15 April, 2007

Radio Guide Update: a Play 99.6 sister station on 105.1 !?

The owning company of Play 99.6, Modern Media Corp, had obtained a license to start broadcasting on 105.1 FM in the Greater Amman Area, seems like a new sister station of Play 99.6 is on the way... at this moment, Play 99.6 is being broadcasted on 105.1 FM.

more information will be posted as the occur :)


redrose said...

Hi Nasim
Did you hear the trial broadcasting for I2 radio station I think it's for Nokia! what do you think of this sort also? thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Nasim,

Would you by any chance have a telephone number where I could reach somebody at Modern Media Corp? I'm very much interested in their FM classical broadcast. Thanks. Kind regards.

Jean-Claude Elias, IT specialist, Music and IT columnist with the Jordan Times. jcelias@wanadoo.jo.