31 December, 2005

My Last Registration Process

Yes, and Finally I have registered my Last Semister.
The registration process of 12 hours took 8 Minutes on Peak period (I.E: My Registration started at 12:30 and I My registration lasted from 12:30 til 12:38).

My Friend Diana had 15 Hours registered within 2.5 Minutes in Off Peak period (Her Registration started at 8:30 AM but she came to register at 12:10 PM).

I actually got my last e-registration process on my Digi cam with the help of a colleague, but I have no place to put it on the web since it's about 30MB large!

Anyway, just to keep you in the environment, The Registration system at HU is an Oracle Forms 6i system, you can register through it from all the internet Labs around the University. The System got furtherly used for Exam Timetables, Fees details, Student Information and Student Grades and GPA reports.

The System was actually created by Students as their graduation project in 2003 and adopted by the Computer Center at the university ending the era of Paper based registration.

Problem?! Of course, excluding the fact that the DBMS is on Windows Server though there are 7 Unix Servers at the Computer Center. There's the problem of extensive use by the students their selves! All happens when a couple of creative guys (we call some females guys too!) have some section closed in their face, and they really do want that section because their mates are in it. Here comes the art of (EL SHELEN!)

YATEM WAD3 EL SHELEN BEL YAD AL YOMNA WA LAISA EL YOSRA BEN EL “shift button” WA AL “Enter” until the section opens up!
Usually the section never opens up and the server gets restarted a couple of times after extinsive phonecalls done by the Lab Administrators!

You can see from my description at the beginning of the post that during Peak hours the delay of process is much bigger, I didnt mention that the “SHELEN” process have caused a problem around 1:10 and lasted for not less than 35 Minutes until the whole thing got up running again.

In short, HELL to UJ's COBOL (AKA SLOBOL) cause Oracle Roxx Man!!! I guess the need to install (SHELEN) detectors at the entrance of the labs at HU though ;)

25 December, 2005

My 1st Personal Post!

Yes actually I figured out this is my 1st "Personal" Post on my Personal Blog! anyway...!
here it goes...

It Xmas, It's raining, It's lovely ... but!
It's the hardest Xmas i go through in my life,
I'm Home Alone, stuffed with several Projects passing in the most critical parts of it..
Xmas Tree is not on that table anymore, the table is full of pins and papers,
Xmas spirit and smell is not in the air inside this house..

My Mum ( the one who give's Xmas the needed spirit in the house ) is a side my Grandma all the way in romania who is in her last days of cancer,

We are all having this Sad spirit for what's happening there with my Grandma..

The house is cold this Xmas, it's really too cold.
Xmas launch will be cooked by me this year, using the best frozen products in town!!!!!
It will be right out of the oven, but not smelly nor fresh as it have been always,
nothing is red even this year around and about, maybe just what i have been wearing during the JP meeting.

I've open my eye's this morning with Dj Tamer Batine's voice on the morning madness show on 96.3 FM making fun of kids and saying : "Where's my present, where's my present?!"

I smiled ironically on his funny clip and looked at the mess around me in my bed room..
It's a cold cold Xmas.....

May God bring you a better Jolly Merry Xmas than mine.

24 December, 2005

My 1st JordanPlanet Meeting

And Finally a friday meeting, giving me the chance to attend ;)
Unfortunatelly I'm passing through critical moments and i couldnt attend for more than an hour and a half. I really wanted to stay til the very last moments when the table gets small and discussions get more oriented.

Next Time hopefully I will.
Canvas was "As Always" Great, I really do want to attend another meeting at that place, hopefully on a longer table ;)

Last nights meeting was a unique one having "representatives" from many Giant Jordanian Web Companies: Jeeran.com , Maktoob.com, Albawaba.com....

Yet, nothing seemed that technological in the conversations generally, despite half of the attendancies were Tech-related in a way or another (even Silicon Valley was in there ;).

It was a nice meeting as far as I was there, esp being my 1st....
I felt that feeling Roba talked about in after her 1st ever meeting: to meet people you know many things about, even how do they look like, but never meeting them face to face (ok, I've met some of those who were there before once or twice, but Well)

a funny thing is that i brought my Cam with me but forgot all about it!
hehe... in case u dont know, i have a fundemental thought in my deep mind that says: "Hell to photos, nothing beats being there: Seeing it, Feeling it & living deep inside of it".. i guess no cams would have described My Feeling being there last night.

Besides, Pictures took there werent that clear, U can view some on Roba's and Khaleda's Blogs.
(I didnt appear in any picture so far, My Arm just appeared in a photo by Roba, just beside Jad wearing Red "Heh, maybe my only demonstration for Xmas this year, since i wont be really celebrating it :/ ").
Seems that Everyone found yesterdays meeting kind of different from the previous ones (as far as it was described by them)..... I dunno, was it the place!? was it the very nice rainy weather outside and the warmness inside our souls for this meet up!?

I Loved yesterdays meeting rather than liking it actually, I'm keeping my fingures crossed for another Friday Meeting, one that i will stay til late discussing as many things as may come up to my mind.

Thanx JordanPlanet for being Jordan's Blogger seen in front of the whole wide world
Was it the place, was

21 December, 2005

Im Not Deaf ... Im Just Ignoring You!

This is exactly what was written on the back of this pick-up parking in the opposite street the other night!!!

I dunno how some people have the mentality to even be proud of them being DUMB!

Bine ati Venit Domnule Presedinte!

An amzing unique extra about the romanian economy and jordanian - romanian economical relations was included in yesterdays Al-Ghad newspaper in the occasion of the Romanian President's Visit to Jordan.

the pages were sponsored by a Jordanian Inv group investing in Romania actually.

it's funny that everyone around me yesterday was hearing "My King is meeting My President today!" from me ;)

by the way, I voted to Mr Basescu in the latest Romanian elections ;)

18 December, 2005

The International Children's Day of Broadcasting on Jordan FM

Last Friday, the 16th of December, over 25 Jordanian children from different ages, schools and background had the chance to go on the airwaves and get hilarious!

Radio Jordan 96.3 FM has offered the children free airwaves for 3 Full Hours, particularly the very famous and most popular show among all the English Speaking FM stations in Jordan: LC “Listeners' Choice”.

As each and every year, The Children had the MICs, The Mixers, the DJ-ing (ok, they screwed it up a lil bit, but well!), phone operations, and even presented a couple of News summaries and a main news bulletin.

From Activities and community work some of them have experienced locally and internationally, to issue related to violence and discrimination against children, to the role the media here in Jordan is interested in giving them freedom of expression, up to playing and speaking about all sorts of music, Harry Potter's latest movie, and finally to singing Xmas songs live on the air. The 3 hours were (as far as i mentioned as a listener) a complete vision of what do children want from Media.

Why isn't there any Media support for them?! Cant a local newspaper consisting of 90 pages offer a page for children, edited and left completely under children's control!
Cant the media corporation/companies understand that the media content oriented to children but control by elderly people is NOT what children want, neither what satisfies them!
Cant those Friday Children Page editors in Alrai and aldustour news papers understand that its useless to have control under what the must give for the children to read?! At least, cant they just loose control of Half of the weekly page for the benefit of the children their selfs!?

Why can't the Jordanian Broadcasting Corporation's Arabic radio Service give control for the children to do the children's shows on the Arabic Public radio service instead of having fat guys in suits controlling it (Literally speaking with apologies!), what, arent there enough talented children in Jordan! If there wouldnt have been, there wouldnt have been this yearly based “Special Edition” of LC each and every December on LC, not forgetting the fact the children's presence wasnt only on LC, despite the fact that LC was the show assigned to them, but they usually appeared on the “Friday Special” as well, one of the shows Jordan FM was famous through during the years 1998-2004.
And why did JTV minimize the children's portion this day to 1 and only 1 hour this year? (PS: even in the past years, i never felt that JTV was giving freedom for children on this day in the programs they would have participated in)

Being in Romania a couple of weeks ago (im of a Hybrid origin in case you dont know! Half Jordanian Half Romanian), and preparing for this International Children's Day of Broadcasting, The Romanian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Romania) have launched an FM station for the children, on an independent Frequency, operated by Children their self and oriented to them and playing their favorite romanian and western music, called “Radio Issy Betsy” ! And had even a big launch event in “Bucuresti Mall”.

Isnt such a station more important to our Jordanian broadcasting corporation from a French radio station that isnt french anymore for over a couple of years now!?
Or Isnt such a project more reliable for a wealthy investor than an aimless none-stop music station that will never be able to compete or differ than my CD changer or MP3 Player!

Question let to be answered from those “Personnel” who are concerned in the questions above, and who I know that “they” read my Blog!

As For all those who participated Friday in demonstrating how creative and talented Jordanian Children are when they have the chance... Way to Go, You are an example for your peers and a motivation for them,

13 December, 2005

Jordanian Rappers expressing Nov 9th

The Last Standing poet, or LSP as the call their selves are probably the most active jordanian Rap talents on the Seen. espicially since their appearance through play 99.6's "The 5th Element" with Dj Shadia.

