30 March, 2006

28 March, 2006

The Worst Traffic Ever!

Grrr, I need some hits on my blog guys?! Wass up with the sleepy traffic this month at my n@simjo?!

1 March 2006, Wednesday 3
2 March 2006, Thursday 6
3 March 2006, Friday 18
4 March 2006, Saturday 8
5 March 2006, Sunday 7
6 March 2006, Monday 16
7 March 2006, Tuesday 18
8 March 2006, Wednesday 13
9 March 2006, Thursday 7
10 March 2006, Friday 6
11 March 2006, Saturday 4
12 March 2006, Sunday 10
13 March 2006, Monday 5
14 March 2006, Tuesday 4
15 March 2006, Wednesday 8
16 March 2006, Thursday 2
17 March 2006, Friday 1
18 March 2006, Saturday 5
19 March 2006, Sunday 9
20 March 2006, Monday 13
21 March 2006, Tuesday 13
22 March 2006, Wednesday 8
23 March 2006, Thursday 4
24 March 2006, Friday 4
25 March 2006, Saturday 3
26 March 2006, Sunday 9
27 March 2006, Monday 9
28 March 2006, Tuesday 3

26 March, 2006

Enter the Coil 2.0

Yes, and finally after 2 years of absence, the italian gothic rock band, Lacuna Coil, is back with a hard geeky album entitled KARMACODE ;)

The 1st airplay will be TODAY on Radio Jordan 96.3 FM on LC between 4.30 PM - 7:00 PM, The album will be featured this coming Tuesday on the Middle of the Road show after 10 PM ;) exclusively ;)

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More About Public Transportation in Amman (Pictures Inside ;)

Just to have some notes clearer from the previous post, this post will be featuring a number of pictures i took last thursday just to convense some people about the points I've illustrated.

Those pictures show the LATEST URBAN BUSES in amman (Which are pre-used ones, and imported from europe), and the bus signs installed during 2005, the sign in the picture is one situated in a WRITE PLACE ;) at Xpress, Mecca Street, unlike some other ones (Hint Hint: opposite to The Housing Bank Street, shmeisani ;).

The buses photos were taken at Raghadan Bus Terminal.

By the way, the guy in that picture is my partner in crime, Ehab ;)

& of course, all the pictures grow up amazingly when clicked (Copyrights by andfaraway.net ;)

20 March, 2006

Responses upon Ahmad & Firas's recent posts regarding Public transportations in amman

After Ahmad & Firas's recent posts regarding Public transportations in amman, what is written in this post is actually the my comment's on Ahmad's Post, also, The Schedule Firas asked me for is included.

Dear Ahmad, Sorry for not being able to comment earlier,and for not having the proper time to do yesterday, since I had loads of stuff to say about your post and the contributors' comments.

Allow me please to correct some information regarding what you and the fellow contributors wrote here, based on my knowledge as a day by day Public Transportation user, rather than a part of a transportation intelligence project.

1- “...noticing the new buses on the Medical City-Downtown line..”: They aren't new! Asia Transport Co is the licensed investor for this line (Line Nr 43) since its beginnings, i know the 1st 2 lines they have started operating were this one as well as line 41 (Khelda - Raghadan).

2- Asia Transport Co's fleet of buses primarily consists of DAEWOO buses, just like the one you have taken and photographed, they have started with 30 buses, and now their fleet exceeds 145 buses, most of which are DAEWOO buses. Those DAEWOO buses ARE NOT “military style” buses, but ones that were made for Urban transportation, and with variable capacity, obviously, you got in a (45+20) version (that is 45 seated + 20 standing), some versions accommodate (30+30) and even (25+40), those come in with the front rows of 1 seat in stead of a couple, and a wide standing area in the middle.

As for the other buses in the fleet, 5 Mercedes Citaro – Low plate have been introduced in 2003, those are not only european style, but also specialized for Disabled people, those mostly move on The medical city and Hashemite University routes, which are probably the most used routes for this type of passengers (We have such people with special needs studying at our university), I guess you most probably have seen those Citaros.

