21 January, 2007

Mood FM is Speaking!

Yesterday, Saturday the 20th of January is the first time i ever hear Mood FM SPEAKING!

Now other than what is called: “The Report” which cames out at some top of the hours on mood FM, and which, in my opinion, doesn't really have anything in relation with Mood FM's style as a headline of non political news, mainly celebrity news, and sometimes technology/gadgets news... This is really the 1st time i ever that i hear a LIVE voice on Mood FM (Its obvious enough that “the report” is most of the time recorded).

Now Maybe the voice that appeared was NOT engineered in such a good quality that Mood FM's music is (“The Report” readers do not have their voice magnificently engineered either) .... but a step forward is hearing that voice.

The DJ's name is DJ Rebecca ... the show was called “Late night Lounge” and it lasted until midnight. Featuring a real nice collection of lounge relaxy music (Rather than most ammani lounge modern progressive house music, AKA: today's commercial lounge music)..... or mostly at least...!



Anonymous said...

Mood FM, the Arab answer to white trash music and programs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - DJ Rebecca had a great set. Refreshing change from daytime playtime! Any idea where you can find a playlist of her stuff?