23 April, 2007

Da .... Basescu!

Traian Basescu the romanian president has been suspended by the romanian parliament (which is even worse than the jordanian parliament) earlier last week.... simply because those parliament members are not liking the fact that basescu's war against corruption is coming against their businesses. that is including members of the government it self!

as a voter for basescu, I will vote for him again in the referendum for refusing his suspendation, and yet again in the upcoming election.

JOS Hotzi,
JOS Mincinoshi.



kinzi said...

Go get em, Nasim! Fuerto bene 3alayk!!

(Sorry I haven't commented lately, I just don't do radio!!) :D

gabitzu said...

Photos from the both meetings Pro Basescu in Bucharest, Romania are here:

The first meeting from Piata Universitatii Square

The second meeting from Piata Constitutiei Square

The supporters from the second meeting

Firas said...

انتا شو قصدك؟ يعني مجلس نوابنا مش كويس؟

استحي على حالك ولا بجيبلك 4 نواب يفهموك غلطك