Also Newly Introduced (Last January) in Asia's fleet as a soft test are 16 meter long Mercedes buses, also european style, but not that suitable for disabled people though, those new buses can accommodate (45+65) and are amazingly comfortable for standing, but not that Ammani Street's friendly with their 6 wheels on 16m length, so they mostly use them for the Hashemite University's routes, but also saw them operating on Khelda's line. I guess they got 12 buses of those.

3- “The electronic sign on their front”: Yeah, Finally they got them on, instead of the old static written plates in the place where those electronic ones are situated now.. I guess those electronic plates are what also made you think the buses are new (PS: Some of them are 7 year old models btw ;). The old static plates were confusing since those urban buses have privileges to move on any of the lines their company is operating.

4- “..The driver was communicating with someone (central command?) with a dashboard installed Xpress phone ...”: Actually its a couple of guys in Raghadan called Fathi and Bassam ;) hehe, yeah they introduced Xpress phones lately, Asia's is using GPS as an experiment at the moment, and not using Xpress's GPS, but using some dedicated administration devices brought all the way from Germany! The Administration device is situated somewhere above the driver's console and consists along with a GPS tracking system, a hidden camera that reports high resolution processed images of inside the bus among the “central command's” request! The size of this device is half the size of a car radio!!!! In our project's preliminary investigation report, we were surprised about it, those stuff were installed back then (Jan 29) in only 5 buses (I recall bus nr 78,79,& 27). their object is 100% enterprise and disciplinary oriented though. & again, still experimental.

5- “..as I saved at least 1 JD by taking the bus..”: ! I guess a Taxi wouldn't have taken less than a couple of JDs ;)

6- “Our bus stops don’t have any information on bus lines and time tables”: They do! Believe you me they do! Some plates were Installed 1st in 2002 (By Asia), & damaged by our beloved residents and citizens. The PTRC re-installed vertical stands in 2005 that don't have only Asia's buses on them, but some of those were also damaged (though they are solid ones similar to ads stands available in malls), and some are installed in wrong places, hint hint: there's one at the (3rd circle – Dakhelie) Service stop opposite to Le Meridian, another one at the (Dakhelie – Abdali) service stop as you get on the street to Abdali from the Dakhelie Circle, both must be situated in entirely different locations ;)

7- “That Amman doesn’t have a bus map” It does! But the GIS employee at the PTRC resigned and there's no replacement ;) (NO I SWEAR TO GOD THIS IS WHAT THEY TOLD US!). Partial Maps are available on the previously mentioned plates and stands.

8- “That we still haven’t managed to create a bus ticket system”: Think Smarter! Didnt u notice something big and green above the plexiglas container you through your money in ;) Asia Transport has been using a Smart Card (Yes even smarter than Istanbul's since i've experienced that one also Mr David ;) the card is smart enough so that you don't even need to get out from you pocket or handbag! It collects the fare exactly and displays it on its monitor (with red digits) along with the amount of credit you still have, smart card charging corners are available at the medical city, Raghadan, Safeway intersection at the beginning of Garden's street, and the Hashemite University. And Hint Hint, they are using this system since late 200-early 2002, that is when they stopped collecting money but the exact fare from the riders.

9- “..unless we build one heck of a public transport system in this city, we are setting ourselves up for a major urban disaster..”: Can't you guess that the urban disaster is more in the people their self, rather than the public transport system!? The public transportation system is there with all its positives and negatives, and with over 350,000 persons using it on daily bases(In Amman). You can give me any 2 points in amman and I'll be able to get to them using public transportation + a lil bit of walking, people, even bus rider's are not used to walk nowadays, take al-baiader bus( the one you took before) during day time and notice the fact that some people stop the bus before and after the 5th circle, or the 3rd or the 6th , once a girl insisted on the driver to stop in the middle of the 5th circle even!

Who asks can get to the desired place after all, there's a 1st time for everything, and this is what the million of car drivers in amman are not affording!

I'm really proud to study in a university whose 90% of students depend on public transportation, despite the troubling times they faced with it, a couple of years ago the students even boycotted Asia Co for a whole week after they raised the fares with over 40%, in one week the company got back to the previous prices, this is what i call people power, despite everyone had to suffer then because there was no official operator for Zarqa Line for about 2 years.

10- & Yes THERE IS A SCHEDULE :) All the urban buses in amman powered by the 3 Urban buses operators (Asia, Al-Thilal, & Al Tawfiq) DO HAVE A SCHEDULE! And Yes, Variable ones according to peak and off-peak hours.

