31 January, 2007

Project BiSCA's 1st mass-media appearance in its 1st birthday.

Project BiSCA (Bus Information, Scheduling, and Control for Amman), which is our (that is Ehab Al-Hakawati, Fayez Al-Rafeaa, and yours truly Nasim Al-Tamimi) University graduation project, and turned later by us into a pilot project aiming by that for it to be improved and implemented. BiSCA got last Sunday, the 28th of January 2007, its first ever nation-wide mass-media attention. When it was featured on Radio Amman Net 92.4 FM, through the only radio show in the Jordanian radio sphere concerned in traffic and transportation issues. “Sayara FM” with Mohammad Shamma.

The mass-media premier of project BiSCA to the nation featured the three of us, celebrating a year since project BiSCA's initialization with a very high confidentiality and hope that turning project BiSCA into a Pilot Project will be bringing BiSCA deeper into the Jordanian public transportation's reality. Along with a more sharpen view of what we have already done, and where we are heading to with project BiSCA.

Mohammad Shamma, the editor and presenter of “Syara FM” discussed with us the facts and applicabilities BiSCA will be affecting the urban public transportation sector in Amman when applied.

Mr Shamma also contacted Mr Hashem Masaeed, head of Jordanian Public Transportation Regulatory Commission, Mr Yousef Borno, head of traffic engineering dept in Amman Greater municipality, and Mr Abdul Sattar abu Hassan, The regional Vice-president of the International Union for Public Transportation and the owner and founder of Asia Transport Co. in order to discuss with them the possibility of applying such a project in Amman.

Personally speaking, I found both Mr Abdul Sattar, and Mr Yousef Borno positive regarding our project, and discussing the further technical details with us, and the possibility of integrating it with what they are trying to have/apply in the Greater Amman Municipality, and the newly founded Integrated Transportation Co respectively in the domain of Traffic and Transportation Information Systems.

On the other hand, also personally speaking, Mr Masaeed's response didn't sound that positive to me! Or didn't have time to get into a discussion about it.... I'll leave it for you to listen and judge!

By the way, I got to know the Mr Abdul Sattar abu Hassan already knew something about project BiSCA since he happened to read my blog from time to time :)

Yes, you can still listen to the show by clicking on this link (you can right click and save it as MP3). And even read the article published in AmmanNet's website about it.
The show will be also re-broadcasted this Thursday, at 11:30 AM on radio Amman Net, through 92.4 FM in the greater amman area, or through www.ammannet.net .

After a year of getting deeper than usual through the status of urban public transportation in the capital Amman, after conducting the most powerful standardized define and design methodologies for the project, And taking care of each and every tiny cost detail in it... after spending non stop days and nights trying to resolve some unexpected cases, after a bunch of locked doors in our faces turning us to depend totally on our selves in the project, after having the weirdest day of my life as the day when we had the project's presentation and my CPU and motherboard went dead, singing all sort of graduation songs. And after participating at a Zombie graduation projects competition.

Project BiSCA is now officially a pilot project. And an initiative lead by us to improve the urban public transportation sector in Amman.

We are ready for the challenge ....
We are ready for the mission ....
We are ready for changing what couldnt be resolved for years ...
We ARE Ready ....

Are YOU ready?!
WE know who YOU are meant to be .... Yes ... YOU ... are YOU READY for BiSCA!

27 January, 2007

JOHUD’s ‘Autostrad’ radio production unit launches talk-show

By Cheryl Haines

AMMAN — A new talk-radio programme launched last week on the Kingdom’s only country-wide mainstream radio station, FANN FM (104.2) seeks to promote cultural awareness among listeners by providing an open forum through which people can voice their opinions about contemporary political, social and economic issues affecting the country.

The half-hour radio programme was pioneered by “Autostrad,” the country’s first radio production unit housed in the capital’s Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre and run by a small group of 20-something journalists, media professionals and production designers whose professional aim is to take an active role in the country’s development processes through communication media, according to a statement issued by Autostrad.

“Autostrad’s goal is to localise the globalised and break social barriers,” Autostrad Sales and Marketing Manager Noor Dajani, told The Jordan Times.

