07 January, 2006

Graduation Projects at HUIT (Draft 2)

Are we a geeky group or what!!
for real!
2002 group roxx baby (ok ok, 2001 guys where performant as well).

Here's the 2nd Graduation Projects Draft for next Semester (my Graduation Semester) in the Faculty of IT - The Hashemite University:
(Again this is still the 1st draft, til next Feb changes may occur)

- Bus Scheduling and Control for the City of Amman: RESERVED
=== Oh Baby, that's a lot of work to do!

- Mini Operating System:
=== The problem is the Dr supervising this project, he knows nothing in Operating Systems, I think he doesnt know 1 single command on UNIX, no wonder if he'll make the students develop it using Microsoft.NET!

- Case Tool: UML Editor:
=== Too many things to do, to lil time to do what you may think of!

- Sign Language Recognition
=== Oh Dear ME!

- Reverse Engineering Tool:
=== Too many things to do, to lil time to do what you may think of!

- Automatic Web Builder
=== Too many things to do, to lil time to do what you may think of!

- Communication Company Support System: RESERVED
=== is it just another usual Database system?! I really hope not!

- Syntax Analyzer for Arabic Language: RESERVED
=== This project is on the list for 3 years now, finally it's has been reserved

- Car Service Center: RESERVED
=== This an ERP-like system, but , do the group of students doing it know what is ERP ?!

- Web-based interactive english language learning for disabled people
=== Why not!

- Pattern Based Stemmer for Tertiary Arabic Roots
=== Weired Idea with loads of work to do!

- Query Expansion to enhance IS retrieval
=== Any body looking forward to work at Sybase or oracle!?

- e-Business System
=== General definition for something that might be very complex!

- Airport Reservation System: RESERVED
=== Is it a reservation for passengers!? it reads like its for planes!

- 3D Game
=== GTA Zarqa!

- Arabic Text Compression:
=== Viva la Huffman!

- Implementing a Messenger:
=== !!!!!!!! I did it in 4 hours with RSA encryption!

- Bi-language web based dictionary (Arabic - English - Arabic)
=== Data Entry blonds needed!

- Java E-Learning Tool: RESERVED
=== I wanted to do such a thing by my own one day!

- WAP e-Service Portal: RESERVED
=== switching to M-Commerce

-Poiny Of Sale (POS) System: RESERVED
=== kinda usual

- Website for a modeling agency: RESERVED
=== WHAT THE HELL!!!!! I guess the girl misguided the faculty.

- Website for the faculty of IT:
=== Bla Bla Bla!!

- Student Data Minor:
=== The art of arts!

- Web - Based Jordan Road navigation system:
=== Oh baby.

- Computer System for a Daycare courses:
=== HCI Power !!!

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