

A post that never made it on my blog!

The Piece of news mentioned next never made it to my blog, despite it was
written.... despite being in a Jordanian Newspaper style, it will never be
published in a Jordanian Newspaper. I mean c'mon, it wasn't even published on
my blog.... but i do still insist on publishing it.....
this was supposed to take place if nothing from the last post was due to
happen.... after all, ehab got my old 256 MB RAM now after i had to change my
main board and CPU.

بيسكا تعزز انتاجيتها بقطعة رام نادرة
تم الاعلان يوم أمس في الجامعة الهاشمية عن توقيع اتفاقية بين "كيتووم" و "نسيمجو"
حصل بموجبها فريق مشروع "بيسكا" ممثلة بالعضو الشريك "نسيمجو" على قطعة أس
دي رام 512 ميغا بهدف تعزيز الانتاجية و الامكانيات التطويرية في مشروع "بيسكا", و
خاصة في ظل تذبذب اسعار قطع ال أس دي رام و اعتبارها من الموارد النادرة في
المملكة و المنطقة بشكل عام, وذلك بعد تأجيل دام أكثر من شهرين بسبب الظروف
الجوية السيئة التي تأثرت بها رومانيا مؤخرا و ثبات عدم جدوى الحصول على أحدى أجهزة
ألترى سبارك المتوفرة في الجامعة و ذلك لكون أجهزة صن بليد 150 المتوفرة قديمة مع أن
الجامعة ما زالت تحتفظ بها في حافظات موصدة الغلق لما يزيد عن 5 سنوات حفاظا
على سلامتها من عبث مشرفات المختبرات.
وقع التفاقية كل من يزن جابر صاحب علامة الجنو "كيتووم" , و نسيم التميمي المدير
العام لمشروع "بيسكا" و صاحب العلامة "نسيمجو", حيث تمت التفاقية في "بيسكا
كورنر – 106 أتش يو أي تي" بحضور كل من رئيس مجلس أدارة مشروع بيسكا و صاحب
فكرته : فايز الرفيع "أبو الفوز" , و المدير التنفيذي للمشروع : ايهاب الحكواتي , والذي
.% حصل بدوره على قطعة أس دي رام 128 تعزيزية بخصم 60
هذا وتجدر الشارة أن مشروع "بيسكا" هو من المشاريع الواعدة و الصاعدة في الاردن و
المنطقة, و الاول من نوعه خارج الاتحاد الاوروبي و اليابان , و الذي أبدت عدد من الهيئات
الحكومية شجبها و استنكارها الشديدين له مخالفين رؤية جلالة الملك عبد الله الثاني في
دعم البحث العلمي و القدرات الواعدة كعادتها , و بل اكتراث كعادتها أيضا

والجدير بالذكر أن بيسكا تعتمد استرتيجيات تطوير يتم تطبيقها لاول مرة في الجامعات
الاردنية في هندسة البرمجيات و تحليل النظم و اليو أم أل و اليو دي بي و البرمجة الكائنية
المنحى و برمجة الجهزة النقالة و برمجة الشبكات و تنقيب المعلومات و قواعد البيانات
المتعددة الابعاد و الاضلع و البيانات ثلجية التركيب.

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The Graduators @ BiSCA

Fayez, Ehab, and Me ... from left to right

Me + Intel Celeron = OH DEAR ME!

I never ever thought that an Intel Celeron processor would be running in my Box one day!!

It is now while i'm writing this to you...

After i had my Main board and CPU dead an hour before my MONAQASHE as mentioned earlier, yesterday i went in a search for a 2G pentium 4 processor, (ah, I didnt even know that the Main board is dead as well until yesterday, i thought its just a matter of CPU)...

But hell ya, I had an entire new main board, with DDR RAM instead of my wonderful SDs , and ,,,,, noooooooooooooooooooo! A 2.66Ghz Intel Celeron CPU!

It was a limitation of budget after all, cause all of this didnt cost me over 130 JDs , and the new main board had like its predecessor, a built in VGA... though this one is not an Intel Mainboard as well, but an ASROCK! Yeah an ASS ROCK :P

But a celeron!!!!