Asia started implementing it back in 2001, and supplied them on the plates they installed (as mentioned earlier) and as brochures for their “Clients”, I have one my self used in our project's fact finding analysis, the 2 other operators, that started gradually since 2002, had similar frequency schedules on their route starting 2004. & By the way, Al-Thilal & Al-Tawfiq's fleets are powered by 100% Jordanian Made Urban Buses, Al-Thilal's consists of 2 Jordanian Mitsubishi models, huge ones “the military-way if you still insist” and mid ones that are used for the routes that pass throughout neighborhoods (just like Raghadan- Da7eit Al-Rashid), those last ones are like humvys by the way ;) you can feel the 4x4 power in them ;) Al-Tawfiq's are powered by mid size mitsubishis just like the previously mentioned, but mainly by Jordanian made Volvo B7s, those are huge enough to accommodate (60+25) ... yes 60 seated.

Here's the schedule for Asia's line as requested upon high popular demand by Firas:



Line Path

Frequency of Buses in minutes according to periods of times

5-7 20-22

7-9 14-18

9-14 18-20


Raghadan – Prince Mohammad St – 5th Circle – 7th Circle – Wadi Al-Seir

Every 15 minutes

Every 10 minutes

Every 10 minutes


Raghadan – Prince Mohammad St – 5th Circle – Abdoun – Industrial Zone

Every 30 minutes

Every 15 minutes

Every 15 minutes


Raghadan – Prince Mohammad St – 5th Circle – Abdallah Ghoshe St – Khelda

Every 60 minutes

Every 30 minutes

Every 30 minutes


Raghadan – Prince Mohammad St – Wadi Saqra St – Wasfi Al-Tal St – Tla'a Al-Ali – Khelda

Every 15 minutes

Every 10 minutes

Every 10 minutes


Raghadan – Prince Mohammad St – Wadi Saqra St – Wasfi Al-Tal St – Tla'a Al-Ali – Khelda – Dabouq

Every 15 minutes

Every 10 minutes

Every 10 minutes


Raghadan – Prince Mohammad St – Wadi Saqra St – Mecca St – Medical City

Every 30 minutes

Every 15 minutes

Every 15 minutes


Raghadan – Abdali – Shmeisani – Naqabat Complex

Every 30 minutes

Every 20 minutes

Every 20 minutes

11- “..it’s a bit risky to depend on it if you have appointments and if your schedule is not really fluid and flexible..”: Yes indeed lina, but not because of the schedule, but the traffic situation it self in amman, probably the most challenging point in our project is not really having optimal trip duration for the routes, thus any Transport Intelligence management system must be self learning as far as people still depend on their own cars to block the traffic in the capital, I recall my observation for the public transportation in romania, where people became “because of wealthiness” dependable on their own cars instead of public transportation, the public transportation became less available, with less passengers to serve (thus with less overcrowding problems) but, at the same time with less satisfaction for its clients because of the traffic jams and congestions.

12- “..a train line is being considered between Amman and Queen Alia Airport.”: Ohoo! This still a far away project, as it'll gonna be the 3rd extension of Amman-Zarqa Train project, the 2nd extension is from Mahata (the Train station) to Sweileh, and yet the 3rd is the Mahata – Airport, I guess this wont be accomplished even before opening the yet to be built new terminal at QAIA.

& finally, Yes, We need more, and way a lot of work to do, but we “as people” demanding those stuff, need also to know, or rather get interested to know, where are we now! Don't forget that many voices comparing our public transportation with the european system assign drivers to serve their childern's movements! That is of course in case they don't have more than 3 cars! It's also the matter of mentalities and fixations.

Anyway, glad you got in a bus ahmad, and had the joy to find a lil Jordan inside the urban bus, nothing beats taking the urban buses, you get to see and know all sort of people, with different interests, cultures and mentalities.

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19 March, 2006

iSystem – Apple Center on the Air... Play Vs. Sawt El-Ghad

During the last couple of weekends, live radio broadcasting shows had been transmitted from the iSystem Apple Center in Sweifieh, This Friday for an hour and 45 mins on Play 99.6, broadcasted in english and hosted by Dj Lee, and the saturday before for an hour and 20 minutes on Sawt El-Ghad, broadcasted in arabic and hosted by Jessy.