LSP got a new track out called "Ready", after the sad Attacks on November 9th in Amman... The track says it all, Have a listen to it HERE , or around and about in Play 99.6

28 November, 2005

Apple Mac Scientific Session @ HU

Today , Today , Today , Today, Today , Today !

The 1st ever Scientific session about Apple Mac architecture in Jordan.

today the 28th of Nov - at 12,30 PM

at The Hashemite University.


  • Ahmad Humeid, CEO of Syntax Digital Jordan (25 Years of Apple in 25 Minutes).
  • Heidelberg Jordan (Architecture and Organization overview of Apple Computers and MAC OS X)

24 November, 2005

in Response for My Review about the Jordanian FM station after Amman's Attacks

In reply to my after Amman's Attacks review about the Jordanian FM stations, This comment was in reply of it but was posted on quiet an old post by Ahmad Humeid (October 2005) assessing the Jordanian airwaves status.
As part of my Blog Policy where anyone has the right to comment as he/she wishes as far as suitable words are used, & since this comment ,for a reason that i dont know, must have been on reply to my post and was submitted somewhere else. Dear My Blog Reader you have the right to read it as well!
Here is the Comment by Nadim Attieh:

Nadim Attieh Says: November 11th, 2005
at 1:02 pm
Nasimjo… Who are you?
Most of the Radio Stations on the Ammani spectrum are … a shame? First of all, allow me to ask who are you? Apparently nothing, just looking around some topics to criticize…
I saw your blogs and you were as usual criticizing radios playing normal upbeat music on that dark day (09-11-2005) well let me ask you this. If someone of your family members has a cancer, you dress up in black and sit and cry next to him? Or
you’d do anything to cheer him up?
Mr. Nasimjo… yesterday was perhaps one of the darkest days Jordan has ever faced. The overall mood was depressing and there was darkness in the hearts of many. Everywhere a person looked there were constant reminders of the tragedy that happened. Every station on TV showed the horror and every radio station silenced it’s voice in solidarity to play classical music which is to them a sign or respect. Some of the radio stations you personally dislike decided to show their solidarity in another way… they did not dim their broadcast nor did they play classical music. Did they do this for popularity or for ratings? NO! And if you think that then you are sadly mistaken. They did this for 2 reasons:
1) To provide an ESCAPE from all the drama and sadness that was found everywhere in the past 24 hours. They did this to lift the spirits of those who were sad and upset by this nightmare. Music is known to sooth even the harshest of minds in the darkest of moments. They provided an escape from what’s happening for those who NEED it or WANT it. Even if it’s in the span of 3-5 minutes in a track. They would never do anything to disrespect our country for at the end of the day without the listeners and the fellow countrymen… what purpose do they have?
2) The Second reason they aired their upbeat music was to send a strong message that says there are some aspects of Jordanian life that will never be affected by these murderers. They may bomb and try to put us down… but they will never diminish our will to move on.
Mr. Nasimjo… With all due respect, you seem to know so much about the music industry as well as the intricate details of the radio world. With such knowledge and
data I strongly advise you to open up your own radio station and make millions.
You seem to have all the answers. Until then though please do everyone a favor and keep your comments applicable when you yourself have done something CONSTRUCTIVE in the world of FM.
Oooh! And by the way, if you’d like to discuss it, feel free to add me:

Now in reply to Mr Nadim I say:

1- My opinions are kept as mine, just like yours are yours.. this was the way i saw it, & this is my review regarding it using obvious facts not thoughts or claims.

2- My Comment that you might have replyed on in Mr Humeids Post was submitted before those attacks happened, which means there's a "Problem as i claim" already!

3- "....If someone of your family members has a cancer, you dress up in black and sit and cry next to him? Or you’d do anything to cheer him up?..." ... well, except the fact that a cancer affected human is not considered to be dead, I'm refering to the respect those stations are paying for the country and nation that were hit by those attacks.
in an ordinary day 100s of people might die in Jordan, With respect to all the families of all those affected by the attacks, I'm saying the the reaction of the radio stations is not to be targeting the family of those mainly, but the situation the country and nation is passing through.

4- of course not for rating or advs! during those days I didnt hear not even one single adv on those stations that did cope with the atmosphere. while on the other hand, Radio FANN FM had advs even through the Live transmission of the 5th-3rd Circle March!

5- What a "strong message" is that with dumb and random non stop music! Even my MP3 player had a "stronger message" regarding what happened!

6- Still wondering why you didnt post this on my Blog! Dont worry, I wont delete it! I'm a person with ethics!

21 November, 2005

Radio Guide Update: Hayat FM

Hayat FM on 104.7 FM
a new Station in Amman Greater Area
More Details Soon....!

17 November, 2005

سجناء تنظيم القاعدة في السواقة والجويدة يحتفلون بالتفجيرات الإرهابية

a news in today's Alghad Newpaper made me nervous.... Hell to Those people!

عمان - أكدت مصادر أمنية موثوقة على أن عناصر تنظيم القاعدة وتنظيمات أخرى، من المحكومين والموقوفين داخل مركزي اصلاح وتأهيل جويدة والسواقة على ذمة قضايا ارهابية "احتفلوا" بنبأ التفجيرات الإجرامية التي طالت 3 فنادق في عمان وأوقعت 58 شهيدا وأكثر من مائة جريح.

وبينت ذات المصادر ان هؤلاء السجناء ومنهم متهمون بالانتماء لتنظيم القاعدة او تنظيمات ارهابية اخرى تحمل نفس مبادئ وافكار التيار السفلي الجهادي، بدأوا "يهللون ويكبرون ويرددون اناشيد لزعيمهم ابو مصعب الزرقاوي بعد هذه التفجيرات".

15 November, 2005

Protests in HU

Unlike Other Campuses and places around jordan, along with the fact that the security forces have got the bitch and unveiled about the attacks, Peaceful protest were held in the Hashemite University, where everyone was Proud of being Jordanian and Proud of the jordanian security discovering the attackers and capturing the Bitch. Despite most of the students know at least 1 person who got hurt or passed away cause of those attacks.

Mourning announcements where everywhere, Ra2fat was one of our colleagues who have just graduated last semester, brothers and cousins of others also passed away... still, everyone was feeling stronger and proud of being Jordanian.

Those Pictures (some of which you have seen already) describe the situation last monday, The University was completely off for 4 hours , a big silent protest made by Prof and Drs also took place and ended at the Sports hall where deans and the president held speeches condemning the attacks (No Photos since i didnt prepare my self with new batteries, Sorry!).

a Slight rise in Al-Ghad's Popularity was felt that day!

14 November, 2005

My PC's Compound!

My PC's Compound mourning the innocent , its like a small closet where My PC & all its accessorries are.. this is where most of my time is spent, just wanted to share my Spirit's thoughts regarding those attacks against Jordan in a Picture and a coupla snap shots

To Jordan Planet with respect,

To Jordan Planet with respect,

Before anything, condolences to jameed and his family, I guess each and every Jordanian knows at least 1 person affected by those attacks…. At least, that’s what im observing until this moment.

Respect to All Jordan Planet’s residents for being there, representing (or even Totally representing) a group of people inside the Jordanian Community and its feelings.
From Breaking news, to updates, to demonstrations, to streets, to newspapers, to News TV stations, to Local Radio Stations, to capturing the criminals, to Students on Campus, to Poor’s reaction, to Wealthy people’s reaction, to kids reaction, to Jordanian’s reaction, to foreigner’s reaction ….. Jordan Planet was a portal gathering each and every little thing in Jordan’s community regarding those incidents.

Thanks to Roba, Isam, Natasha, and Haitham for keeping the live updates up and running on Global Voices Online.
& not forgetting the Largest Photo Pools on Flickr in 1 single event I’ve ever seen.

Roba, Its Amman My dear, It’s Amman.
Lulu, Amman is all about Light and Love since the dawn of History.
Amino, Terrorism is not any “Human’s” Opinion, some creatures aren’t! Those creatures did it,,, but….
Hareega, But … The Wont “Yomzotoo Men el Mokhabarat”, They couldn’t, they cant…. THEY WILL NEVER AS A JORDANIAN HUMAN Lives on this Jordan. Each and every Jordanian is a Mokhabarat Mr Reega Hareega.. our mokhabarat community is our power, Jordanians are jealous on their country from such creatures…. But No, WE ARE A HAREEGA NATION, WE WON THE GAME.
Mira, not arabs, not humans, but creatures, simply dumb creatures.
Linda, The Jordanian Anthem is always blowing in our hearts… always, where there’s a Jordanian blood walking on this earth.
Firas, Our sky is our Balcony, here’s the flag hanged on it.
Lina, Emotions are like Sand, with Blood and fire it turns into ROCK, Bless You.
Isam, Tech speaks out Jordan against terrorism.
Jad, Waiting for you to drop down all those servers used by Zarqawi, Let JoLug rock and roll!
Natasha, while others protested on the streets of Amman, you did on the cyberspace like no one did in the cyberspace’s history.
Mozzy, We.Are=Anti.situation(terrorism);
Ibrahim, and whats better than a vacation dedicated for the nation when it really needs it.
Oleander, when the media is dumb, we are the heroes.
Khaled and sabri, The heroes for the dumb media.
Naseem (V 1.0), who needs cable when there’s JordanPlanet, and with a political Naseem in Jordan Planet.
& with Isam Sameir, Mercy on Jordan.