Ok, this one along with the 512 DD RAMs work just like my old 2G P4 with the 384 SD RAM....

eh eh,,, I want my old one baaaaack!


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Back after one May!

You most probably have been noticing my absence on the blogosphere lately, that is due to the final critical days that i had in my graduation project, entitled BiSCA.

Maybe i've been keeping details about BiSCA a secret, though many of you knew about it from various comments, chit chats & posts. an abstract about it is officially available here

Getting back to this month, one that brought me the very peak of the chain of challenges i've been facing with BiSCA, starting off earlier this year, challenges have started from the authorities and the public sector, which showed an absolute no sense for such a project, and resisted giving away any hand or help, or even cooperative information.

All the data and information were gathered and observed day by day, nothing was ignored, everything was noticed, monitored and mapped into the project's vision, which got use of ideas and inspirations that belong back to an initiative by the European union entitled CIVITAS. Including a major guideline in CIVITAS that urges the fact that the same information system implemented in a city will not satisfy any other city no matter how close their circumstances might be... and there you go, a customized Public Transport Information System SHOULD be developed for Amman.

Moving a lil' bit further, came the need of having data packet and GPS services provided for us on iDEN handsets, that is, having iDEN technology the best solution for developing the subsystem available in side the buses.

Thus, the next step was having the support of the iDEN technology provider in Jordan, XPRESS Telecom, we had a positive response from Xpress, specifically a personnel in Xpress that we were forwarded to after we got some people convinced that we do not want a job there, cause everyone was thinking the papers in our hands were CVs, despite the pages were titled with the phrase "Preliminary Investigation Report - Project BiSCA (Bus Information, Scheduling, and Control)"
sigh !

Unfortunately, and as any other enterprise in Jordan, Xpress doesnt have an R & D department, and further more, no real budget for it!
By this, we got surprised to hear from the personnel we have been dealing with that he couldnt afford getting a device from Xpress, and that we should buy one.... like if not Xpress is the only iDEN provider and iDEN handsets dealer in Jordan!!!!

After a negotiation, the man could provide us with the trial line doted with the needed services, Data Packet, GPS, and PTT as well, and provided it along with a personal handset that he owns!!!!

I do not wanna concentrate on the fact that the handset he offered us had a problem with the GPS chipset, since it seemed it had a hard time under someones hands ;P , cause we have bought a big old used powerful one with 25 JDs, but i wanna concentrate on the fact that such a big telecommunication company, just like many others, doesn't even think of supporting ICT students, which might be after a couple of months be part of their staff!

If the reason is that some of those students are not serious enough and might be steeling those handset devices or using the services provided for them in an improper way, then a simple legal agreement can be signed before providing them with anything, i guess its easy, but for a group of students to pay for experimental services, and maybe not be able to get services they are using from their provider just because this provider doesnt have an R & D fund, that is really upsetting. Even the PC-handset data cable was bought by us, from the xpress main show room after they company's inner departments claimed they are out of stock!

By the way, the data packet service is not provided yet by Xpress for any type of its subscribers, this is why you do not have any other option to get it but through a the company's specialized department.

Mr Khalid Alia, the personnel who were dealing with at Xpress, helped us with what was needed at the end, and arranged with the networking department at the company to have all the ports opened to and from the handsets IP address from a certain IP address, which our project's server subsystem will be running at.

But, what about this IP where our project's server will be running! This one is inside the university, and since the very beginning of having someone in Xpress interested in supporting us, we have been running around papers inside the university in order to get an IP address from the range of IP addresses bought by the university, as a gateway to our PC installed in a Lab on the university's LAN. They claimed the did it, but the truth was discovered only a couple of weeks before the project's submission, that is when mr alia from xpress finally provided us with a line with the needed services and got the IP address the university's computer center claimed it mapped the requests on it to the fake IP address our PC have on the university's LAN, and had this IP address entered in the secure list of xpress's firewall. Only to discover the other day when we ran our 1st non emulated demo, that the university did not provide us with anything!

Further more, nobody at the computer center, even those we have dealt with, claimed to know what is it all about, further more, everyone was like "BE7AMELNA JMEELEH" that they even work there, including the chief of the center!

