17 April, 2006

Developer.com Product of the Year 2006 Winners Are Named

And the Winners Are...

Technology of the Year:
AJAX From Mozilla Developer Center

Framework of the Year:
JavaServer Faces From Sun Microsystems Inc.

Development Tool of the Year:
Eclipse From the Eclipse Foundation

Development Utility of the Year:
Ant From The Apache Software Foundation

Web Service Product of the Year:
Google APIs From Google Inc.

Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add-in of the Year:
J2ME™ Wireless Toolkit From Sun Microsystems Inc.
(Runner up)
Sybase® PocketBuilder 2.0 From Sybase Inc.

Database Tool or Add-in of the Year:
MySQL 5.0 From MySQL AB

Java Tool/Add-in of the Year:
Sun Java™ Studio Creator By Sun Microsystems Inc.

JSR (Java Specification Request) of the Year:
JSR 244: Java EE 5.0

.NET Tool or Add-in of the Year:
Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 From Microsoft Corporation
(The Winning Non-Microsoft product:)
Mono .NET Framework From mono-project.com

Security Tool or Add-in of the Year:
Sun Java System Identity Manager From Sun Microsystems Inc.

Open Source Tool of the Year (Tie):
OpenOffice 2.0 From OpenOffice.org and
Firefox From Mozilla Foundation


Murad said...

You sound love non-MS products !!
but what i can say, baby, about the development tool WINNER: is it true or what !!? am i readin fake articles or what ?? bro, Visual Studio 2005 is takin down Sun's JBuilder, and as i have been working previously with J2ME, i can also say it has a soo limited abilities concerning web services interop and com+ marshaling !! which is already provided on a "golden-plate" from MS VS 2005!!
and yet, Windows Mobile 5.0 is the award winning mobile OS in year 2005 !! what's that mean !! I'm seing entry for it on your list !!

nasimjo© said...

aham, JBuilder aint sun's by the way ;)
its Borlands... I never used actually, I use Sun Enterprise, Sun Creator, and the open source community projects Netbeans and Eclipse.... Oracle's JDeveloper is also there.

Visual Studio is great if you'd ask me, but the express version (the Legal stuff that i can afford) are LOUSY!

about J2ME , try Netbeans Mobility 5.0 .... the biggest j2me application can be built within 15-20 minutes with complete graphics rapping even and dedicated device components from what ever vendor libraries you add (Nokia's , Motorola's ... etc)

Murad (www.jordev.net) said...

I WAS developing J2ME and now im OFF, so sorry for that, i used net beans after mastering developing apps in a single text editor !!