22 October, 2005

Irbidian Condolences

If You have gone through Irbid streets lately, you would have mentioned these new signs everywhere.
they might look stupid but they really did solve a problem!
Irbidian Minds baby ;)


SC said...

I've seen those last summer

nasimjo© said...

Yeah ... They've been there since for a while, but god widely spread in irbid now after show effeciency in keeping the traffic signs clean from such announcements.

I never had the chance to snap them with a cam before, hope they'll make such boards during the elections, then is the real trouble!

Roba said...

Nasim, I LOVE IT! Wallah ahel Irbid are creative! I really like the idea :)
Thanks for sharing, I would have never found out if it weren't for you.

nasimjo© said...

"I would have never found out if it weren't for you."
Now I didnt really understand this phrase as is!!!! I guess u mean that U have never known about them but now thru me..

ma 3alena! I guess its the 1st time irbidians creativity got it right!!!! talking as an irbidian of origin ;)

Moey said...

geeeeeez man
that's great wallah nas btefham