Suffering from Internet Lack, I couldnt be that active on the Planet those days, always when i wanted to post about a demonstration or a news some already got it, & being against redundancy, I didnt post but ONE Post during those incidents.

I dunno, Im still out of words for what happened, But very proud of our people's react with it, proud of our country, & proud of Jordan Planet.


10 November, 2005

11/9 ,the Jordanian Version of 9/11!

Shocked By last night’s incidents....
Instead of re-writing facts of last nights event, I want to express some feelings and observations about it. Including Media and radio stations reaction.

The Jordanian police, Civil defense, Security forces, Anti-terro troupes, The Royal Engineering Armed Forces .... All respect, You have been the best.

Private Hospitals in Amman, Respect for the feelings with people and ignoring your usual costs bureaucracy and being the primary help desk for all those affected by the attacks.

Yesterday there where Ambulances from the Civil defense, Ministry of Heath, Private Hospitals ( Jordan, Amman , Islamic, Khalidi, Farah, Takhasosee, Lozmella ,& others..) Red cross, Charities, The Armed Forces .... Respect.

Respect to JTV, France Press, Al-Arabia,& Al-Jazeera. ( with the 1st 3 more than the forth!).

Respect to all the Jordanian News papers’ journalists for being everywhere, in location, in hospitals, between the affected people, with the neighbors of the locations attacked.

Respect for The Only Private Radio Station who had their people in locations, Radio Amman Net.

Talking about Radio Stations, Here’s what i got today on the Jordanian FM airwaves until 2 PM Jordan Local Time:

-Radio Jordan Broadcasting: Live Open Air Public Show, analysis, News coverage, and National Music.

-Radio Amman FM: National Music , Live Shows, News.

-Radio Jordan FM: Classic Mellow Music, News updates and coverage, Live Analysis, LIVE ONLOCATION COVERAGE FOR TODAYS DEMONSTRATIONS, Live Open Air Public Show.

-RFJ: Classic Mellow Music, News.

-Radio Fann FM: Army Music, National Music, Live Open Air Public Show, News.

-Sout Al-Ghad: National Music.

-Mood FM: Normal Oldies Music varieties.

-Radio Rotana: Normal Upbeat Arabic Music Varieties (SHAME!)

-Beat FM: Normal Western Upbeat Music Varieties (SHAME!)

-Play FM 99.6: Normal Western Upbeat Music Varieties, switched to Mellow Sessions after midday, I’ve actually sent a message to Play around 9,30 this morning criticizing them and saying: “I guess it’s obvious and official that today is a national black day. Or is it that your ‘LOVE JORDAN’ slogan is just to make people ‘LOVE PLAY’! SHAME! ”.... I dont know if others have reacted the same with Play so that they WAKED UP around midday! I wanted to send a similar Message to Beat but couldnt get a contact nr or email so far.

UPDATE [27-Nov-2005]: in a meeting with Mr Zafer Younis - General Manager at Play 99.6; Mr Zafer Explained that the upbeat music on the morning of the 10th of Nov was computer controlled, no body was available at the station to stop it & the whole area where the station is located (That is: opposite to Le Meridian Hotel in Shmeisani) was closed by the security forces, being as well at an area leading to Radisson & Hayatt hotels that where hit by the terrorist attacks. As soon as access was allowed to the area music was changed. AKA: My Msg was viewed afterwards maybe.

-Radio Amman Net: NEWS, ANALYSIS, LIVE COVERAGE, maybe the best arabic coverage.

-Radio Ahlen: Mellow Music.

-Mazaj FM: Normal Arabic Varieties (SHAME!)

-BBC London: Poor Coverage, interest in the Egyptian elections.

-Radio Sawa: Normal Music varieties and news Headlines.

-Radio Monte Carlo Amman: Usual Programs.

-Panorama FM: Usual Programs.

Really shame on those careless about what happened last night, Shame!
Respect for Radio Amman Net’s and Radio Jordan FM’s reporters on-location.
Respect to Tamer Bataine and Mike Dardrian.

And finally, Respect to each and every angry Jordanian who feels that he/she can be part of protecting the society from such criminals. And let that flag up high in the sky.

By the way,

Jordan, Think Big! May God Bless you.

09 November, 2005

Windows Users Going Mac!

By Thomas Claburn, InformationWeek

Windows users are getting sick of computer viruses and are increasingly switching to Macs, according to a research note issued on Monday by New York-based investment firm Needham & Co.
The report downgrades Apple's stock from a buy to a hold based on the high price of the computer company's shares. But it cautions that "the frenetic pace of innovation at Apple could present new opportunities," which might merit a higher share valuation. Much of that innovation of late has involved the iPod, specifically the
company's video-capable fifth generation iPod and its iPod Nano.
On October 11, Apple reported the highest revenue and earnings in its history. The company shipped 1.2 million Macintosh computers and 6.5 million iPods during its fiscal 2005 fourth quarter, a 48% increase in Mac sales and a 220% increase in iPod
sales compared to the same quarter a year earlier.
In his report, Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf observes that cumulative iPod sales have reached 28 million since 2001 and that the momentum of the iPod, in conjunction with the ubiquity of malware on the PC, has created a halo effect that benefits the Mac platform. "Windows users are buying Macs in increasing numbers," he wrote. "We estimate in the first three quarters of calendar 2005, over one million of them have purchased a Mac compared to our estimate of 500,000 for the entire calendar year."
Wolf's assessment jibes with at least one person's experience. When news of the report reached University of Pennsylvania computer science professor David Farber's Interesting People E-mail list, subscriber Robert Raisch, CTO of Financial Media Holdings Group, Inc., volunteered his experience switching platforms.
"I've recently switched my laptop from a Toshiba Portege running Windows XP to an Apple Macintosh Powerbook G4, and I must say I am impressed,"
Raisch wrote in an E-mail. "A number of factors contributed to this change, not the least of which was the soul-crushing weariness I've felt hunting down and eradicating each new Window's-borne virus or other malware."
Another reader was less impressed, noting that while Mac OS X had much to recommend it, he found the operating system to be extremely slow. Such concerns may diminish when Apple rolls out its Intel-based notebooks next year.

02 November, 2005

Arabian Technology of Monitoring the Hijri Months new Moon!

An article in yesterdays Alrai newspaper have brought my attention to this issue! It was actually a more conversation like with an astronomy scientist in the Arabic Space and astronomy Union.

And By the way, There are pretty good scientists in this field in the arab world espicially in Jordan in case u didnt know.. me my self am a person interested in this field!, or well, was since I dont really have time nowadays!

So, in short, this article proves how stupid arab communities are! In brief here are the facts this article highlights

-Eid’s new moon cannot be viewed tuesday simply because Moon sets before sunset! IE: The Moon didnt meet the Sun yet!

-a new Moon can be viewed today Wednesday only using big telescopes in South America and viewed hardly by human eye in Western Latin America, Moon will set today Wednesday 6-10 minutes after Sunset.. and that’s not enough for even Worlds biggest telescopes to see it (the least time in history on which a new moon could have been seen was a 29 minutes difference between the Moon and Sun, that is about 10 hours and 30 minutes of a moons life)!

-AKA: We started Ramadan in a wrong way! If u remember, Ramadan’s new moon was declared seen in the day of an eclipse.. again it was impossible to see the moon that day since it would have set just minutes after sunset (a period of 18 hours in a moons life are need so that it would be seen, that happens when the moon sets 40-45 minutes after sunset)

-Only Turkey,Indonesia,Malaysia, Oman and Tunis have started ramadan properly and have the eid properly as well (that is FRIDAY NOT THURSDAY!)

-Finally, as Arabs most stupid... Libya, they have invented a new way to “discover” the new moon! They build their calculations on the moon meeting the sun before Dawn! That is, If Moon just meets the sun during the night then the next day will be eid!!!! (Yeah, they’re kind of discovering the new moon days before it can be seen!)

For example, Last night there calculations said that the moon will meet the sun and sun will rise 15 seconds before the moon, then it will be Eid!!!!!!

forget about Libya now, Why arent other arabic countries use the right suitable calculations that our scientist are using to know when the moon can be viewed rather than the political view of the new moon! I just remember Iraq Last year when the south had eid in a day, bagdad in another day, and the north in yet another day! Duh!