I wanted to post about sawt Al-ghads broadcasting last week but i had to do anything but this, but now with Play's broadcasting, I have a reason to post about it!

Again, The English spoken radio industry in Jordan shows how much its in front of the Arabic spoken radio stations, not only local ones but nation wide ones!

Starting with Sawt El-Ghad's broadcasting, they started later than scheduled, at 8 PM instead of 7 PM as promoted by them, and broadcasted for more than the promised one hour.
The quality wasn't that good, and the cooperation between the station's team at location,including the radio announcer: Jessy, and the studio based team was obviously bad, and Jessy sort of showed it off explicitly saying each and every while that the broadcasting will get back to the studio in order to hear a song, not to forget the sound gaps when transitions between the songs and the on location broadcasting were made. While on the other hand Play's transmission was better, and I know what instruments they use for out-door transmission anyway ;) Lee was managing smooth transitions between his on location transmission and the songs being played on air, without blank gaps, and with smooth vocal linking mentioning the songs to be played next on the play list and the ones played before getting back to air. Showing it like Lee was playing the music from location directly.

Not to forget that Sawt el ghad had Mic Echo problems several times during the transmission, I dunno how the people in the store rested that noise from the big speakers!

Sawt El-Ghads transmission was full of wrong information about the products, those faults were done within Jessy's discussions with the people, mentioning few are her claims that the nano iPod is bigger saying “el nano beji akbar zai ma intoo shaifeen”, and when urging a kid's father to buy his sun the game his son was playing on an Apple Power G5, forgetting that a MAC is not a PC! And repeating the MAC-PC confusions several times when claiming that people can visit the store in order to upgrade their existing PCs at home!

Play's Lee was well informed about Apple and its products, presenting them in a really professional way like if he was a sales man at the store. Also to mention is that Jessy was always asking assistance from the stores sales personnel on the air, but still, repeating mistakes.

The Music aired by Sawt El-Ghad wasn't that suitable for the event, especially that the show's music is aired for the public at the store, from the 5 songs they played during the transmission, a song was an Eminem song with Explicit lyrics! Remember,its in public and by sawt El-Ghad!

Play's music was in the scope of it's music list, but with avoiding even the cleaned rap and hiphop songs, the show had more music than talk.

Despite the fact that Play's show had more music than talk, but it gave a greater number of opportunities for the people at the store to participate in the contest, that is since Lee was asking direct questions and accepting direct rapid answers, with a question/person, with the right answers put all together in a final draw.
Jessy's way was by asking, or rather negotiating a number of 4 different questions with each and every person, spending quite a boring time with the same person repeating the questions and answers (yeah there were 4 choices for each question, the Jordanian way) and not to forget Jessy's use of French along her Lebanese accent confusing the participators even more!

Fortunately, no surprising "Ohhs!" with "Nice Butts" occurred during Play's transmission ;)

I wonder when will those Arabic speaking Radio stations learn how to do their stuff professionally, even from their local English speaking colleague stations! Not to forget that most of the non governmental operated radio stations in the arab world are pan-arab radio stations and not local ones if you take the spreading factor into consideration (that is since the number of private radio stations in Lebanon it self exceeds the number of pan-arab radio stations)!
Noting that the local english speaking radio stations in the arab world (either state owned or private) are even better than arabic service provided by foreign state radios like the US operated Sawa, or the French operated RMC.

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15 March, 2006

How to Start a Very-Low-Power FM Station to Serve your Immediate Neighborhood

Out of 1000s of Text Files, and while cleaning out my PC a lil bit, I came around this one.. And since I'm a radio guy, I'm Sharing it with you :)

based on information published in the Alternative Radio Handbook ($8 from R. K. Harrison, Box 547014, Orlando FL 32854) and in the forthcoming Free Radio Handbook, Volume 2.

For starters, a little knowledge of electronics wouldn't hurt. You'll also need audio sources such as microphones, tape decks, CD players etc., and a low-cost audio mixer, such as Radio Shack #32-1100.

