30 April, 2007

A classic music radio station is finally on the airwaves of Amman, on 105.1 FM

Yes, the station that was recently opened by "Modern Media Corp" the owner of Play 99.6 will be officially the first Classic and Symphonic radio station in Amman. after the death of RFJ (The Official Jordanian French FM station on 90.0 FM that is not that french any more!).

Quite a smart move, and this is exactly what i was talking about like a couple of years ago. That there should be like a radio station for each and every major genre of music, watch and learn arabic stations, watch and learn.

Yes, we do really miss Classic and symphonic music on the seen in all this loudness! Way much before the boom in the radio seen in jordan (or as it is called, ill tell you later what i do call it), there was RFJ, which is still there, physically speaking, which used to play Classic and Symphonic music for like over half of its 6 AM – 8 PM's 14 hours transmission. And trust me, there where quite a lot of people who used to listen to it, and in the afternoon at the requests and up-beat music shows, the children of those people who used to listen to classic music where enjoying their time listening to French music, in addition to some western. So, conclusion, RFJ's listeners where much more at that time then now when they play ARABIC, junk English, and a piece of news headline in French! Yes, Even the radio announcers now speak in arabic more than French and English! Listeners, well, I dunno, but i hear the same names and callers all the time ,,, it turned like a family radio, or a wanna-be gang radio! From a radio station that used to give dedicated weekly hours for great names like Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, and Georgy Zamfeer. And air the most tabooed and liberal news casts in their news, in contrast with the official Jordanian Radio and TV that used to have a total different story about the same news title!

Anyway, back to the station on 105.1 FM, the station is, still, names less, but i started already to be listener of it. I'll be feeding you back with a post as soon as i get to have new information about it.

UPDATE 7-May-2007: The station has stopped, after switching back to hear Play 99.6 on this frequency for a couple of days. that is most probably due to the fact that this was only a test transmission. the station still has no declared name. and didnot officially start. I will post about it when its back


The other day i read my horoscope ....

Well, I usually hear my “Horror-scope” from Dj Mike in the morning on Jordan FM 96.3 ....


by the end of it, it said....
".... so try to make room for it." End of Horoscope Forcast.

Are you talking to ... Me!
The room is there..... its made, its warm, its .... but its Empty!

I do not really guess that I AM the ONE to make ROOM for IT!

Its just waiting!

25 April, 2007

Sariyah Express starts working on Abdali - Airport Express

Sariyah Express has started earlier this week working on the Abdali-QAIA Airport Express route, providing us with, finally, a decent Public Transportation service to the Airport, after gaining the license for that earlier this year.

Sariyah Express has been also, in case you dont know, the official courier for Royal Jordanian employees for over a couple of years now.

The entry of Sariyah Express really saved the situation on this route, that is, after Al-Dhelal Transport Co, the operator of Airport Express (that red & White buses one) was showing that its being really careless about this route which they were acquiring 1.5 JD for a person in it. the were careless enough to have their brand new buses ruined in a year or so. and starting last fall, it got all its Airport express buses out of service to replace them with Al-Dhelal's URBAN Public transportation buses!!!!!!!!! did i hear URBAN! this of course continued after creating the CMTC in which al-dhelal is taking part in.

23 April, 2007

Da .... Basescu!

Traian Basescu the romanian president has been suspended by the romanian parliament (which is even worse than the jordanian parliament) earlier last week.... simply because those parliament members are not liking the fact that basescu's war against corruption is coming against their businesses. that is including members of the government it self!

as a voter for basescu, I will vote for him again in the referendum for refusing his suspendation, and yet again in the upcoming election.

JOS Hotzi,
JOS Mincinoshi.


15 April, 2007

Radio Guide Update: a Play 99.6 sister station on 105.1 !?

The owning company of Play 99.6, Modern Media Corp, had obtained a license to start broadcasting on 105.1 FM in the Greater Amman Area, seems like a new sister station of Play 99.6 is on the way... at this moment, Play 99.6 is being broadcasted on 105.1 FM.

more information will be posted as the occur :)

Radio Guide Update: Watan FM now in Irbid on 92.7 FM

Watan FM, which had started broadcasting last october in Amman on 100.3 FM and later in irbid on 100.7 FM had changed its frequency in irbid to 92.7 FM

Radio Guide Update: Sawt Al-Madina Changes its Frequency to 88.7

Sawt Al-Madina, which started broadcasting earlier last month had shifted its frequency to 88.7 FM instead of 88.5.

02 April, 2007

Mozilla (with Firefox) keeps kicking Micro$oft's *ss*

Now this is what i call a happy piece of open-sourced news :) Via /.

According to the german tech-site heise.de, the Mozilla Foundation is suing Microsoft over the use of tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer 7. The Mozilla Foundation owns the patent 5,160,296 through one of their developers (Solomon Katz, a former Opera dev) and has begun suing Microsoft in Mountainview, California. The Foundation wants that MS immediately ceases to distribute IE 7 and pays 1.4 Billion dollars in damages. Heise reports that Microsoft has issued no official response, but is contemplating to ship IE 7 NT (no tabs).

Did any one mention the huge relation between Micro$oft and *ss* lately ... its a fact, alot of people rely helplessly on both :D