Assessing JTV in Ramadan!

I guess this Ramadan,Just ending today, JTV had prepared a wide range of programs and shows,making it able to be compared with Pan-arabic TV stations.. and even succeeding to win many of those comparisons!

It was noticeable for example that JTV had most of the Arabic & Local Series aired on other Arabic station (Despite I’m not an Arabic Series fan, but i was watching the Famous Jordanian Series “Al-Tareek Al-Wa’er” which is one of Jordan’s biggest productions ever, and a successful one I say, since such big productions to be compared with was “Road to Kabul” a series that was killed by Qatar TV for reasons undeclared until the moment ).

another noticeable things were the Call and Win shows! Which ware fully call And Win! No serious intelligence was needed to answer Questions nor Luck in Order to Win.. “Ramadan Ma’na Ahla” was the show that made it big on JTV with over 400,000 JDs of prices including 5 Brand new Cars.... just a figure of this program’s success is LBCI’s “Blank Check” which last year was gaining a wide range of Jordanians participating in the show and winning, this year Jordanians where rare on the show.... do I sense that JTV won this Post-Iftar Price-shows competition!

In-Location shows where also available on JTV, moving from The Cafes and restaurants based silly shows that JTV used to do in the past, to an “All-Public” open Show each and every Friday & Monday night in Mecca Mall, getting closer to the people was a plan needed by JTV to succeed, Thank God they’ve noticed that!

Youth shows and Ramadani Cooking shows where also a big bang for this year! Since they’ve focused on the Culture and educational parts rather than being stupid imitation for other alike TV shows.

News and Political shows where noticed to have been improved as well! On nice shoot at the beginning days of Ramadan on the news was Mr Prime Minister declaring on JTV’s News that he doesnt like the way JTV is conducting news and political shows!
Just airing this was an improvement!
But I’m really sensing that JTV is finally towards a State-News transformation.
Abu Mahjoob’s Shorties was just another demonstration of “A Thing I’ve never dreamed it would happen as Emad Hajjaj says!” as he declared in Yesterday’s Alrai Newspaper.. highlighting the fact that Abu Mahjoob’s clips has criticized JTV it self, some of its shows, and audience even!!!!

Finally,In Case you wanna talk figures, and as declared in Yesterday’s Alrai article, that until last friday, JTV has gained from this Ramadan’s Promotions DOUBLE as it has gotten the ENTIRE year of 2004!

I Hope JTV got that the formula of success is having it’s shows produced and/Or Co-produced by Private production companies just like each and every show this Ramadan was!
Now more quality MUST be added to many shows including those just mentioned above, i still dont like the fact that JTV still insist on using some stupid blondies on their shows ;P
a thing that I noticeably didnt like that much that some shows on JTV where making promotions for Mazaj FM & Sout Al-Ghad, Major competitors of Radio Amman FM, Jordanian Broadcasting Corp’s Arabic commercial like FM station! Cant understand why couldnt they have their own station supporting some programs on JTV! Not to ban those stations from promoting as it is known in the world-wide media (U can never have a Capital FM or Virgin Radio promotion on BBC TV stations for example! Because they want their BBC stations to have the share not others!), but simply have their own alike FM station having part too!

Anyway, I hope things will keep going better with JTV, I personally rank JTV as Very Good for this ramadan... not to forget that I’ve heard rumors that a BIG BANG in JTV’s programs will explode by the beginning of year 2006! lets wait and see!!!

31 October, 2005

Jordanian Shorties on JTV

Yes, Finally... Short Jordanian Films on JTV ;)
The Jordanian Royal Committee have been advertising on JTV for Jordanian Short films to be aired "Soon...!" on JTV, Exclusively ;)

Now this is what i'll call an evolution in the industry , way to go Jordanian Film Makers!

(This post will be updated as show times are set on JTV)


!! Maybe!!
more Funny stuff from teeshirtat.com are yet to come!

29 October, 2005

CHAT! A Digital Multimedia-based Arabic novel

CHAT! Is Mohammad Snajleh’s latest Digital Novel, the 2nd after his 2001 “One’s Shadow”...
As Mohammad declares, its all about writing it with sight, seen, and sound! Rather than the pen!

In order to “All Scenes” read the novel just click on: www.arab-ewriters.com/chat/

I wont talk about the novel it self leaving it for you to check it out.

Its just about this concept; Moving Arabic Novel Publication, even international Novel Culture into a completely new trend.
This Novel it self has been established in a really very smart“All Scenes dependent” way using Macromedia Flash to program it.
Check The Arab Unioin for Internet Writers for more about the groups’ production and trend in establishing the Digital Multimedia Novel Culture

Bilocate on the Air... Releasing their 1st Album

Yup! They have been there done that!
Dj Mike’s Thursday evening show was the debut of their 1st album ever.
Yes, Finally a Jordanian Metal Band releasing an Official Commercial Album on a Master CD available at Mega Music Stores.

No wonder The guys of the band are TECHNOLOGY Guys ;)
Rock ‘n’ Tech Rulzzzzzzz!

The Band had a nice 4 hours show with Dj Mike on Radio Jordan FM, had phone calls on the air from fans that had known them from their shows and gigs around the town (Apparently they have a spread structure of fans, someone listening to Jordan FM through the Internet even called being a fan of them!), played the album in full on the air, and played Metal Music of their test on the air.

It was really interesting that they have never made a cover of anyones songs! They wrote and composed each and every track they have ever performed and/or recorded.
The Album is out on the shelves within this coming week, & By The way, Their Album is released in a GPL license, BUT, STILL, I WILL BUY IT :)

22 October, 2005

BiloCate on Jordan FM

Next Thursday.....
Radio Jordan FM 96.3
The Weekend Madness start up, with DJ Mike....
BiloCate! a Jordanian Rock Band , wanting to be famous!
Be ready for it .. they ARE COMING!

on the Only station that appreciates the fact that you can ROCKK!

Irbidian Condolences

If You have gone through Irbid streets lately, you would have mentioned these new signs everywhere.
they might look stupid but they really did solve a problem!
Irbidian Minds baby ;)

Reporting: The Royal Film Committee’s shows around Jordan

As mentioned in an earlier post by me, the Jordanian Royal Film Committee had started to get some activities running outside Amman. & as Promised then, I would be telling you about Jerash’s show held on the 12th, but unfortunately didn't have enough time to write about it, besides the effects of blocking Blogger’s domain on the students account inside the university.

Anyway, the show had (I say) a pretty good audience in Jerash, around 60-70 people, different ages, males and females, and even families!

The audience seem to have liked most the film that wasnt planned to be shown, that is : Amin Matalqa’s “Suffi Suffi” ;) this film was an add on for the show, but seemed to be the most popular one ;)
The Audience was interested in Amin & Lina’s “Crossroads” as well as Yahya Al-Abdallah’s “6 minutes”, & laughed with “Zeidan & Hamdan” ... & went hilarious with the shows surprise “Suffi Suffi” ;)

The only annoying thing in the show were the kids at the back whistling between films flipping.
I guess the Jerashi people will be waiting for your “Zee7i Zee7i” anyways Mr Matalqa;)

Ajlun’s show was last monday, I didn't hear anything about it till this very moment, did you, please add your comments about it.

By this the committee had had its round up shows in Aqaba, Kerak, Madaba, Salt, Mafraq, Jerash, & Ajlun.
Actually i didn't know about Aqaba, Kerak, Madaba, & Salt shows just several days ago! Hmmmm,, I guess it was film makers duty to tell us about them!

I hope more and more round ups would have place each and every several months, this was a start, some shows had audience, some didn't.. very natural in my opinion, the unnatural thing is to quit such a great idea.
The Show must go on, Respect to Jordanian Royal Film Committee.

My Blog is blocked!

My Blog is blocked in my university!
the whole blogger & blogspot domain is blocked at my uni...
I depend on My Uni's internet......

this post,in case it will be published, is a mail based feed!

UPDATE: This post was just republished by me through blogger.com since it didnt appear on Jordan Planet, This post was originally created on Oct 17th

UPDATE 2: seems someone is hearing, block was removed on blogger.com at university

16 October, 2005

Bus Science

I am a public transportation lover, very unlike Firas. I do use public transportations each and every day except for Friday hangouts. either for gettin to and from the University or to different places for business, shopping, or even entertainment ;)
I've always considered buses the best way to meet new different people. Besides, with the pretty strong Public Urban transportation structure available in amman since 3-4 years now, Buses are the best way to getting to different places for long distances with the least possible costs.

My Campus (The Hashemite University) is one that I respect its students for the dedication to the public transportation sector, in our campus just over 15.000 students out of 16.000 use urban buses to get to the university, despite the fact that many of them have private cars but still come using public transportation.