Next, obtain the stereo transmitter kit (catalog # FM-10) from Ramsey Electronics, 793 Canning Parkway, Victor NY 14564. Their phone number is 716-924-4560. As of late 1990, the price of the kit was $29.95 plus $2 shipping and handling.

Similar kits are advertised by DC Electronics, P O Box 3203, Scottsdale AZ 85271, and WJD Electronics, RD#2 Box 80A, Middleburg PA 17842.

The Ramsey FM-10 is a straight-forward stereo FM transmitter kit that comes with a very clear set of instructions and all necessary parts (except for an enclosure and a 9V battery). It is designed around a BA-1404 integrated circuit. When assembled according to instructions, it complies with FCC Part 15 rules which allow unlicensed, low-power broadcasting on a non-
interfering basis. The rules are explained very clearly in the manual. Realistic expectations for this kit are discussed later in this file.

Several experimenters have assembled FM-10's and have come up with the following modifications to improve its performance.

(1) Increase the value of R1 and R4 to 10K if you experience a problem with over-modulation. A value of 10K provides a better match to most mixers, CD players, and other household-type audio sources.

(2) Resistors R3 and R6 govern the pre-emphasis curve. It is suggested that replacing them with 75K resistors (available from such sources as Mouser Electronics) would more closely match the pre-emphasis curve used in the USA, thus providing even better sound quality. 68K resistors (avaiable from Radio Shack) would suffice if 75K resistors are not available to you.

(3) Frequency drift is often experienced with the FM-10 and is partly caused by the low quality of cermaic disc capacitor C16. Replace C16 with a silver-mica capacitor of the same value, or a temperature-compensated disc capacitor rated from N150 to N750.

(4) Any change in the power supply will also cause frequency drift. Use of a filtered and regulated power supply is recommended. DC Electronics sells a reasonably-priced variable-voltage power supply kit. A 12-Volt supply will work okay and will produce a stronger output signal than a 9-Volt battery.

(5) Insert an RF choke in the positive power supply lead. Any value from 3.3 microhenry to 1 millihenry can be used.

(6) A home-made dipole antenna will provide better results than the built-in telescoping whip antenna. If you won't be using the whip, remove C21 (the capacitor which feeds RF to the whip).

The output stage of the FM-10 matches the impedance of either 50-ohm or 75-ohm coaxial cable, which is why it works well with a half-wave dipole. To use this kit with a commercially manufactured outdoor TV/FM antenna, it might be necessary to construct a 4-to-1 matching transformer, as described in the ARRL Antenna Handbook or the Alternative Radio Handbook.

For best results your transmitting antenna should be outdoors and should be at least as high as the rooftops in your neighborhood.

(7) It is often difficult to get the stereo subcarrier to work properly. One way to deal with this is to replace C7 with a 100 pF capacitor, and replace C8 with a 6 to 50 pF trimmer cap (Radio Shack # 272-1340). The RS trimmer won't fit the holes in the PC board; cut the leads off a spare resistor and solder them onto the legs of the trimmer to mount it on the component side of the PC board.

(8) The power output can be increased by reducing the resistance of R9 to 180 or even 150 ohms. Two warnings are in order if you make this modifi-cation: a) it might violate the power limit established by FCC Part 15 rules, depending on what kind of antenna you're using, and b) feel
transistor Q1 occasionally to make sure it doesn't overheat; if it gets scorchingly hot it will burn out (croak). Experience indicates that it is working near maximum efficiency when it is just a few degrees warmer than room temperature. This transisitor has a "maximum device dissipation" of 600 mW, so don't expect to get more than half a Watt of RF out of it (best case scenario).

(9) For the advanced experimenter: Try replacing R8 with a 1K trim-pot and carefully adjust for the best balance between output power and sound quality. If you find that beefing up the power supply makes it harder to get the stereo subcarrier to work, try increasing the resistance of R12
to 1 Megohm, 10 Megohms, or even remove R12 altogether. If you have a VHF field strength meter and lots of patience, you can experiment with using different values for C13; see what capacitance provides the best match to your particular antenna.

realistic expectations:

The sound quality of the FM-10 is great, considering that it only costs $30, and overall the kit is a much better value than the transmitter kits currently available from Panaxis.

