01 January, 2006

On Campus #1 (Last Xmas)

As a Part of my plans during 2006 and My Last Semester on Campus. I decided to describe those 4 years On My Blog using Pictures!

I'll be posting pictures from my PC based Photo Album. The photos will be choosen to make a General View of seens and sights I have witnessed during my 4 Years at HU.

Mainly Some changes in my blog will occur as ill have time for it. some major changes might occur on my Radio Guide Page later this year so watch out!

Anyway, Starting off with this photo I took Last Xmas on the 24th of Dec.... I dunno the individual, just took a snap :P


Tololy said...

I have been having the same idea, about visually-blogging my years on campus. You beat me to it, looking forward to reading some more.

nasimjo© said...

Just Do it Then!!!
i'll be looking forward to seeing yours, Nice re-design BTW ;)