24 January, 2006

The British way of Play's "Oh, it's a nice butt!"

Last night, while studying and surfing my PC (I have too many un organized stuff on My PC since I was extensively using my PC in the past 4 months or so for Work and nothing but work, so the only Organized thing was my Work on focus,,, too many files are missing or in different new locations since then, and being My Finals Period, I'm having the chance to bring back everything on the right track in this PC,,, aren't finals just the best opportunity to do anything but study ;) el mohem, malna o tolet el solafeh!)

anyway, Now my Radio was on Play 99.6 when their freshest British DJ "DANY" had the "Century Cinemas Guide": listing the movies now showing he pronounced the Arabic movie "LAYLAT SUQOUT BAGHDAD" like that: (LAYLA SUQ AT BEG DAD)!!!!! ((I wouldnt have known what he said if i didnt know that Century are having this Movie ON actually!)) Now I guess This is more Embarrassing than a Poor guy being happy while winning and getting surprised for having "Oh, It's a nice butt"!!!!

Now both incidents related to a Jordanian Radio Station (That is Play), both were recorded (none were broadcasted life, since this cinema guide is a recorded promo played on each and every hour), why is it that Hasan Ahmad's "ice BOD" is concedered an embarrassment, and is dealed in such away, while Dany's "LAYLA in the SUQ" is let on the air, no body making fun of it , and no body caring about the mistake, despite the fact that Dany is in a profession, while Hasan was just an excited listener, or rather winner.
why is it that Hasan Ahmad needs to repeat what he is saying 10s of times in order for his skit to be appropriate to be aired, while Dany might have repeated it a couple of time but, well, who gives a damn, it will get it on the air anyway.......

Now whose situation is more embarrassing for a Local radio station, a Local excited winner, that was asked to make a certain "ACT OF WINNING" in order for the Promo to be "Attractive", making his "Way of desired acting" combined with his Limited English Language skills Funny for Dj Lee and later to the people that got their hand to the full recording (JUST LIKE ME AND YOU DEAR READER).... or a DJ OF PROFESSION working in a JORDANIAN radio Station, broadcasting FROM JORDAN, FOR JORDANIANS INSIDE JORDAN, that couldn't really make up a couple of minutes of effort to practice and read that arabic phrase before recording the promo he will air it in ?!!!!!??

That was Just a Question!

and by the way, couldnt Lee just give the price for Hasan Ahmad where he would say Just: "Oh, It's Nice, Thank You!" and Lee to complete it with : "And remember you can still when more iPODs if you have you car sticker on" ?!!!! It would have been simpler since it's not Hasan Ahmed's fault neither for not really being a good english speaker, nor for him being a winner!


Basem said...

Well spotted screaming contrast and excellent analogy & comparison Nasim.

not that I’ll ever tune to such station when I’m back home, however I’ll be interested to know what sort of station directives behind the persuasiveness of the latter DJ to push the poor winner to pronounce an English sentence properly, while they have no problem littering the airwaves with poorly pronounced Arabic title(s)!

jameed said...

it is a complex of inferiority that we have to have in jordan, more so in west Amman. heck, i have even heard people pronounce "al qa3ida" as "al qaidah" not to be off tune with the mainstream media way of pronouncing it.

"oh wow! this is from America?" is a reaction that you may get even when you brag about something made in china that you bought for 99 cents at the local gas station.

good post

Hamzeh N. said...

Well Hassan's pronunciation of iPod was simply funny. You're talking about an average Jordanian on the street who happened not to have that good of English.

The DJ's inability to pronounce the Arabic name of an Arabic movie being screened in the theatres of the Arabic country in which his station broadcasts, now that's just sad!

That radio station is just annoying. Just like any other pop music radio station in the US is annoying with those stupid sound effects they use in their self-promoting commercials. Why the hell are you promoting yourself on your own radio station? I'm already f*cking listening to your stupid station, go annoy the hick out of those who aren't tuned in for God's sake!!

salam said...

you know,also on play or beat I don't know they were speaking about something maybe a shop or so I don't remember and the dj said it's in (KA-HAIIR-AAAAA)STREET,WHICH 5 MOINUTES LATER i realized was kahira,cairo!

nasimjo© said...

thanx for your comments everyone:
Jameed: that's damn true! I dunno what's it with those people, ok,,, there always have been an american dream in the jordanian mind, but ,, ZAWADOOHA!

Hamzeh: heh, well those jingles and skits are useful to make you know on what station u r tuned to ,, espicially on pop stations that dont have "People to talk" ;)

Salam: Yeah I've heard it, it was on play(BEAT is dumb and silent my dear! they are shy to talk!) ,,, like any1 would know that Cairo street in amman! he simply could say WAKALAT (it was simpler for him even!).. the street's name changed lately, and again the same DJ insisted on calling it SALAHEM AL QOUAIDA! (it's salem ALGDAH street) ;)
but still, we are taking into consideration that this was live at least!

Anonymous said...

Not really, you are paranoid dude ! u need mental help, i bet you are such a loser and it always feels good when you can hide behind a computer screen looking all wise ;) ha ?

nasimjo© said...

anonymous, please do explain any expressions you post, espicially if you dont know the individual u r expressing about...
as for me, i dont hide behind any computer screens, im open to the community and any personnel can reach me, Im a free source head after all!
So please keep your bet for your self, your point of view is welcomed though, but without bets and low level thoughts please!