21 January, 2007

Fastlink, Enough is ENOUGH... Part #3

Since my last incident with Fastlink about a year ago, I do still have in my shut fastlink number the sum of 0.001 JD (you can say, I kept it for decoration! And a reason for fastlink to keep considering it really has 2,000,000 subscribers rather than 1,999,999 ).

Now, after a year, the number was about to get disconnected, I decide to charge the number with 5 JD in order to renew the validity period, i go and buy one recharge card, i put the Fastlink SIM into the phone, and start charging it with credit, it charged with only ONE MONTH VALIDITY!


Oh my god, just thinking that i should call their customer care center is already a night mare! (cu6amar ker) that is!

So i deal 1234 .... and a sexy machine voice says in arabic:

Voice: Hello, in order to improve our customer care service, a new high technology system will now take care of your request ...


Voice: Just tell me your request, and i will reply you with the needed information, or convert you to one of my “colleagues” to help you more!

ME: Ya 7abibi! Voice recognition system ... ( Being a Software Developer myself, I never believed in the efficiency of such systems! The related AI methodologies in this field are still not will formed to be able to cope with the expected needs). EL MOHEM

Voice: So you can say for example say: “FAKK EGHLAG AL BETAKA” (PUK code, that is). and i will supply you with the needed information, so go ahead and tell me your request.


Voice: Sorry, but i didnt hear you will, seems you are outside, or there is some noice around you, please go inside a building and tell me your request clearly.

ME: YA 7abibi (I was in my room)

Voice: Tfaddal...


Voice: Aha, sorry bas beddi at2akkad, 2oltellee “DAF3AT AL FAWATEER”, Na3am aw Laa (Sorry, but i wont to get sure weather you said: “Bill Paying” Yes or not.)

ME : LA2 (NO)

Voice: 6aieb tfadal e7kee 6alabak (Then please tell me your request)

after a blank period for me trying to think how those junky developers did the system, the machine voice said again: Sorry, MA SME3ET! (Sorry, didnt hear!)

ME: Be6akat al Sha7en (Prepaid recharge cards).

VOICE: sorry bas beddi at2akkad men 6alabak, 2oltellee: “FAKK EGHLAG AL SHA7EN”, Na3am aw Laa ( Sorry, but i wont to get sure weather you said: “Recharge unlock” Yes or not).

ME: LA2 (NO) ... and deep inside my head: !%&#($#@^#(*#^@&#^!(*

Voice: 6aieb tfadal e7kee 6alabak (Then please tell me your request)

ME: Mosa3adet Al-MWADHAF (employee assistance).

Voice: sorry ma fhemet (Sorry, couldnt get it).

ME: Mwadaf khadamat al moshtarekeen (customer care employee).

Voice: bte2dar t3eed 6alabak meshan 2a2dar 2asa3dak (can you tell me your request again so that i best help you?!)

ME: MWADHAF (employee)

Voice: 2oltellee Mwadhaf (you told me employee)?!

ME, finally!: NA3AM (Yes)

Voice: MEN 3YOONEE! Ana hon 3ashank enta, bas 2ollee 6alabak w 2ana ra7 2allabee 6alabak (Your wish is my command, Im here just for you, just tell me your request and i will do it for you)....

Later ..... and in another call trying to get through to a living customer care personnel....


Voice: 3endak moshkele? Bas e7keelee esh heie, 2elha 3alaka bel ez3aj, sha7n al-raseed, al-tagh6ye, 5edmet al rasa2el .... etc (So You have a problem, just tell me what it is ... is it related to annoyment, recharching creadit, coverage , SMS service .... etc).

ME: ha7n al-raseed (recharging the credit)

Voice: 7adertak 7akeit: 5edmet al-rasa2el al-qaseera (did u say SMS service ?!)

ME: La2 (NO)

Voice: e7keelee moshkeltak (Say your problem)

ME: Raseed (Credit)

Voice: 2oltellee Rassel Sout w Soura?! (did u tell me “Rassel” the MMS service)

ME: La2 (NO)

Voice: e7keelee moshkeltak (Say your problem)

ME: Al-7ESAB (Payment)

Voice: 2oltellee 3endek Moshkeleh bel dafe3 3an 6areek el Visa aw el Master Card (Do you have a problem paying using Visa or Master Card)?!

ME (Trying to get to an employee): Na3am (YES)

Voice: Wala yhemmak, zameelee ra7 ysa3dak (no worries, my colleague will help you)

Voice: Bas 2asfe, sheklo ma ra7 ye2dar ysa3dak el halla2 !(But sorry, he wont be able to answer you now!)

THEN THEY SHUT DOWN THE LINE! @##&$%^#$**(*^$%&$%@#$$((^)__)(*%^#$$

Damn it!

So Creapy!

This whole thingy took me 6 minutes and i didnt get any service!


And i sent several claims for the TRC against fastlink and they didnt do anything apparently.

I want my 5 JD back....

and my line valid for another year,

and a reply and a follow up from the TRC .... otherwise, Im ready to publish all the emails and replys sent from me to several TRC employees, and vis a vis.

This post is also directed to The Minister of Telecommunication and Technology .... PS: I Know that Mr Rousan was in fastlink for over 10 years.


abu_alfouz said...

mn kl 32lhm 7a6en voice recognition !! y3ne swwo kl she l 5dmt their customers o b2it hai ?!

Mohannad said...

Fastlink is dishonest. Their customer service is dishonest. All they want to do is go on recording being nice to you but they never help at the end. I caught them overcharging me over 200% and 300% and they play dump and I can't prove it. So I no longer use Fastlink. I believe upper management at Fastlink is made up of unscrupulous persons.

wedad said...

dont start tell me about this company! there r getting worse day by day!!

Lubna said...

faga3et de7ek.... hahaha.. these people are idiots, and are getting more on my nerves day by day. Screw fastlink, screw their mentalitiy, screw their lies.. screw their intentions.

Money is deleting all the definitions of integrity, honesty and good reason.

I just hope that this company and the heads behind it get what they deserve from life.

God's blessings, w 5alas shut that line.. sho bedak fee? I still have mine, but shut. Or wait, when i figure what to do with it, i'll tell you what to do with yours :D

OmAr said...

lol! that was hilarious

but let me ease your pain and solve your problem
Fastlink stopped the 1-year-validity-period in October, now all charging cards work as before or with a little bit more improvement, as for your 5 JD back and 1 year validity..LOL @ that

nasimjo© said...

By the way guys, I mentioned that this post got several hits from several Fastlink employees .... hope the message got to someone in there!

Omar, yes, I figured out from people that they changed the validity period, and decleared it back then in a newspaper ad of 10x10 cms rather than their usual colored full page/half page ads!
Still, I need my money back, and let them empty my credit...

Ode to Umniah's 5 years validity...

Lubna, I have an Umniah and an Xpress line, and im satisfied with both to the maximum, My fastlink line is shut, I kept it out of charge just in order to get some messages from a certain romanian company that is even more stupid than fastlink, and that doesnt send SMSs to Umniah nor xpress (though it receives from them).

mohannad and wedadd ... they are the elite blind! simply!

Ahmad H. Abu Qauod said...

Walla ya naseem 7azantne
I will help you:
transfare you credit to me and I will give you the 5 JD's

Ahmad Abu Qauod

mazz said...

now that's funny!
i remember such incidents during development and pilot testing! but those should be solved by now! inta law tisma3 il pilot recordings!
some people called and said "inti eimta bitkhalsi dawam?" and "sotek bijannin! 7abib at3arraf!" some even played music!