That is not to forget that the university refused even to pay for the handset and cable in return of keeping them for future related projects in the faculty!

The chain didnt stop here, but expanded to a further "personnal" level, after viruses attacking my other 2 partners' PCs, and after one of them had one of his harddisks eating 10 GBs under the claim of "Bad Cluster Partition".
40G have simply evaporated from my slave harddisk, including 20G of Music, Yes, my whole proud to have musical collection got lost, a Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and a couple of Oracle Servers, one of which being the raposatry for 2 data warehouses, including BISCA's Data warehouse!!!!

So the project's data warehouse was LOST! All of this after a simple "RESTART" for an operating system called Windows XP during a chilled May night !

Well, thank god, i had the data warehouse's schema, including the policy exported in a dumb file, the latest warehouse design available as a Sybase power designer file, and the data in an experimental mirror on Microsoft Access. But that's not everything!

Since that night at the beginning of may until a couple of days before the project's presentation and evaluation "the MONAQASHE", I've been trying uselessly to download an Oracle Server, I've did it over 20 times, i've even tried to do it through out the command shell, all the possible customization's of the Enterprise Oracle server, and even the very easy to use and install, Oracle Express Edition, uselessly! The best result i could get was a database with only a scott/tiger account with out a TNS listener for the server, this didnt last more than ONE DAY! Everything was becoming volatile seemingly!

Thus, we finally decided to go for it using the experimental database, and there was it, our MONAQASHE last tuesday morning at 9 AM, the 1st out of all the projects. The demonastration was set to have the project's server, the streets situated displays, the administration and supervision softwares, and a couple of emulators running the mobile application, all running on the same machine!!!! My Machine.

7 AM, my home, everything was up and running, several lines of code were needed to fix some known issues here and there...
I leave to the university, with a TAXI!
8 AM, I reach the university, get the lab's keys as set before (since you should not expect a lab in the faculty of IT opening before 11 AM), connected my PC and started it in order to finish what should be completed....




both my partners were out of it, one wasn't giving a damn, laughing and chit chatting with everyone around, while the other was getting in a panic, screaming, and loosing it! BUT I DO NOT SURRENDER!!!!!! HELL YA!

We got the MONAQASHE shifted a couple of hours, and i started the recovery process, i got the subsystems' softwares recovered from the slave harddisk and the experimental database from the master database, the last one was done using the Linux shell command of course ;)
Linux saves me again and again ;)

hehe, it was funny how everything was behind me staring at what i was doing, thought it wasn't that big deal trust me ;)

And finally opened 3 PCs from the lab, removed their RAMs and put them on the projects PC available in the lab...
this was the only to have the 5 years old machine to run the scenario set for the demo properly , i wasn't caring about the legal issues any more, i pay a couple of thousands of JDs yearly and the university gives me nothing but S***..... it was the time i guess to break a rule!

Eh, those couple of hours were full of storming thoughts, including the storming to remember what should be done in the code to finalize everything....

Everything was finalized, as far as possible, a minute before 11 AM, i didnt have time to recover the user interface's theme, icons and face as it was supposed, the Java Ocean theme isn't that bad after all, but my colleague Ehab really worked on this one, and it was sad to have it excluded at the last minute.

Thank god what we have done was appreciated after all this dilemma, thank you god for everything,,,,

And, you readers do not ever dare to surrender, because you will be the only loser!

Fight till the very last moment, and dare to do it!

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Bus Information Scheduling and Control for Amman (BiSCA)

Project BISCA, standing for Bus Information, Scheduling, and Control for Amman, is one aiming to develop a computerized distributed Urban Public Transportation Information System, customized for the city of Amman, with centralized processing and data-warehousing. A project that relays under the category of Traveler and Transport Information Systems, and that was purposed to be in-charge of the public transportation half of the urban Traveler and Transport Information Systems' concept.

