29 October, 2005

Bilocate on the Air... Releasing their 1st Album

Yup! They have been there done that!
Dj Mike’s Thursday evening show was the debut of their 1st album ever.
Yes, Finally a Jordanian Metal Band releasing an Official Commercial Album on a Master CD available at Mega Music Stores.

No wonder The guys of the band are TECHNOLOGY Guys ;)
Rock ‘n’ Tech Rulzzzzzzz!

The Band had a nice 4 hours show with Dj Mike on Radio Jordan FM, had phone calls on the air from fans that had known them from their shows and gigs around the town (Apparently they have a spread structure of fans, someone listening to Jordan FM through the Internet even called being a fan of them!), played the album in full on the air, and played Metal Music of their test on the air.

It was really interesting that they have never made a cover of anyones songs! They wrote and composed each and every track they have ever performed and/or recorded.
The Album is out on the shelves within this coming week, & By The way, Their Album is released in a GPL license, BUT, STILL, I WILL BUY IT :)


BlacK^IcE said...

First of all let's not get too excited just because it's a local band, I know coupla local bands n ya we must give support n everythin if we "Really" like em!

2nd, Releasing somethin officially n make it hit ur so called" mega store shelves" LOL, is a pure financial materialistic matter!
i know this group that play even better than many many known bands.. but money talks man!

Another thing that is.. im surprised by this, quoting u "It was really interesting that they have never made a cover of anyones songs!"

now that does really make me laugh!
i got to know many bands in my life through knowin em by my fave bands! Metallica playin zepplins, Metallica playin deep purple, and so on!
+ as a wise man once said
"if u have no past, u have no present nor future"
u need to know what r their influences! what bands they made em be like this and so on!..

and by the way mr naseem, this genre aint no death metal..
u can call this doom...or doom/black in a way...

narak ya mr

nasimjo© said...

Nope Its not money talk in here , the guys couldnt get a production company supporting them, but still the made the efforts in doing all the job from recording to producing master CDs and even distributing it around the town!

very unlike other bands who are "still waiting for your support!"

about the covers,i guess i didnt express my self properly, i should have said they didnt do a cover during the radio show, of course every1 has an influence and backbone for their music.

Ramzi Essayed said...

Nasim ..

thanks man for your comments we appreciate it ..
and sure we have influances from other bands and metal creators every band should have and we do covers only in our jamming sessions just for fun and for our fans who attened the jamming and recording even DJ MIKE saw us in jamming and we played a couple of songs he like just for fun..

But DYSPHORIA is an Original Piece of ART for bilocate and the band worked so hard and god knows from where we gathered the money to me it work and its available now at MUTE RECORDs ..

thanks again man.


Moey said...

nice nice
not to mention u guys can talk about jordanian metal scene in www.jordanmetal.com

M-Y-A ( Pain Source) said...

well, nice to see that local bands got alot of intrest in jordan. more than expected.

hope that the local sence improve more and more

BTW: i'm in HU too ;)

Moey said...

heh and did i mention that i'm in love with track #2: 2nd war in heaven??

nasimjo© said...

Ramzi, glad you've seen my post about u guys.... btw, I didnt get the CD yet being very busy nowadays, hope ill get it soon, maybe this weekend..
is it available only at Mute?!
I'll be glad if u can send me a list of the stores you'r CD is availble at so that ill publish them... thanx

Moey, Yeah... I've heard it on Jordan FM.

M-Y-A... our campus is 16000 dude... ouhaaa!

Ramzi said...

Nasim. yeah man i saw the post and its so appreciated thanks for the support man , the album available at mute and at a store called NEW VISION in marj el hamam ..we are trying with other enshallah tozbo6.
but it will beg reat if you joined us on www.jordanmetal.com you are most welcome there . we need all the support jordan metal sence can give


M-Y-A said...

hey nasim,

i could give you the album to listen to if you want

contact me: m_alsheakh@yahoo.com

also, i want to know more about the damn IEEE. i think you would help me.


Psycho_Psycho said...

I am sorry guys your album is a joke...and Fans!! shame on you,,,wake up men...it makes me relly sad when i see this faulse sense of commitment to this band as a sign on what you call LOCAL BANDS SUPPORT...do we have to support anything that is Local Even if its LOCAL CRAP????????!!!!!
I think and after watching this band Live,,i really think tehy are wasting there and our time as well...go get a job or something,,,stop this Metal-Noise...
We are sick of having De ja vous in metal music..sick of - i heared that line somewhere else...what if metallica were from jordan and out of talent,what if a drunk doom keybdst played MDB songs-....
Am sorry Bilocate but am doing you guys a big favor... Quit