09 April, 2006

Wednesday's Late Night Rock back on Radio Jordan FM

Finally, and due to High Popular Demand, a 100% ROCK and ONLY ROCK dedicated show is back on Radio Jordan 96.3 FM...

and yes, it's the Wednesday's Late Night Rock, not with nice old days of Dj Ranya though (a.k.a the Queen of rock ,,, just before some changes in her taste to turkish music and leaving to the states ;P) but with Dj Laith Shankitee, who was a Dj in the station in the back old days....

Oohh, I hope it will be upon my expectations, especially in such a rock-lousy radio airwaves nowadays, especially after the host of the Sunday Alternative Show on Radio Jordan, the not that long stayer Dj Haitham Shishanee, and with other stations around claiming their considerations of Rob Thomas and Shakira's "Dont Bother" as Rock (holly crap maybe).... and the non-stop identity-less music policy that some stations apply, making even the few played rock songs evaporated in the mass of junk music.

Its true that some Djs Still consider Rock ( & I MEAN ROCKKKKK!) a major part of their play list (The Morning Madness guys, and “The Middle of the Road Show's” Dj Safana on RJ FM, as well as some Mood FM Silent Djs) but This is not really what a rocker wants, Thus, I'm thinking big on those 4 hours of rock starting this Wednesday night,,,

Be there, 8 PM – Midnight.

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Basel Qabouq said...

how i really really miss this show!
now don't tell me ur the black iris founder also..i remeber hearing ur dedecations on rania's shows

nasimjo© said...


No, the founder of Black-iris.com is Naseem Tarawneh. I'm Nasim Al-Tamimi :) and yes, i was one of those who used to contact the show alot.