16 October, 2005

Bus Science

I am a public transportation lover, very unlike Firas. I do use public transportations each and every day except for Friday hangouts. either for gettin to and from the University or to different places for business, shopping, or even entertainment ;)
I've always considered buses the best way to meet new different people. Besides, with the pretty strong Public Urban transportation structure available in amman since 3-4 years now, Buses are the best way to getting to different places for long distances with the least possible costs.

My Campus (The Hashemite University) is one that I respect its students for the dedication to the public transportation sector, in our campus just over 15.000 students out of 16.000 use urban buses to get to the university, despite the fact that many of them have private cars but still come using public transportation.

The Hashemite University has been always served by "Asia Transport Co.", the company owning those Urban DAEWOO buses just like firas got in, Asia Co. powers both HU-Raghadan & HU-Sweileh routes. newly, "Al Saousana Trans" took over Zarqa route (FINALLY no more ugly Mini Coaster Buses) in addition to NEW scheduled direct routes to Mafraq,Irbid, Ajloun, Jerash, Salt, and Madaba.

Busy routes such that Raghadan-HU are ones that carry the widest diversity of people, from those Abdouni checks to Wehdat & Goesme guys. Demonstrating that are the students scripts on the walls of the bus stop at the Hashemite University. I have benefited from the changes in the bus stops at our university in taking some photos from the HU-Raghadan bus stop newly abandond.... enjoy!

now I wrote this one

No fear for a processed photo as well ;)


BlacK^IcE said...

man! first of all! i never been to raghadan's!
n by the way this is not my way of writing, when i write black ice.. i give it some sorta character ;) lol

faa it must be one of my fans hehehe..


Firas said...

Nice post!!Good writing...
But these busses are the university's? Or they are public ones serving the uni students!

Nice photos.

nasimjo© said...

No, public ones serving Uni Students... as i said in the post, Raghadan & Sweileh routes are powered by the company whose buses you have experienced and took a shot of

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Roba said...

Raheeb wallah!