As mentioned in the manual, the signal from an unmodified FM-10 (or any FM transmitter that complies with FCC Part 15 rules) can be heard with a good receiver at a 1200-foot radius, assuming there are no obstructions between transmitting and receiving antennas. High quality stereo reception with a reasonable signal-to-noise ratio will be limited to a smaller
area, depending on the quality of the receiver and its antenna.

Although it's easy to increase the range of the FM-10, for example by connecting it to a directional "Yagi" antenna that provides some "gain", such a modification can easily violate the FCC's rules. If your broadcasts cause any kind of interference, or attract attention from the wrong people, it is likely that you will eventually be inspected by FCC agents. Rule-
breakers are usually given a fine ranging from $750 to $1000 on their first offense.

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12 March, 2006

Tag Me Baby One More Time!

Tagged By Firas without understanding why calling me "the full nasim" :P here's my tag tag taggie ;)
Disclaimer: Those answers were written as i knew i am tagged on Thursday the 9th of March 2006 at 3 PM, but not posted until now cause of some mind jam circumstances.

This Tag is sponsored by TAGI (also comes in TAGO, TAGITI, INTAGI, TAGORG and many others ;) ...! no, they didnt pay me for the ad, I just wanted to promote them,do you in any case mind?! TAG YOU THEN;)

* Q: Who’s the 4th person on your received call list?
* A: Partner in crime "EHAB"
* Q: What’s your main ringtone on your phone?
* A: I usually keep it silent, but when it isn't, it's on a polyphonic tone called "Classic 1" on my Chinese Siemens A52
* Q: What were you doing at midnight last night?
* A: Building a Multi Dimensional Database, a Snow-Flake. that is instead of logging off, I work 6:10- 23:59 , but sometime I forget to log off my day.
* A: "Thanx, I hate t wen im sik"
* Q: Whose bed did you sleep in last night?
* A: Mine
* Q: What color shirt are you wearing?
* A: Blue,it's Real Madrid's.
* Q: Most recent movie that you watched?
* A: Jordanian short film - Liffi Liffi.
* Q: Name 3 things that you have on you at all times?
* A: Mobile, Flash Memory, wallet.
* Q: What’s the color of your bedsheets?
* A: Coral Pink ;)
* Q: How much cash do you have on you right now?
* A: 8.63JD and I have nothing left in bank.
* Q: What is your favorite part of the chicken?
* A: Inspired by Jad Madi I say: Chicken or chicks? :D
* Q: What’s your favorite town/city?
* A: Amman
* Q: I can’t wait to (till)…?
* A: BiSCA is completed!
* Q: When was the last time you saw your mom?
* A: 12 minutes past midnight last night!
* Q: When was the last time you saw your dad?
* A: 7:31 AM This morning
* Q: When was the last time you talked to them?
* A: This morning(assuming that a phone call is a mean of talk!)
* Q: What did you have for dinner last night?
* A: a Home Made Cinnamon.
* Q: How long have you been at your current job?
* A: In case you consider being a student is my current Job, then its 3.5 years.
* Q: Look to your left. What’s there?
* Q: Who is the last person you spent over $50 on?
* A: My Mum, I didnt really spend them on her, I had to send her money when she was abroad,so...
* Q: Whats the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone?
* A: Never borrowed any piece of clothing from anyone ever!
* Q: What website(s) do you visit the most during the day?
* A: JordanPlanet + My GMAIL = equally!
* Q: Do you have an air freshener in your car?
* A: I dont have a car, its the family's car, And I bought this "Amazing and Cool" air freshener from romania, and my felled it up with some cheap alcoholic perfume that he got from a colleague!
* Q: Do you have plants in your room?
* A: Hmm, oh my god, I DONT!
* Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?
* A: Thank God No.
* Q: What city was your last taxi cab ride in?
* A: Jerash, I guess!
* Q: Do you own a camera phone?
* A: NO, Cameras are cameras and phones are phones... ba3den i used to piss those fastlink employees (when i was a sub of their company) by going to their place with a 1998 SAMSUNG phone that has an expendable antenna, becoming 28 CMs long ;) shoo dakhall ahelhom what mobile phone i have!
* Q: What’s your favorite starbucks drink?
* A: I’m boycotting Coffee in general and I dont even know how it tastes...and Starbucks in particular for being the most stupid coffee place I've seen, It's a microsoftish place after all, Gahoet El 3am Java Roxxx!
* Q: Recent time you were really upset?
* A: I cant remember.. Thus, it isn't within the last 24 Hrs
* Q: Have you been in love with anyone?
* A: I'm always in love, I love Amman, I love Jordan, I love Aqaba, I love Istanbul, I love Piatra Neamt (thats my home city in romania), I love Java, I love Technology, I love Google, I love FireFox, I love .... WAIT, YOU said "ONE", Not THING?? WATCH OUT CAUSE I MIGHT LOVE YOU ;) I love everything that I perform,care,do,or deal with in this life, Dont expect me to care,deal with you,nor perform anything for you unless I'm IN LOVE WITH YOU:) and like once Bjork sang (All is FULL of Love).