“We believe peer-to-peer education is important for the transfer of knowledge in the country,” she noted, adding that the new radio programme provides a platform for citizen communication, encouraging listeners to express and share their ideas and concerns on contemporary national issues.

Autostrad was implemented in 2005 through the Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development’s (JOHUD) Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development in cooperation with Western Kentucky University and Internews Network, an international nongovernmental organisation seeking to foster independent media organisations and promote open communication policies around the world.

The Autostrad team attended a three-week training course organised by the university last summer in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Washington, DC to learn the technical aspects involved in developing and editing radio programmes.
Since its conception, one of Autostrad’s main goals was to develop radio programmes that could be broadcast through mainstream and community radio stations throughout the country, focusing on contemporary issues relatable to all sectors of Jordanian society.

“We want to influence people to make a difference and show them that they can be a part of the change by taking part in our radio programmes,” Hiba Aloul, a journalist and programme producer for Autostrad, Referring to Autostrad’s motto: “Tune into Change,” told The Jordan Times.

Autostrad’s first programme aired on FANN FM on January 17.
Each radio programme is comprised of pre-recorded introductions and live, on-air call-ins and discussions.
Airing every Wednesday at 11:00am on the station’s “Sabaho” morning programme with radio host Desiree and members of the Autostrad team, the programme is currently scheduled to go on until May, but there is hope that listener response will allow it to continue for longer.

With only two shows aired, listener feedback has so far been encouraging. The first programme focused on child beggars in the country, covering issues such as harassment of beggars, dangers of panhandling on busy road and common street scams.
The topic aroused active participation and varied responses from listeners. In fact, the show lasted beyond its scheduled time-slot, with listeners continuing to call-in to the station, extending the programme to over 40 minutes.

“We work for the people, with the people,” said Autostrad’s senior journalist and programme producer Mohammad Maaitah.
“Radio extends to local people and it can express their opinions. It’s cheap to buy and cheap to consume,” he continued, adding that Autostrad’s radio show on Sabaho targets many social groups — women, the underprivileged, the country’s youth and ethnic minorities.

Autostrad’s second programme focused on the issue of graffiti and illegal artwork in the Kingdom’s urban spaces and future shows plan to discuss topics such as Internet dating, psychiatry in Jordan and stigmas associated with buying and wearing used clothing.

The name Autostrad was chosen by the group in reference to the Italian high-speed motorway, the Autostrade, and Germany’s equivalent, the Autobahn.

With thousands of passengers using the motorways on any given day, this road space becomes a communal ground for people from various classes, ethnicities and backgrounds. Free of social barriers like racism and discrimination, the Autostrade welcomes everyone regardless of their beliefs and convictions, noted Aloul.
For those unable to tune in to regular radio programming, FANN FM’s website offers live streaming online at www.radiofann.com.

+ Jordan Times, Friday-Saturday, January 26-27, 2007
+ Via Amarc MENA

Listen ....

Tomorrow ....
11:30 AM
Radio Amman Net
92.4 FM

Listen ......

23 January, 2007

Service Pack 1 for Vista !

Microsoft confesses, VISTA HAS ISSUES! .... "HIGH IMPACT ISSUES" ... and it started building SP1 for Vista (PS: Vista is yet to be released by the end of this month".

also ,,, 10 "Other" reasons why not to get Vista .....

and 10 reasons why to get Vista ... though they do not really worth it!

21 January, 2007

Mood FM is Speaking!

Yesterday, Saturday the 20th of January is the first time i ever hear Mood FM SPEAKING!

Now other than what is called: “The Report” which cames out at some top of the hours on mood FM, and which, in my opinion, doesn't really have anything in relation with Mood FM's style as a headline of non political news, mainly celebrity news, and sometimes technology/gadgets news... This is really the 1st time i ever that i hear a LIVE voice on Mood FM (Its obvious enough that “the report” is most of the time recorded).

Now Maybe the voice that appeared was NOT engineered in such a good quality that Mood FM's music is (“The Report” readers do not have their voice magnificently engineered either) .... but a step forward is hearing that voice.