The Hashemite University has been always served by "Asia Transport Co.", the company owning those Urban DAEWOO buses just like firas got in, Asia Co. powers both HU-Raghadan & HU-Sweileh routes. newly, "Al Saousana Trans" took over Zarqa route (FINALLY no more ugly Mini Coaster Buses) in addition to NEW scheduled direct routes to Mafraq,Irbid, Ajloun, Jerash, Salt, and Madaba.

Busy routes such that Raghadan-HU are ones that carry the widest diversity of people, from those Abdouni checks to Wehdat & Goesme guys. Demonstrating that are the students scripts on the walls of the bus stop at the Hashemite University. I have benefited from the changes in the bus stops at our university in taking some photos from the HU-Raghadan bus stop newly abandond.... enjoy!

now I wrote this one

No fear for a processed photo as well ;)

11 October, 2005

Mini Films around Jordan

The Jordanian Royal Film Committee started to have shows outside amman! Ajlun,Jerash & Mafraq are the 1st target … They'll be tomorrow in Jerash at 8 PM showing 5 Mini Films.. including Amin & Lina's "Crossroads" & "6 Minutes".

Hopefully People will get something out of those films ….
Hopefully Someone will attend…
Hopefully I'd remember to attend Jerash's show in order to report the reaction on Jordan Planet

10 October, 2005

Girls in Stock!

For all those guys still suffering like me being lonely because of all kind of girls not appreciating what you do for them,or maybe dont appreciate your life and idiologies!
here's a list that "Geeks with experience" figured out after the "Geeky Experience!"

HARD-DISK Girls: Remembers everything, FOREVER.

RAM Girls: Forgets about you, the moment you turn her off.

WINDOWS Girls: Everyone knows that she can't do a thing right, but no one can live without her.

LINUX Girls:
She does everything right, efficiently, smartly, and only “Perfect Men” can understand that! Most Men claim she's complicated and hard to deal with, resulting in her being very Rare.

SCREENSAVER Girls: She is good for nothing but at least she is fun!

INTERNET Girls: Difficult to access.

SERVER Girls: Always busy when you need her.

MULTIMEDIA Girls: She makes horrible things look beautiful.

CD-ROM Girls: She is always going faster and faster!

E-MAIL Girls: Every ten things she says, eight are nonsense.

VIRUS Girls: Also known as "WIFE"; when you are not expecting her, she comes, installs herself and uses all your resources. If you try to uninstall her you will lose something, if you don't try to uninstall her you will lose everything..

.... from my personal experience, Internet, RAMs, ScreenSavers, & Windows Servers are available everywhere , & Loads of Junk Mails for sure!.... not too many Multimedia girls ... Scartched CDs are available... No Hard Disk ones ... & Indeed passionate Linux ones are a dream!!!!

In case you dont care about any of the above ...Enjoy your trojan Virus.

PS: This post was posted under high mental pressure!

05 October, 2005

University Fees, Carelessly Expensive!

It’s the beginning of another academic year in universities in jordan, the 2nd week is almost over and the usual action at the registration department is still going on, well, of course not as a couple of years before since now registration is done online,fees can be payed in any branch of a certain Bank (I dont know how effective is this procedure anyway cause i didnt like it!)...

Students are Paying, But ... Still Paying ?!
The problem is that you can notice kinda wealthy people still paying in there..!

in short, i want to tell the story of 2 of my old colleagues at university that I know since I 1st got in the Hashemite University, Both didnt pay any registration fees till this very moment, now I know that both of them never been in such good conditions to pay in time! But always did....

Now this semester none paid yet, & none seem to be wanting to! The 1st one of them is an IT student like me (I.E: Paying 45 JD/Credit hour) who got a loan earlier this summer & started his own business and IT Company, courageous and successful (The Guy has a good managing mind though not a very programming one) and really hitting it well with the business he started, and got even a Xeon hosting Server lately to provide webhosting services through his company as well.....Now Guess what, he is spinning around offices to get (forgiveness) from the president of the university for not being to pay until the end of the semester.

Now my other colleague is studying something half price from our specialization...and still not aiming to pay as far as i mention! I know she had some problems in the family but now you’ll be able to see her with a Nokia mobile that costs just as much as her registration fees not forgetting the very important Mini iPOD!!!!!

Those two individual notices i got this week brought to my mind 1 question...!
If You dont want to study,why are you coming to University our dear students?!
Those 2 individuals i know are studying at the moment what they really wanted to, the 2nd mentioned even transformed her self from another major to this one she’s studying after a lot of spinning around!

But those 2 mentioned above are just a sample of many others...
I get into a lecture, i get out of another, i go , i come ... & I keep seeing the people setting doing nothing but talking to each other in the halls and yards.

I know many of them actually, & I know how much “Skipping a Lecture” is such a fun for them!
I hear the phrase “Make Up Exam” from many of them,,but never tried it my self!
I hear them complaining about many “Childish” courses all the time, when i might be knowing about that subject more than them despite its 180 degrees away from my major.

Whose Fault is it....!
is it the system?! Our educational System at Jordanian Universities is much restricted than the US system that is the model of ours.

Drs?! I agree some economics Drs are women guided but ;) ... neehh , still not the problem in my opinion.

The Community? Maybe! The community where there is always careless people supporting even more careless people to be carelessly oriented! “Shame” can be used only when needed,but not all the time!

Parents? another maybe! But they seemingly care about their children supplying them with money to buy all kind of candies & yummee stuff!

“Zenger!” I bought that only once....! I didnt like it at all despite it maybe the most expensive fast food sandwich at our campus!

All those sophisticated checks setting all the time talking and commenting about other checks spinning around & eating 3-4 times during “Working Hours”...

Even me (known for my anarchist thoughts and comments all around, & being commented as “Shaief 7alee” because of my desire and action to change whats wrong around) never ever dared to comment on others the way I hear them do! Not even when its “GABBA3AT” with me!

& guess what, the sit & eat & never get fat... while I do still have an over weight problem :P hehe,,sounds annoying on the long term :)

Retrieving those notes back seriously... I guess its the Students their selfs! Their mentality, their silly thoughts, their unclear future,thinking that tawjihi was the end of the time and that they’re now in “a new life”(Fake I Say! But more than before!) ,being supported by a community suffering from the same issues because of careless parents that care more about their names in the community they’re leaving, where their children are studying (SOMETHING) in a (UNIVERSITY)!

Yes,,, "University Fees" are expensive, they are expensive for the Community as a whole, the are expensive for the government which will be disappointed by the (Positive Generation & Qualified work force) after putting all those money in the University educational system. "University Fees" are even expensive for other students who consider University the Place to Study,Research and Develop in Science, Mentality, Way of Life & Community Service for having such people against their way most of the time.

“University Fees” are really getting more and more expensive with each and every generation coming into our Universities..... we need a solution!

Such a solution will have to turn our universities into “corruption free – silliness Free – time spending free”...
I have nothing against socializing, I’m a very socializing person after all... in University more than anywhere else maybe but priorities must be set, if the community and parents arent setting them for a young generation that cant even decide weather to have the Zenger with Cola or Juice and is careless enough to keep all those people waiting behind him/her to decide that. then who will set them!?

Maybe the universities with un-setting all the rules they have created to set what they think is right!

Yes,Let those couples get into the lectures kissing each other until the end of the lecture as well as they’re not annoying anybody else!

Let students skip lectures as long as possible.

Let the Students write what ever they want on the walls........................


Catastrophes will surely occur, but sacrifices need to be made!

I dont know how much this transaction era will take.. maybe a couple of years.
But for sure a healthier On Campus community will be formed by then!
A community where only specific people will go to universities!
Very socialized but highly cultured and qualified at the same time!
University Fees will always be paid by students despite they will be higher.. but “The University Fees” on the community and the governments will surely be very pleasant in order to support universities as much as possible!
I’ve wanted to write about this issue long time ago... & apparently, I’m still confused from which door shall i face it despite i got a motivating occasion to talk about it... sorry dear reader if i turned your mind into a flipflop logic circuit!

PS 1: The 2 individuals mentioned above are true and existing but mentioning them is not meant to hurt them by any mean!

PS 2: "GABBA3AT" = Had enough until my bones dropped down!

PS 3: "Flipflop" in the post above doesn’t mean slippers!

PS 4: this post was written in a very sleepy homework-stuffed conditions!

30 September, 2005

JordanPlanet is Proudly BIG IN JAPAN

After My previous Post showing My Statistics getting Visits from the Jordanian Royal Court.. Now WE ARE BIG IN JapaN! SHIMNEWA!

1. 29 September 18:37 Global One, Jordan
2. 29 September 23:51 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
3. 29 September 23:55 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
4. 30 September 00:08 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
5. 30 September 09:12 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
6. 30 September 11:54 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
7. 30 September 13:34 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
8. 30 September 17:49 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
9. 30 September 19:07 IP Revolution Inc., Japan
10. 30 September 20:28 Global One, Jordan

27 September, 2005

JordanPlanet is Proudly Visited! .. including My Blog!