Building an Urban Public Transportation Information System was to comply a need for making the urban public transportation sector more attractive for the public, as a solution for the traffic problems a resident of Amman would obviously notice nowadays. The solution was based upon the power of providing the information to whom it may concern; making the urban public transportation more attractive as more information, dynamic information in particular, are provided for the public regarding their movements, and at the same time the whole industry of urban public transportation to be made better managed, controlled and organized, the latter of which can not be done without the power information, this time provided for the personnel working the urban public transportation industry, either supervisors, executives, or the fleet drivers their selves.

The project was implemented upon strong bases of information gathered from both world wide experiences in this field, as well as information gathered from the local urban public transportation industry, understanding the local needs and difficulties in this field, and matching them with unimplemented solutions suggested locally to gather with solutions found for similar cases and measures in the world wide experiences that were studied. All of these information, measures and solutions gathered and studies were structured using Software Engineering methodologies and framed in clear requirements, which were later structured with all their tiny details and set as scenarios to be developed.

This project consists of a centralized unit in charge of and manging the system's processes, calculations, and data-warehousing, along with a set of distributed subsystems through which the system's users get their services from the system, those are illustrated in an administration software that enables transportation company's administration to control the data available in the system's data warehouse. A supervision screen that enables the supervisor at the main bus terminal to supervise and control the buses' movements and the system's solutions in the unusual occurring cases. A situated display at the stations informing the passengers about the buses they are waiting for at that station and the times needed for the buses to reach that station. And a portable device's micro edition software on the handsets installed on the buses' boards, in charge of tracking the buses' positions and enable the interaction between the driver and the server, reporting about the difficulties he might be facing and receiving control and scheduling orders.

The project has been mainly developed using Java Standard Edition Technology in all its subsystems excluding the software on the handsets installed in the buses, which has been developed using Java Micro Edition. The data-warehouse was designed and developed on an Oracle Database Management System. The whole software engineering process of the project was implemented according to the Unified Process methodology.

more info at www.project-bisca.com

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15 May, 2006

The Open Source Open Day

The Open Source Open Day,
this thursday @ the Hashemite University

The Free and Open Source Software group at the hashemite university - part of the Faculty of IT is proud to announce its very first OPEN SOURCE OPEN DAY.
This Thursday the 18th of May, 2006 all day long.

Speakers will include Mr Kifah Esa, Mr Esam Bayazidi, Mr Khamis Seksek and Mr Basem Narmok, all JoLUG.

the day will include look and feel open lab, hands on sessions, FOSS cultural sessions, and much more all day long...

if any one feels to pass by, it will be a big moral support for the students.

please feel free to tell me in case you will be coming please notify me before wednesday noon, either on 0788787064 or nasimjo@gmail.com

14 May, 2006

Listener's Choice, Surprisingly BACK!

Yes, There was a show on FRIDAY, and it will continue....
some "accidental problem" were behind the 1 week off air..
So check jordan's 1st english radio show, with the highest rating, where your radio will be one of 40,000 radios tuned in to 96.3, 99.7 and 90.9 FM.



11 May, 2006

Jordan's Nr 1 English radio show, LC, goes Off the Air!

Yes, I guess Listener's Choice fans have mentioned that there was surprisingly no show on "sunday funday".... the show might go Off the air for a while for some reasons i cannot declare at the moment.

I'm sad my self for having it off and for the reason of having it off, seems some competitors will be happy!

04 May, 2006

Posting Through WiFi

Yes .. right now I'm posting this through out the only WiFi Access point at the hashemite Uni!!!
Why !
Keep pinging my blog, more soon ....
All I can say is those pics!

02 May, 2006

المساهمة الفاعلة للجامعة الهاشمية في تنمية البطالة

أبدت الجامعة الهاشمية مؤخراً اهتمامها بتنمية البطالة بين خريجيها لأيفاد سوق البطالة المحلي بما يلزمه من الموارد البشرية.

و تجسد هذا الأمر مؤخرا عن طريق حاجب مواقع الأنترنت في الجامعة الذي بدأ في الأونة الأخيرة بحجب مواقع البحث عن عمل, بل و تخطت ذلك الى حجب صفحات التوظيف في مواقع الشركات

أنظر الصورة القابلة للتكبير- الموقع: صن ميكروسستمز

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