11 October, 2005

Mini Films around Jordan

The Jordanian Royal Film Committee started to have shows outside amman! Ajlun,Jerash & Mafraq are the 1st target … They'll be tomorrow in Jerash at 8 PM showing 5 Mini Films.. including Amin & Lina's "Crossroads" & "6 Minutes".

Hopefully People will get something out of those films ….
Hopefully Someone will attend…
Hopefully I'd remember to attend Jerash's show in order to report the reaction on Jordan Planet


Roba said...

That's great news Nasim. It's wonderful that they're reaching out.

Laith said...


Glad you put something about these events up. Yesterday i went to the screening in Mafrag and i am sad to say that the turn out was not that great. I hope the next two would be better. i would have loved to be in Jerash but it is not possible, so i hope you enjoy the films and let me know what you think.

Best Wishes