The DJ's name is DJ Rebecca ... the show was called “Late night Lounge” and it lasted until midnight. Featuring a real nice collection of lounge relaxy music (Rather than most ammani lounge modern progressive house music, AKA: today's commercial lounge music)..... or mostly at least...!


Fastlink, Enough is ENOUGH... Part #3

Since my last incident with Fastlink about a year ago, I do still have in my shut fastlink number the sum of 0.001 JD (you can say, I kept it for decoration! And a reason for fastlink to keep considering it really has 2,000,000 subscribers rather than 1,999,999 ).

Now, after a year, the number was about to get disconnected, I decide to charge the number with 5 JD in order to renew the validity period, i go and buy one recharge card, i put the Fastlink SIM into the phone, and start charging it with credit, it charged with only ONE MONTH VALIDITY!


Oh my god, just thinking that i should call their customer care center is already a night mare! (cu6amar ker) that is!

So i deal 1234 .... and a sexy machine voice says in arabic:

Voice: Hello, in order to improve our customer care service, a new high technology system will now take care of your request ...


Voice: Just tell me your request, and i will reply you with the needed information, or convert you to one of my “colleagues” to help you more!

ME: Ya 7abibi! Voice recognition system ... ( Being a Software Developer myself, I never believed in the efficiency of such systems! The related AI methodologies in this field are still not will formed to be able to cope with the expected needs). EL MOHEM

Voice: So you can say for example say: “FAKK EGHLAG AL BETAKA” (PUK code, that is). and i will supply you with the needed information, so go ahead and tell me your request.


Voice: Sorry, but i didnt hear you will, seems you are outside, or there is some noice around you, please go inside a building and tell me your request clearly.

ME: YA 7abibi (I was in my room)

Voice: Tfaddal...


Voice: Aha, sorry bas beddi at2akkad, 2oltellee “DAF3AT AL FAWATEER”, Na3am aw Laa (Sorry, but i wont to get sure weather you said: “Bill Paying” Yes or not.)

ME : LA2 (NO)

Voice: 6aieb tfadal e7kee 6alabak (Then please tell me your request)

after a blank period for me trying to think how those junky developers did the system, the machine voice said again: Sorry, MA SME3ET! (Sorry, didnt hear!)

ME: Be6akat al Sha7en (Prepaid recharge cards).

VOICE: sorry bas beddi at2akkad men 6alabak, 2oltellee: “FAKK EGHLAG AL SHA7EN”, Na3am aw Laa ( Sorry, but i wont to get sure weather you said: “Recharge unlock” Yes or not).

ME: LA2 (NO) ... and deep inside my head: !%&#($#@^#(*#^@&#^!(*

Voice: 6aieb tfadal e7kee 6alabak (Then please tell me your request)

ME: Mosa3adet Al-MWADHAF (employee assistance).

Voice: sorry ma fhemet (Sorry, couldnt get it).

ME: Mwadaf khadamat al moshtarekeen (customer care employee).

Voice: bte2dar t3eed 6alabak meshan 2a2dar 2asa3dak (can you tell me your request again so that i best help you?!)

ME: MWADHAF (employee)

Voice: 2oltellee Mwadhaf (you told me employee)?!

ME, finally!: NA3AM (Yes)

Voice: MEN 3YOONEE! Ana hon 3ashank enta, bas 2ollee 6alabak w 2ana ra7 2allabee 6alabak (Your wish is my command, Im here just for you, just tell me your request and i will do it for you)....

Later ..... and in another call trying to get through to a living customer care personnel....


Voice: 3endak moshkele? Bas e7keelee esh heie, 2elha 3alaka bel ez3aj, sha7n al-raseed, al-tagh6ye, 5edmet al rasa2el .... etc (So You have a problem, just tell me what it is ... is it related to annoyment, recharching creadit, coverage , SMS service .... etc).

ME: ha7n al-raseed (recharging the credit)

Voice: 7adertak 7akeit: 5edmet al-rasa2el al-qaseera (did u say SMS service ?!)

