23 January, 2007

Service Pack 1 for Vista !

Microsoft confesses, VISTA HAS ISSUES! .... "HIGH IMPACT ISSUES" ... and it started building SP1 for Vista (PS: Vista is yet to be released by the end of this month".

also ,,, 10 "Other" reasons why not to get Vista .....

and 10 reasons why to get Vista ... though they do not really worth it!


Qwaider قويدر said...

You're such a hater!
This is how big companies work. They're in plans for the next release before the current release is done.
This is called "product life-cycle" look up the term in software engineering books.
The fact is, Windows usability, functionality, balance between technical and aesthetics makes it the best operating system in the world.
Sure you're going to say some Unix/Linus is better or even the sissy OSX or something. But consider what happened with me today. Just to count windows blessings.
I was asked to check out certain products to make sure they interop.
So I went ahead and started. The windows version took 30 seconds to install, 5 minutes to configure and I was up and running
The Linux version required 9 downloads from 4 different sites and then I had to compile it to work!
That's just NUTS

Have you tried Vista RTM? I've been running the RC since it was released and it's just spectacularly amazing!

Let me give you a piece of advice, try before you buy!

abu_alfouz said...

sp1 for vista?! tieb wen vista asln!

by the way big companies plan to the next release (not next sp) before current release is done.

nasimjo© said...

Qwaider, its not me who said it ,,, but Microsoft their self, they said the Windows Vista has "High Impact Issues".... I dont think those issues should be a future plan on such a big enterprise!!! as the SP is a resolver not an upgrade.

& by thew way, I tried ... and Will NEVER BUY!
the only windows worth using is Windows server 2003 (using, not buying!)...

& MAC OSX is orgasmic, weather u like it or not!

about installation on linux, simply use RPM or DEB packages or even Binaries rather than compiling the source code (I never compiled a a source code of an application since i started using linux!!) not even Oracle DB or Oracle Application Server.

and regarding multiple downloading, all the new Linux distros have embedded tools for getting the packages and dependencies, and even installing them with 2-3 steps only

Qwaider قويدر said...

Alright then have fun :)
You made me laugh so hard when you said you never compiled a linux kernel before. In other words, a N00b!
It's all good, enjoy what you're using :)
Oh OSX is really a sissy OS. Seriously!
Aren't just again Anything Microsoft? They can put the universe on a silver plater for you and you'll still not like it!
Fine then .... go suffer with linux Mr I-have-never-recompiled-my-kernel .... LOL!

nasimjo© said...

Who told u this!
I like Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting services!
Now thats what i call good job!

Yeah ... I do not even know how to compile a linux application or a kernel source code! never needed to learn to even!