10 January, 2006

Will Fedora Core 6 be in STEREO!

Just fresh out of the oven:
Fedora Core 5 is to include Mono (what's Mono? Click Here)

Posted by CmdrTaco on Tuesday January 10,
@08:29AMfrom the fedora-core-six-will-be-in-stereo dept.

cyberjessy writes "Surprise! The Fedora Core 5 Release will include Mono in the distribution, in spite of Red Hat's opposition. In addition to the Mono runtime, it will also include Mono applications like Beagle and F-Spot. Is the Linux community finally ready to accept Mono? Mono is becoming increasing important due to Windows Vista, which has WinFX (the next .Net Framework) as its core API. This will mean that in future, all native Windows applications will easily run on Linux, with Mono. Will Mono achieve what WINE could not?"

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