05 October, 2005

University Fees, Carelessly Expensive!

It’s the beginning of another academic year in universities in jordan, the 2nd week is almost over and the usual action at the registration department is still going on, well, of course not as a couple of years before since now registration is done online,fees can be payed in any branch of a certain Bank (I dont know how effective is this procedure anyway cause i didnt like it!)...

Students are Paying, But ... Still Paying ?!
The problem is that you can notice kinda wealthy people still paying in there..!

in short, i want to tell the story of 2 of my old colleagues at university that I know since I 1st got in the Hashemite University, Both didnt pay any registration fees till this very moment, now I know that both of them never been in such good conditions to pay in time! But always did....

Now this semester none paid yet, & none seem to be wanting to! The 1st one of them is an IT student like me (I.E: Paying 45 JD/Credit hour) who got a loan earlier this summer & started his own business and IT Company, courageous and successful (The Guy has a good managing mind though not a very programming one) and really hitting it well with the business he started, and got even a Xeon hosting Server lately to provide webhosting services through his company as well.....Now Guess what, he is spinning around offices to get (forgiveness) from the president of the university for not being to pay until the end of the semester.

Now my other colleague is studying something half price from our specialization...and still not aiming to pay as far as i mention! I know she had some problems in the family but now you’ll be able to see her with a Nokia mobile that costs just as much as her registration fees not forgetting the very important Mini iPOD!!!!!

Those two individual notices i got this week brought to my mind 1 question...!
If You dont want to study,why are you coming to University our dear students?!
Those 2 individuals i know are studying at the moment what they really wanted to, the 2nd mentioned even transformed her self from another major to this one she’s studying after a lot of spinning around!

But those 2 mentioned above are just a sample of many others...
I get into a lecture, i get out of another, i go , i come ... & I keep seeing the people setting doing nothing but talking to each other in the halls and yards.

I know many of them actually, & I know how much “Skipping a Lecture” is such a fun for them!
I hear the phrase “Make Up Exam” from many of them,,but never tried it my self!
I hear them complaining about many “Childish” courses all the time, when i might be knowing about that subject more than them despite its 180 degrees away from my major.

Whose Fault is it....!
is it the system?! Our educational System at Jordanian Universities is much restricted than the US system that is the model of ours.

Drs?! I agree some economics Drs are women guided but ;) ... neehh , still not the problem in my opinion.

The Community? Maybe! The community where there is always careless people supporting even more careless people to be carelessly oriented! “Shame” can be used only when needed,but not all the time!

Parents? another maybe! But they seemingly care about their children supplying them with money to buy all kind of candies & yummee stuff!

“Zenger!” I bought that only once....! I didnt like it at all despite it maybe the most expensive fast food sandwich at our campus!

All those sophisticated checks setting all the time talking and commenting about other checks spinning around & eating 3-4 times during “Working Hours”...

Even me (known for my anarchist thoughts and comments all around, & being commented as “Shaief 7alee” because of my desire and action to change whats wrong around) never ever dared to comment on others the way I hear them do! Not even when its “GABBA3AT” with me!

& guess what, the sit & eat & never get fat... while I do still have an over weight problem :P hehe,,sounds annoying on the long term :)

Retrieving those notes back seriously... I guess its the Students their selfs! Their mentality, their silly thoughts, their unclear future,thinking that tawjihi was the end of the time and that they’re now in “a new life”(Fake I Say! But more than before!) ,being supported by a community suffering from the same issues because of careless parents that care more about their names in the community they’re leaving, where their children are studying (SOMETHING) in a (UNIVERSITY)!

Yes,,, "University Fees" are expensive, they are expensive for the Community as a whole, the are expensive for the government which will be disappointed by the (Positive Generation & Qualified work force) after putting all those money in the University educational system. "University Fees" are even expensive for other students who consider University the Place to Study,Research and Develop in Science, Mentality, Way of Life & Community Service for having such people against their way most of the time.

“University Fees” are really getting more and more expensive with each and every generation coming into our Universities..... we need a solution!

Such a solution will have to turn our universities into “corruption free – silliness Free – time spending free”...
I have nothing against socializing, I’m a very socializing person after all... in University more than anywhere else maybe but priorities must be set, if the community and parents arent setting them for a young generation that cant even decide weather to have the Zenger with Cola or Juice and is careless enough to keep all those people waiting behind him/her to decide that. then who will set them!?

Maybe the universities with un-setting all the rules they have created to set what they think is right!

Yes,Let those couples get into the lectures kissing each other until the end of the lecture as well as they’re not annoying anybody else!

Let students skip lectures as long as possible.

Let the Students write what ever they want on the walls........................


Catastrophes will surely occur, but sacrifices need to be made!

I dont know how much this transaction era will take.. maybe a couple of years.
But for sure a healthier On Campus community will be formed by then!
A community where only specific people will go to universities!
Very socialized but highly cultured and qualified at the same time!
University Fees will always be paid by students despite they will be higher.. but “The University Fees” on the community and the governments will surely be very pleasant in order to support universities as much as possible!
I’ve wanted to write about this issue long time ago... & apparently, I’m still confused from which door shall i face it despite i got a motivating occasion to talk about it... sorry dear reader if i turned your mind into a flipflop logic circuit!

PS 1: The 2 individuals mentioned above are true and existing but mentioning them is not meant to hurt them by any mean!

PS 2: "GABBA3AT" = Had enough until my bones dropped down!

PS 3: "Flipflop" in the post above doesn’t mean slippers!

PS 4: this post was written in a very sleepy homework-stuffed conditions!


nadeen said...

That was... interesting indeed! i do agree strongly with all the things you mentioned in this article. These things you mentioned in the beginning of this post are not only shown in universities, but when you get to have a wider look around you in our society you'll find hundreds of these people existing everywhere! Hell they do piss my freakin self out!
HAHAHAHAHA goes for the 3rd P.S.
Keep that up dude!

nasimjo© said...

of course they're everywhere ... the difference that here you'r paying for you good & future ... its like god opened a whole highway for you to get to your objective , & still you use the narrow roads between farms to get to a river where you want to take a boat in order to get to the ocean, aiming to go to a town on the coast to get a free ride to your objective !!

Excuse me ,, This comment was written in a company environment;)

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