11 April, 2006

The Hashemite University's Computer Center Blocking most of the internet Websites including Jordanplanet and the Jordanian Governement!

Yes, The computer Center at the hashemite University just hit the wall with their latest update of the Websense (a.k.a Proxying Software) filtering the traffic of internet coming through inside the universities LAN, and this time they got it much more over the limit, after blocking all sort of interesting useful websites since my 1st days at uni, in favour of stupid arabic chat websites and arabic forums talking about haifa and i dunno who & what they did the other day and the DAMAR love sites with creapy poems in favor of tech forums, categorised as ADULT CONTENT and MESSAGE BOARDS AND CLUBS!

Starting LAST THURSDAY, a new prooxy policy caused blocking MOST of the internets websites, mentioning JORDAN PLANET IT SELF!
My Blog, actually ALL The Blogs on BLOGGER, including Google's Blogger it self.....

but also Harvards globalvoicesonline.org

the JORDANIAN GOVERNMENT's official media center jordan.jo

Allllllllllll the newspapers, Addustour, Alrai, Alghad ... etc

All the audio visual corps websites, ranging from bbcarabc.com until the poor jrtv.jo!

Amman Net's website is blocked since ages even, probably a couple of years now!

Not to mention websites contributing to HM King Abdullah the 2nd!!!!!!!!!
I thought its called the HASHEMITE university after all!

and tataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Logging out from your yahoo account is HIGHLY prohibited!!!!!!!

I have sent an email to the cheif of the computer center last sunday morning, up to now i got nothing from the guy, and as far as sunday was concerned no changes happened, lets wait and see till tomorrow , and ill be posting any updates about.....

I think the hashemite University is passing by its worst night mares anyways since the current Mr president got his hand over the university, where the whole university turned into a gang of employees from the same family (the presidents of course) and with each and every small paper should be passing under the presidents nose in order to get any approval or paper passed!

One last thing to mention is that since the policy applied for the student's account is strict enough so that not even the standard Windows Paint utility is banned, I've sent these screen shots for the cheif of the computer dep inside a word document and attached in my email (nothing more stupid apparently).

heh, gal paint utility gal, even the right click is disabled! couldnt they put some Macs and end all this screwing!

[UPDATE] 12-April-2006:
Everything is back up and running this morning, where what should be banned is back banned again, and what should run is running again....

It Didnt Last more than a couple of days, most of the thinks are back blocked again, including JORDANPLANET.NET

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Hani said...


Perhaps they noticed some internet abuse from the students!

But, why dont they spare this pain and just stop the whole connection... wouldnt this be easier?!

OmAr said...

MAN!! are you sure the connection isn't down! seriously, I mean come on, this is impossible, the king's website is banned!! they will shut down the university soon if that's true, don't you think? :D

Anonymous said...

The Yarmouk University LAN blocks the same way. It is hard to beleive that the purpose of universities is to foster open debate and discussion. I think that this is a bad sign.

bakkouz said...

Why the hell would they do that? Are we still living in the stonge age or something?
So much for democracy and freedom of speach in Jordan!

Anonymous said...

Don’t you students have any work to do? and why is your website in pink?

Nas said...

lool no dude seriously there's just something wrong techie wise...there's no way in hell the king's site is banned.

nasimjo© said...

1st of all, as u can see in the update, what should be allowed is back allowed again..
Just to mention,again, for those who didnt get me right that the websense is proxying the interenet flow to the university's network since ever, the problem since last thursday was blocking almost everything..

nas: probably it was, but if nobody moves it will remain!

hani: what abuse with even the right click being disabled, no command prompt,no notepad, no CD-ROM,, no nothing! the policy is quite strict!

Omar: Margat 3a kher ;) and no it wasnt a problem in the connection since some "should-be-banned-XXX-websites" where up and running ;P

anonymous1 and bakkouz: yeah,something should be done about it anyway!

anonymous2 : it depends, eaither ur talking about students Working out "freedom" , or working to aim freedom!!!
Check this

Ehab Ahmad said...

waw i was there but i don't notice any thing.

may be just for you since they know you, all your time on your blog LOL

Opairah said...

really,its long time since last use internet there, all these things happened in our University ?! masakeen 6ollabna wallahe they opened chat & love sites for them and banned the remaining stuff, ya 7aram .

BTW, the HU website is not Banned u r opened it n the snapshots :) , @ least thx ur God that you allowed to use a PC in ur university.

any way, Shall we use illegal methods? , No , I think WE can do some thing usefull legally.