ME: La2 (NO)

Voice: e7keelee moshkeltak (Say your problem)

ME: Raseed (Credit)

Voice: 2oltellee Rassel Sout w Soura?! (did u tell me “Rassel” the MMS service)

ME: La2 (NO)

Voice: e7keelee moshkeltak (Say your problem)

ME: Al-7ESAB (Payment)

Voice: 2oltellee 3endek Moshkeleh bel dafe3 3an 6areek el Visa aw el Master Card (Do you have a problem paying using Visa or Master Card)?!

ME (Trying to get to an employee): Na3am (YES)

Voice: Wala yhemmak, zameelee ra7 ysa3dak (no worries, my colleague will help you)

Voice: Bas 2asfe, sheklo ma ra7 ye2dar ysa3dak el halla2 !(But sorry, he wont be able to answer you now!)

THEN THEY SHUT DOWN THE LINE! @##&$%^#$**(*^$%&$%@#$$((^)__)(*%^#$$

Damn it!

So Creapy!

This whole thingy took me 6 minutes and i didnt get any service!


And i sent several claims for the TRC against fastlink and they didnt do anything apparently.

I want my 5 JD back....

and my line valid for another year,

and a reply and a follow up from the TRC .... otherwise, Im ready to publish all the emails and replys sent from me to several TRC employees, and vis a vis.

This post is also directed to The Minister of Telecommunication and Technology .... PS: I Know that Mr Rousan was in fastlink for over 10 years.

14 January, 2007

Radio Guide Update: Amen FM starting transmission on 89.5 FM

Yesterday, I mentioned that Amen FM started its test transmission on 89.5 FM.

The Jordanian Police Dept is the owner of the station, and who got the license to start broadcasting with the named station on this frequency earlier in mid 2006, More HERE.

Now I wonder, The Army got its radio station, the police is starting one, ministry of Awqaf got 3 local stations as well ....
what remained for the Jordanian Broadcasting Corportation's main arabic service to do!

Not even Al-Bath Al-Mobasher aint that "efficient not effective" anymore!

09 January, 2007

الخاصة 71 In Action!

خبر طازة و المزيد هنا
صرح مصدر امني مسؤول بان مجموعة "فرسان الحق" التابعة للمخابرات
العامة الأردنية تمكنت صباح اليوم وبإسناد من القوة 14 التابعة لمديرية الأمن العام
من قتل احد العناصر "الإرهابية" التابعة لتنظيم القاعدة واعتقال آخر خلال مداهمة
منزل في منطقة المطلع بمدينة اربد كانا تحصنا به وبادرا بإطلاق النار على قوات
الأمن لدى محاولة اعتقالهما.وقد تمت مداهمة المنزل بعد متابعة معلومات عن مخططات
لتنظيم القاعدة تستهدف الساحة الأردنية.وأسفرت العملية عن مقتل سليمان غياض
الانجادي ويحمل جواز سفر أردنيا مؤقتا واعتقال رمضان مصطفى المنسي الذي يحمل أيضا
جواز سفر أردنيا وإصابة عدد من رجال الأمن بجروح طفيفة.وأفاد شهود عيان أن الحادث
وقع في المنطقة الشمالية الشرقية لشارع القدس – الطريق الدائري - شمال المدينة حيث
أفاق المواطنون على دوي إطلاق النار بكثافة بين مسلحين والأجهزة الأمنية، والتي
استمرت عملية أطلاق النار قرابة أربع ساعات. ورفض مصدر في محافظة اربد التعليق على
الموضوع واصفا إياه بالشأن السياسي الخارج عن صلاحيات المحافظة

01 January, 2007

So JordanPlanet went to sleep and we went into the street!

I guess the following table of traffic shows the difference after jordanplanet was put to sleep.
at least, I hope the JP folks would at least turn the main page into a links only page for the bloggers as well as other jordanian aggregators ... in addition to an archive page for the posts aggregated among those years on JP.

Day Date Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Monday 1st January 2007 7 6 5 1
Sunday 31st December 2006 6 5 4 1
Saturday 30th December 2006 29 16 14 2
Friday 29th December 2006 17 14 14 0
Thursday 28th December 2006 29 22 18 4
Wednesday 27th December 2006 39 28 21 7
Tuesday 26th December 2006 59 45 35 10
Monday 25th December 2006 16 16 14 2