Upon Jad's post on the power of Blogging increasing here in Jordan, This is just a snap shot tracing the pings on 1 of my pages (The Radio Guide Page) today..

1. 27 September 09:02 Global One, Jordan
2. 27 September 09:21 The Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan
3. 27 September 09:25 The Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan
4. 27 September 09:28 The Royal Hashemite Court, Jordan
5. 27 September 10:20 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
6. 27 September 11:09 Global One, Jordan
7. 27 September 11:11 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
8. 27 September 11:16 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
9. 27 September 11:22 Jordan (nets.com.jo)
10. 27 September 11:27 Jordan (nets.com.jo)

Someone's really around ;)
PS: This is not the 1st time i get access to my Blog or Radio Guide from the Royal Jordanian Court.
PS 2: All Times are Jordan Local Time

26 September, 2005

Bin Ads in Jordan, Creatively Ironic

Creatively Ironic.... I hope people will get it this way ... at least,,,,

For Real,I guess one day we'll need to get Cindy Crawford making a promo on JTV throwing something in the Bin & all the guys going behind her throwing in the Bin & going after her... "Be clean, throw it in the Bin & Follow me!" !

I hope such ads in the newspapers will affect some people at least, Sha3teelee's Latest Post
is just an example to how un respectful those Bins are in town, again & again , its about Culture, Its about Kids Learning from their parents, its useless if you teach kids how to be clean in a clean environment in a subject or 2 at the school if he is leaving it right the opposite way with his parents & the community around him/her.

Sorry for the Quality of the Pic, it was taken Late Last night using My Cam from Yesterdays Al-Rai Newspaper.

Thanx for the Greater Amman Municipality for its efforts, as well as the newly formed Ministry of Environment.

24 September, 2005

a Tribute to Mo'nes Razzaz...

الى اين يهرب المرء من ضجيج هذا العالم المرهق , ليعقد هدنة مع النفس ولو الى حين ؟ أي ملاذ بوسعه ان يوارينا بين الحين و الآخر بعيدا عن رنين الهاتف و جرس الباب و ابواق السيارات و صوت التلفزيون ؟

.... الايام قصيرة .. والاعوام طويلة ..من ذا الذي قال لي ذلك ؟ تركض و تلهث طوال اليوم .. موعد هنا , مقابلة هناك , اجتمع هنالك .. و في نهاية السنة تقف . متأملا ما أنجزته , فاذا به لا شيء !!!

مؤنس الرزاز

Mo'nes Al-Razzaz, May god Rest His soul...

Being a person who likes originals as is , i didnt translate this, it sounds better in his own words.

Stop Smoking!

Kill Your Smoke Before it Kills you,
I should be really making an effort to write a post about smoking in Jordan... where all the non-smoking signes are strongly unrespected.. I just hate my father for how much he smokes carelessly!

Thanks to: http://adsoftheworld.com


Check it out on MacRadio Live 3.30 - 6 AM Jordan Local Time , Thursday Dawn...
Or lsn to it recorded anytime, any where on www.yourmaclife.com

I wonder how the news is on Mac Radio ..... maybe:

"A Jordanian Taxi Driver was seen to Have MAC OS X Tiger DVD used as an accessory for his internal method, the individual declared the DVDs performance in transforming his care transparently invisible for the Speed Radars on the roads!"

hehe ,, just a Jordanian touch!

21 September, 2005

This is what i call High School!

Respect to the school I couldnt get in! I was accepted as a "2nd Call" ...
just tell me who's the stupid person who would have given up his seat for me on such a school!

Any, details about the event are found HERE
or sha3teely's Post days ago

20 September, 2005

Such a Stupid .... Earthquake!

This Post discusses the Earthquake Rumor that Bloat in the Jordanian community last weekend – week start.

If your head is made of dumb stones STOP READING THIS CAUSE Im SICK OF ARGUING WITH YOU!
Else, even if your head is made of “Jameed” you can continue the post laughing ironically!

How did it start?!
I dont really know! How & Where?! I know that sometime about 10 days ago the ministry of education announced in collaboration with the Civil Defense Forces ( AKA Jordanian Ambulance, Rescue & Fire Department) a day of evacuation training on the 18th of September. I repeat, a fully planned & pre announced in the Newspapers training in all the schools around the kingdom.

((I personally didnt know about this training but saturday, but check the archives & figured out that it was announced way before as well as Thursday,Friday,Saturday & Sunday in a row))

On the other hand, at the company im training at an employee “Berj” said that he heard an earthquake on the 18th, of course we made fun of his idiotic thoughts!

Exactly the same day my mum said that being at one of her “friends”, her friends daughter said that she heard on the radio that an earthquake hit Mekka & its coming towards Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU ALL know me as a RADIO oriented guy! I kept flipping all the station that i can get thru FM & AM (remembering my old good AM skills ;) & i heard nothing about such news of an earthquake happening at Mekka! Besides,The statement “& Its heading towards Jordan” was a 100% Rumor indicator. What shall I say, I’ve crapped laughing that night :P

What Next!?
On Thursday, My dad,coming from Karak, said that in Karak & Tafile all the schools will be off! No,not that evacuation trainings will be performed but that people wont send kids to their schools because .....

Now be ready for this big lie ::::::::::::::::::::::::
Because Israel is getting rid of Her Dimona Nuclear Factory in the naqab desert & this will be making a huge destroying Earthquake!

WHAT ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok! as any explosion it will make some seism-waves in the earth but not “a huge earthquake” Damn it! My father was actually more afraid of Radiations!

“My dear father, those arent arabs to blow a bazooka over their heads when someone is married!”

I didnt argue with my father because i know he always believes people,so i was just making fun of him & the whole situation. But didnt argue with him anyway letting him discover it by his self... ironically!

Believe it or not, he even encouraged me to go to the University & see what happened with my registration & marks since the Hashemite University is a safe remote place!

Ma 3alena..

Saturday night’s hysteria!
I didnt witness that one! I’m a person who has been ‘fixly’ sleeping at 12 midnight to wake up at 6,15 AM.
Sunday morning, I was hearing the stories from people around..... I couldnt stand between them that morning not declaring my ironic laughing on the situation, want to laugh dear reader?! Read this!

“They” called us at 11,30 & woke us up, telling us that the earthquake will happen this night at 1,28 ... ya3nee by 1,30 it would have hit the town!

Since it didnt come I went to sleep & My children started to cry not wanting me to die sleeping!

“Grabetna el wasel”, “My cousin in the Army”, “my uncles nephew who is in the security ”, “a high official in the family” .... etc .. all of those where TRUSTED SOURCES assuring &/or Not excluding the Rumor!

I said let us pray a bit in order to assure our selves before the moment comes...

someone in Aqaba assured there will be an earthquake tonight.

Our neighbors are still awake in the home garden waiting for it!

& more ... & more ... & more of all this funny laughable Crap!

Oh dear me,Im still laughing while writing this to you,
of course dont forget that every1 had only Quraan on their Radios & players all day long on Sunday,& The Rumor Guy at the company ”Berj” didnt even come to work.
& hey, even my Mum (a Wise Woman!) kept arguing with me on the phone at around 11.30 to come back home from the company!

My Interesting Impressions!
* I didnt know we have such High Technologies of pretending earthquakes before it’ll happen with days & weeks & estimate when it will happen by the exact minute & even give the exact time it will reach to each & every town in Jordan!

* apparently such high technologies are all located in Aqaba!

* & Yeah, in each & Every town in Jordan people were hearing another time for it reaching the town ... hehe, it would have reached Jerash at 1.30 & Amman at 3.20! even Gaza Camp Buses reach amman speeder ;P

* Tsunami!!!! Every1 forgot that it was a full moon night & the sea water’s level & its waves are normally to rise in such a night!

My Impressions! Sorry Jordan, YOU WERE STUPID!
Yeah, Our community was the silliest, most stupid & the most ******* !
The problem that each & every time you would explain to people about it that not even those Japanese couldnt announce an emergency state before a quake but 3-5 minutes before!

No one can understand that an earthquake hitting aqaba cant make a Tsunami without people feeling it, neither that no Tsunami can be formed in Aqaba Gulf, not even in the the shallow & tight Red Sea.

For everyone who remembered God I said Good morning. God’s the creator,didn’t you know that?!

I dont know why but Im sick of all my explanations to those people. Im really sad & feeling very unpleasant from how this community acted & dealt with those Rumors, not only that , but some came out with stories that it actually happened in Aqaba but didnt reach amman, & others that it will be coming Sunday night being just a mistake in “Calculations!”
Like if we have the greatest Mathematicians & physicians in the whole wide world!