In case you are reading this, im sorry to tell you that you assumed the risk to be tagged, because if you didnt understand the code laying behind, then be sure you are tagged!

If ( you.partOf(JordanPlanet.toString()) {
you.tag(false,"you have been tagged for sure before");
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else if ( you.know(blog) == true && you.have(blog)== false) {
you.tag(true,"you can comment your answers on this post ;)");
else if ( you.know ("blog" == false) {
you.tag(false,"learn more about Web 2.0 then pass by here!");

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07 March, 2006

When You get a phonecall from a 0900 Nr at 3 AM!

a couple of nights before, a night that i've spent up late working for finalizing my Graduation Projects Analysis phase deliverable report that I had to yesterday, when I woke at 6 AM as usual, I found a missed call on my mobile! Just when my mum woke and told me that the phone rang around 3 AM!
The Number: 090099330!
DAMN THOSE 0900 Numbers!
A bunch of those 0900 Numbers (extra paid numbers) for those who don't know, call people to promote for there services, I got some calls from such numbers in the past years or so, on both my old Fastlink Number and my Current Umniah Number, all of which were promoting for service related to “Getting to know your other half”, “Getting to know new people and create relationships”, and “There's no more reason to get board with our services”....!



Anyway, Calling Umniah's customer service the next morning at 7, the helpful guy out there “Sleepy but helpful” traced the number and told me that it's licensed for a TV channel called “ZAWAJ” or marriage!



Now talking about erotica, For real, those 0900 friendship lines and their promos are nothing but a bratty way to fool some closed minded youth and steal their money, is it a mafia going around in the arab world with those numbers and TV channels just like the mentioned above!? It's a bratty way despite the terminology used is polite in comparison with “truly erotica”!

I don't know why, but I feel that “Dirty Erotica” is spreading here in Jordan within the last couple of years, gradually rising during the year 2005, give it a look and think about it: all these 0900 “relationship builder” lines with their Ads in freely distributed ads newspapers, all those Ads around about Message Centers “that makes you relax” in newspapers and their flyers and cards spread on parked cars, all those Cheap Night Clubs and discotheques with lights outside more than inside and a bunch of Philippinos and Chinese women with extra make up standing in their entries... Yeah, Really, I'm not really liking the fact of all those hidden “prostitute-a-like” import women spinning around amman! It's feeling like a Bangkok here in amman with them......

Forget about Firas's observations for porn VCDs downtown cause those exist in there since ages, “Jora Mall” was even known for those stuff since the days of bad quality video tapes, not to forget some hidden downtown Cinemas that DO SHOW porn on their big screens.

Neh, I'm not really liking it, I don't want my Amman to be a Bangkok, though I'm feeling nowadays that I'm in a small Bangkok in Amman with all those stuff around..... Would someone wake up and bring some else's attention to it! I'd rather be in a European erotically exposed and legally controlled city than Bangkok!

And for God's sake 0900 lines, if you read this and get convinced that I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR “Bangkok” then please DO NOT CALL ME! I have a project to work out !@?#$%^*!$#$%~$%$^^$%^^#$+=&^$#(

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06 March, 2006

Tag Tag Taggieh!

The Other day being on Technorati, I figured out that I've been tagged by Amino (Early, Right!)!

