11 April, 2006

طلاب أو طلاب

بينما يتظاهر مئات الألاف من الطلبة في فرنسا ضد قانون العمل الذي يسمح لرب العمل بطرد الخريج بدون مبرر بعد سنتان من عمله.

تصل درجة اهمال طلبة جامعاتنا اللذين لا يكترثون الى قانون العمل الأردني اللذي يسمح لرب العمل بطردهم بعد 3 أشهر فقط, بل و من أول يوم بدون دفع فلس واحد على جهدهم بحجة أنهم "متدربين" .... فتصل بهم درجة الأهمال الى ترك كتبهم التي يجلسون عليها في العراء لعطلة أسبوع ماطرة

Really shame, This picture I took the Sunday before, those books on which our nowadays university student sit, in order not to waste their dirty expensive jeans, were let there from the Thursday before, upon a very rainy weekend….

If they don’t respect their books our them being in a university, made for learning, can’t they just respect their parents paying for those books 3 or 4 times a semester!?

Kudos to the French university students……

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Abu 7amarneh said...

masakein i7na ya zalameh,, trabbeina 3al 5oof w il 6a3a il3amyah,,, Arab world,, and Jordan specifically,,, needs at lease 3-5 more generations to break the fear of government!!

jameed said...

not necessarily fear abu il 7amarneh, it is a sense of discipline that we lack. education as a whole is taken as a burden on people's lives rather than a means to embetter it. in a situation like this, political awareness is surly going to be lacking. add to that a system that disfavors the engagement in political activities and one of its components is "fear".

nasimjo© said...

abu 7marneh & jameed:
its not just fear, nor just lack of awarness, but living in a bubble of stupidness and complaining, without daring to chage, actually without even caring to!

خضر كنعان said...

الطلاب دايما فيهم خير حتى لما بطيزوا للكتب وبتركوها وبروحوا! قليل الصفن اللي على روسهم؟! مصيرها تروق وتحلو