& Of course now street political experts came out with the conclusion that the government made this out to make people forget about Fuel prices rising. The problem is that those people don’t even know how much the fuel is rising!
5% my dear not 30 % !! & diesel is rising 22% not 300% …. Yeah, I heard it 4 times till now from people! 300%!

Finally … We Need a Solution!
Reading & Thinking…. The most rare resources in our community!
If you don’t know something say I don’t know, stop analyzing & dropping us with your precious thoughts.

Honestly, if I would have gone with the flow & believed all those things I would have been ashame of my self at least & not open my mouth with more Crappy stuff!

The Jordanian Community owns its self an official apology! Thank god we are a nation that doesnt know how to politely apologies but say “7AGGAK 3ARASEE”!

Sorry again, but still, i cant express my sadness & anger upon this incident, or shall i call it something else?! POLITE NAMES FOR THE SITUATION ARE WELCOMED!

18 September, 2005

North is Southern!

This Photo is terrible!

This Photo Belongs to Katelyn
who is an American Student that came to UJ during this summer for a coupla months or so along with a bunch of other american Students studying Arabic & Eastern History in the states. Whome I came by her temporary Traveller blog yesterday.

I dont think Katelyn took this picture noticing that north is south & South is north (Since I figured that Katalyn know some arabic) ... the expressions in the blog show excitement more than irony.

But its really such a shame,The Sign is brand new apparently,but .... WRONG!
SAUDI ARABIA aint in the north! & Iraq aint to the south neither!
Thank god the arabic orientation is right!

.. & watch out dear readers, Im monitoring photos over the web
..more ... & Even more!

17 September, 2005

East Vs. West = Right Vs. Left!

Interesting ... except that it looks the same! ......mostly!
((IF YOU ARE ON JordanPlanet Please View the posts in my BLOG to View The Photos!))

Anyway,I came by this while surfing a new "Bloggy" community for Design,Adv, & Computer Based Arts (Talking MACs insdie!) ...

The community is called: CreativeBits
I urge Jordanian bloggers interested in Design,Adv, Arts & MAC to follow it up & be members in it.. mentioning: Roba, Mr Humeid, Mira ..... etc!

Finally, Google Egypt ;)

Yup, we have it! Google's 1st HQ in the arab world... hitting Cairo Streets ;)
Thank god no spelling mistakes where made during the "Promotional Phase"!

& Hey,Are those white papers sticked on the door "Career announcements"!

3ogbal 3enna!

from: http://www.ordoesitexplode.com

12 September, 2005

My Music Tag!

Since No one except for Palforce did the tag I posted ... I'm publishing my responses (Me tagging My self ;) Hoping By this to motivate other bloggers in publishing theirs !

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands that makes the biggest part of your musical collection in Minutes
Metallica 570:55 Mins
Opeth 490:04 Mins
Anathema 453:23 Mins
Nightwish 404:19 Mins
Evanescence 345:15 Mins
Bjork 316:20 Mins
Jimi Hendrix 259:29 Mins
ATB 240:38 Mins
Alanis Morissette 223:54 Mins
Led Zepplein 218:21 Mins
Linkin Park 188:11 Mins
ColdPlay 186:35 Mins
Within Temptation 181:32 Mins

The Music I have in total is enough to be played non-stop for just over 10 days including just under 3200 tracks from more than 370 Artists & Bands & Part of 243 Albums

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands you have FULL Collections by them, all the CDs, all the Demos, & even Concerts & gigs.
Opeth 490:04 Mins
Nightwish 404:19 Mins
Evanescence 404:19 Mins
Linkin Park 188:11 Mins
ColdPlay 186:35 Mins
Dido 105:50 Mins
Avril Lavigne 101:35 Mins

- Please Mention Musical Sets that you conside "Precious" in your collection.
*A recording of DJ Wajih Halaweh's Mixology on Radio Jordan FM Featuring DJ Nemesis (of course when Dj Wajih was doing it great at Jordan FM before he went behind the seen & got of RJ FM doing I dunno what managerial stuff in Play FM after he was hittin all the fine nightclubs in Amman along with his very Famous show Mixology)...exclusive stuff for Radio Jordan FM.

*absolutely every lil' thing Amy Lee Sang..Alone,with David Hodges,with Seether, with Big Dismal, being a part of evanescence...I even have one personal track of her for that "never been" lover!

* Qulture By our Beloved local Dj Qussay Asad, 3 collections: Qulture1 (2 CDs),Qulture2 (2 CDs), Qulture 3 (3 CDs) = 551 Minutes of Trance,Hourse,& Techno from the finest Djs & Bands Mixed By DJ Qussay Asad (& Yes I got them waaaaaaaaaay before Play FM was even Born!)

*Deep Purple - Machine Head Anniversay Edition (Double CD)

*Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Box Set) (4 CDs)

*Paul Van Dyk - Reflections(Special Edition) (double CD)

*ATB - The Dj In the Mix (Triple CD)

*ONE Digital ORIGINAL TRACK By .... Abu Yousef in 192Kbps Quality ;) for realy! .. its the only arabic track that i hv!

*Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I,II,III,IV

*Tracks By Linkin Park when they were Called "Hybrid Theory",way before releasing their Debut album entitled "Hybrid Theory"

*A Metal Tribute to ABBA

*Bjorks latest CD! Drawing Restraint 9 ... Drawing Restraint 9 never appeared in Jordan till this very moment Im posting this, this Album simply Moves you to Japan..! it even has a track called (Shimenawa) .. Bjork participated in the Live G8 from Japan,she has been very influenced by their culture Starting her 2004 Album (Medulla).

*Gorillaz - Demon Days, Because we had it specially provided at LC (Listeners Choice) at Radio Jordan FM after their 1st albums big success in Jordan.... I had this album 3 weeks before its release ;) I love it!

- Please Mention the latest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection
*Opeth - Ghost Of Perdition
*t.A.T.u - Dangerous & Moving
*Bjork - Drawing Restraint 9
*Rihanna - Music of The Sun
*The PussyCat Dolls - PCD
*The Rolling Stones - A bigger Bang
*McFly - Wonderland
*Staind - Chapter 'V'
*Kanye West - Late Registration
*Craig David - The Story Goes
... All entered my collection during last week & still playing in my headphones as you to the right of this post on my blog,,,it was maybe the my BIGGEST week in music EVER! Maybe that's why I decided to go for that Music Tag thingy!

- Please Mention the Oldest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection
as Digital Music,the 1st album i got was The 1st CD I ever bought, it was Alice DJ - Who Needs Guitars Anyway
but as for non Digital Music My very 1st was a Tape for Ace of Base (Happy Nation)

- Please mention any Vinyls you may own.
None :/

- Please Mention Albums/singles from your collection that your proud to have!
*The Abu Yousef's Track mentioned Above.

*Gorillaz Latest Album "Demon Days" Mentioned Above Why & How!

*A recording of DJ Wajih Halaweh's Mixology on Radio Jordan FM Featuring DJ Nemesis,Mentioned Above Why & How!

*My Evanescence & Amy Lee collection,Mentioned Above Why & How!

*Qulture Sessions By Dj Qussay Asad, Mentioned Above Why & How!

*All Opeth collection are available on my PC in TRANSPARENT CD Quality! VBR Baby;) That Means if one touch from Mikael Akerfeldt on the guitar costs 500 Kbps, YOU WILL BE HEARING 500Kbps ;) IE: There are more data in a song than a Video... which mean You'll be anywhere else but on earth while hearing it ;) THOSE ARE THE BEST MUSICIANs ON PLANET EARTH at the Moment at least ;)

- Please Mention Radio Station you do check or tune in.
Sorted By Weekly Time Tuned in:

* Radio Jordan FM 96.3
* Mood 92 FM
* Play 99.6
*Used to Monitor some UK radio Stations through Astra Sat...now the lack of time is preventing me,used to tune to BBC Radio 1,Capital FM, XFM, Radio Virgin..... etc

That's of course beside being a Radio Media Development analyser Having created the 1st Jordanian Airwaves Guide ;)

I tag,,for the 2nd time... all jordanian Bloggers! You knew everything about my music,let my know yours ;)

08 September, 2005

Music TAG!

I'm tagging all Jordan Planet Members for a Music tag..! Since I couldnt make it in the yesterday on the Jordan Planet Meet Up & for the 2nd time in a row, Im still interested to know more about the members of the most exciting community I've ever seen in my life! since I brely met a coupla of you guys for once or twice each,talked thru the phone or email about "Business" with 4 or 5 beside the two mentioned above.

Being a Music obsessed guy, & being able to get an image (Maybe not as specific as you might think) about People according to the music they listen to & they keep (Keeping music is slightly different from listening to it!)

Here are the questions that Im tagging the planet members with, ill be answering them my self within a couple of weeks from now:

PS:Digital Music ONLY is survied in here,no Cassettes please!