So here is my Tag Tag Taggie;)

Five Facts about me

1. I was dreaming to be a bus driver when i was a kid, and i'm aiming to get deep into Transport Intelligence when i'm Big ;) well this is one of multiple future plans !
2. I weight 100 +/- 10 kgs, depending on my mood!!!!!!!!!!!
3. My Life is built on love! yeah! I love my PC and RAMs even! I cant stand anything i dont love
4. I never ever lied to anybody but my parents! My Lies were all with the mession of preventing my parents from thinking about my worries, their are more than enough, i have always wanted to make them feel better in the remaining days they have in this life!
5. I Dont drink coffee, & sleep less than 6 hours a day! actually I dont drink anything but water mostly, Mountain Due is a drink that i use to fresh up from time to time, It's our faculty's moto ;)

Three things i like about others

1. Clearity and Honesty, both merged inside out!
2. Quality, both in doing things and dealing with others.
3. Thoughts! I like people who make that effort to THINK , Compile THOUGHTS, and Show them Up!

Three things i hate about others

1. Cheating
2. "Carelessity"!
3. Not Appreciating Life and god's willing!

People to tag...! hehe, I guess I'm the last person to resolve this tag in the circle of 500 light years from here ;)

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05 March, 2006

Jordan Planet Down!!!

Actually its empty rather than down!!!

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02 March, 2006

Martsishor, Celebrating Spring and Women in Romania

It's the 1st of March, and in many cultures and civilizations, those past ones and many still-existing ones, this day was meant to represent the beginning of Spring, and the bloom of a new life for a new year.

In the Romanian tradition, from which i inherit half of my blood and soul, the 1st of March is the “Martsishor” day, the day of celebrating Spring and Women.

In the Martsishor day, (originally from “Martie”, that is, March in english. Hence, Martsishor explicitly means in English “Lil' March”), Women are rewarded with flowers and “Martsishors” for being the symbol of beauty and bloom of this life, celebrating their spring blush for a new beginning.

Martsishors, the things that women are rewarded with in this day, are small funky handmade badges, that men give to the women that he loves and and respect. Those badges consist mainly of Red and White fabrics and filaments (Yeah, The Dacia nation figured the beauty of Red and White together before you Roba ;) along with different sorts of small stuff!!!

Doing a small Photo googling, those pictures might help you more realize what a Martsishor is.

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FASTLINK, Enough is ENOUGH! (Part #2)

Today, being in a “White Taxi Service”, where the driver was tuned to Fann FM, I heard this new Fastlink Adv for their Post-Paid lines (Keep Close), of course, and obviously, this ad was targeted for the prepaid Fastlink subscribers mass, which i was one of (and still in fastlink's counters of 2 million subscribers though My Fastlink Mobile is turned off and abandoned) , until My last summer's switch.

So, getting back to the ad, it was all about switching to post paid as simple as CALLING 1234 AND PRESSING ON NUMBER 1 THEN 6!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!
Yup, Remembering my last January's annoying story with Fastlink's Customer Care service and listening to this Ad brought to my mind the wonder of wonder, how do they dare to promote a service that is not working “Practically” for, i guess it's not all but the very most of Fastlink's subscribers! I'm saying not all cause i bet those heavy Keep Close 1000++ customers, the lines of Fastlink executives, and those governmental Fastlink lines are gaining what the claimed 2 million subscribers – 200+- 50 are Not!!!!

For the sake of being fair, I just opened my Fastlink line after i got home and started pinging the Customer Care service until this very moment I'm writing this post, and still with the same old results for all the tens of made calls to 1234, between which by the way, other tens that were failing calls with the NETWORK BUSY BEEP!
Ah, and by the way, there's an improvement in the time waiting until they cut your line after pressing Nr 6!
Last January, the computerize system indicate to wait in order to be transferred to an operator, after which was indicating that the phone call is recorded for quality assurance purposes, then reclaiming that you'd be transferred to the operator, after which you where told that your request wont be taken and cut off. While now, you would be indicated to wait in order to be transferred then told that your request wont be taken and cut off directly, without even being taken into the quality assurance fake thingy, Cool! It's not wasting my battery like before!

How can a service provider be such an ignorant for his customers right?!
How can a service provider be such an ignorant for his customers?!
How can a service provider be such a lier for his services?!
How can a service provider be promote his dumbness and weakest feature on the mass-media?!
How can a service provider be a FAST LINK when it's working with a PAST THINK!

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