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands that makes the biggest part of your musical collection in Minutes (Ex: Metallica = 570:55 Mins , Opeth= 470:04 Mins) ... its up to you to mention as many as you can as well as you consider them taking a "part" of your collection

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands you have FULL Collections by them, all the CDs, all the Demos, & even Concerts & gigs.

- Please Mention Musical Sets that you conside "Precious" in your collection (Ex: The Jimi Hendrix Experience (4 CDs Box Set) )

- Please Mention the latest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection

- Please Mention the Oldest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection

- Please mention any Vinyls you may own (Vinyls arent digital Music so they arent counted in the question before but this question is a special case)

- Please Mention Albums/singles from your collection that your proud to have!

- Please Mention Radio Station you do check or tune in,NOT THE FAVORATE, but a list of those you keep checking, either Local,Arabic, English, Internation Services broadcasting Locally, forgin Radio Stations through the internet or satellite, or forgin station in your resident country if your a jordanian living outside jordan.

... & Thats all,It might take you some time to re-organize your musical collection for this lil' thingy in here... you might unleash some old CDs or files that you forgot about on the shelves,Everyone in the Planet is tagged....
Jordan Planet Monitors & non members are welcome to participate through a comment on this post.

06 September, 2005


The Swedish Opeth, one of the Greatest Metal/Progressive Rock bands in the whole world, & my very best favorites got their new album out on the track.
Ghost Reveries which was released August 30th has been playing in my haedphones since last Saturday..
Out of this world,
Unbelievable! it just moves you into another dimension of your life.

This album was kind of a collection of all the themes they had in their past albums, starting Orchid up to the Very Metalish "BlackWater Park" & "Deliverance", down to the Progressive 2003 album: "Damnation".

But, with all this collection of themes, the Album by its self is forming a Unique theme.. its not quiet the same feeling, its slightly different ... 8 tracks moving you from Karma to Nirvana.

For those opeth fan readers, GET THE Album ,, I mean, how can u call ur self an Opeth fan & ur resisting not having 1 of the albums..

For those still fresh rockish interested people, U might not find the album in the local market, check their website, get the lyrics & dig for the albums around & about.

The songs are "either those from this new album or previous ones" are a complete circle of poetic Lyrics (that are old english written mainly) , Music & style.

It's to mention that Opeth were just around the corner to perform a BIG gig her in Jordan,,, the Gig was meant to be held at the Amman Arena Theater on Nov 28th 2003, all the tickets were running out (I remember the suffering of getting a 1st Class ticket... I kept running for it till finally I couldnt get more than a 3rd Class ticket ... actually the whole gang & Campus went for the 3rd Class except 1 lucky guy who found a 2nd class ticket :P) ... but the gig was canceled 3 days before it cause of the death of a family member of Opeth's vocalist "Michael" ...
5000 Jordanian fans got upset of the cancellation,,, a gig that wasnt recovered after Bloat between the Jordanian Organizer & the band on new times.....

ehhh ,,, Any way, this is the best damn rocking band in the whole wide world!
Check their latest album (Ghost Reveries) This Friday on LC "Listeners Choice" on Radio Jordan FM 96.3 EXCLUSIVELY ...
indeed on the only station the plays all kinds of Rock Music in town .. (Shall I tell that one of the ways Opeth got famous in Jordan was Radio Jordan FM :)
Be tuned !

The ONE.. Total Life Experience!

The ONE, one of the finest "funky Home stuff" store in town..if not the only ONE!
kudos to The ONE Cafe part of the store its self...
not for having the best cuisine in town,
not for being the most relaxing place i've ever been to in my whole life,
not because my friend & colleague Diana works at The ONE,


Because the wonderful environment of the one cafe made my parents get back togather!!!

its just that this place has too much magic in it!


Check http://www.errorwear.com/ to embrace your computer problems ;)

01 September, 2005

Project Looking Glass 3D, a Reality Dream!

Sun Microsystems, world's leader Server Supplier & the creator of the greatest Object Oriented language in Programming History “JAVA”, is the one behind the project that is to move desktop PCs usability & interface to the next level.

Project Looking Glass 3D is the 1st Operating System with an entire 3D world of display (I HOPE THIS TIME IMAGES ARE APPEARING ON JORDAN PLANET TOO!), bringing a richer user experience to the desktop and applications via 3D windowing and visualization capabilities. It is an open source development project based on and evolved from Sun Microsystems' advanced technology project. It supports running unmodified existing applications in a 3D space (That is in Linux/Solaris session mode, Just like im doing now writing this to you), as well as APIs for 3D window manager and application development.

The nice thing about the whole thing, rather than having a 3D operating System that will turn our PC into a .....let's say Small virtual world that can be called “a world!” , it is that this project is an Open Source Software where it's not built only by Java specialists at sun but a whole community that builds up its vision for a completely new world closer to the users community that they their selves are part of after all!

Yes, even YOU can be part of this project through out your java.net account;)

the underdevelopment project is indeed the graphical 3D interface which is built using Java. I personally dont think the C written kernel for an operating system is such a big deal for SUN since we all know how performant & wonderful Sun's Solaris' Kernel is.

The LG3D project indeed uses J3D API & makes benefit of JAI libraries (Java Advanced Imaging), all with some widely “canvasic” imagination of a developer part of the project ;) (& believe me this “canvasic” imagination is just so brain stormy since I've been programming Java 3D canvases just over a coupla months ago!)

So, now since it's a developers community, developer's will need to have some developers editions, that u can enjoy as a user as well ;)

Yup! U can run Project Looking Glass on your desktop too!
when I've did a seminar about LG3D last semester in my GUI course release 0.6.1 was available then, & only on Linux & Solaris platforms, whilst now release 0.7.1 is available for Windows Platforms too!

All u have to do is to go to:


here u will be able to find all the requirements, downloads & installation note to get this 3D world running on your desktop!

in short, the requirements are: J2SE 1.5, J3D 1.4, JAI 1.1.2 & finally LG3D it self :)

LG3D will be running as a window in your operating system since its a developers version, on Solaris & Linux platforms u can switch to text mode turning off ur KDE or GNOME interface & running the LG3D Session, now in the session mode u'll be able to run even normal 2D applications that are installed on your PC appearing in 3D shapes & part of the whole env as well .... COOOOOOOOOOL!

Performance assessment: release 0.6.1 worked very well in dev “That is development” mode on linux fedora 2 with me, it worked perfect on 3amr's 2 Ghz Cellaron with 128 MB RAM even believe it or not! but we couldnt run it in session mode since it refused all the keyboards we have attached! Junk keyboards in this country :P

release 0.7.1 was first tried on Windows at its release by me, on my home 2Ghz P4 with 384 MB RAM it worked a lil bit slow, I've tried it on a 3Ghz P4 HT with 512 RAM & still didnt work as perfect as it did on Linux with a Cellaron machine!!!!

Now the WOW thingy is that it ran on my P4 that has an intel 64MB extreme graphics 1 VGA running the newly released Fedora Cora 4 (WHICH IM IN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE With) despite this VGA isnt 3D accelerated as Nvidia Gforce or ATI Radon, note that it didnt work with the Fedora 2 on my machine but on Amr’s,while now with FC4 its like Fire....damn this 3D environment is running speeder than Windows XP with minimum services on my PC ;P ... Thanks Mr Kefah for Fedora Core 4:)

& here’s the great thing now...
TARAAAAANN, Im running it in session mode now while writing this post.. yes, i turned of KDE & ran LG3D on raw kernel from the text mode, & im currently running Open Office 2.0 (which is a 2D application installed on my Linux Box) ,& YES THE KEYBOARD IS WORKING, Not only this,but also Listening to Tori Amos’s Latest CD (The Beekeeper) using KsCD “Another 2D Linux Application”;) & God I Love it !

I think my new Task now is to modify ANACODIA’s code in order to add Looking Glass 3D session option at log-in a long with KDE & GNOME :) “Any Assistance out there is appreciated”
Man I Love it!

It’s finally to notice that no session mode is available on Windows platform. Hehe,dream on Actually ;) I have actually made a small demo of looking glass during the Linux event @ hu earlier this august ,it wasn't professional as i have introduced it in the GUI course Seminar,we ran LG3D 0.7.1 on Linux Suse 9.3 (we didnt have Fedora Core 4 Then) on a 3 Ghz P4-HT Acer Brand machine with 512 MB of RAM with a normal non-3D accelerated Intel 64 MB VGA, but it didnt work as performant as it is running on Fedora 4 .. I mean,now running LG3D in session mode on Fedora 4’s kernel with 2D applications running is way much more speeder than the dev mode ran then on Suse,despite I have exactly the same VGA & 1 Ghz less CPU speed, not forgetting the HT differences! So Run it on Linux RedHat Fedora Core 4,,,,,,, & ENJOY!

PS: a Live CD is also available on SourceForge.net