27 April, 2006

24 April, 2006

When FireFox Bites IE on a Microsoft related Website ;)

this is a logo for one of the JorDev(The Jordanian .NET Developers Group) members ;)

23 April, 2006

BiSCA on Standard

Because BiSCA is built on standards ;)

Thanx Booch, thanx Jacobson, thanx Rumbaugh ....
thank you for making software engineering...

By the way, the Unified Development Process book appearing in the picture IS signed by Mr Ivar Jacobson ;)

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an affective project of PSUT's IEEE student branch ;)

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17 April, 2006

Developer.com Product of the Year 2006 Winners Are Named

And the Winners Are...

Technology of the Year:
AJAX From Mozilla Developer Center

Framework of the Year:
JavaServer Faces From Sun Microsystems Inc.

Development Tool of the Year:
Eclipse From the Eclipse Foundation

Development Utility of the Year:
Ant From The Apache Software Foundation

Web Service Product of the Year:
Google APIs From Google Inc.

Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add-in of the Year:
J2ME™ Wireless Toolkit From Sun Microsystems Inc.
(Runner up)
Sybase® PocketBuilder 2.0 From Sybase Inc.

Database Tool or Add-in of the Year:
MySQL 5.0 From MySQL AB

Java Tool/Add-in of the Year:
Sun Java™ Studio Creator By Sun Microsystems Inc.

JSR (Java Specification Request) of the Year:
JSR 244: Java EE 5.0

.NET Tool or Add-in of the Year:
Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 From Microsoft Corporation
(The Winning Non-Microsoft product:)
Mono .NET Framework From mono-project.com

Security Tool or Add-in of the Year:
Sun Java System Identity Manager From Sun Microsystems Inc.

Open Source Tool of the Year (Tie):
OpenOffice 2.0 From OpenOffice.org and
Firefox From Mozilla Foundation

16 April, 2006

The Lack of Ethics in Microsoft's Gospelers!

Yesterday, Microsoft Academic Day (MAD) a story of success that was born and raised in Jordan , out of some enthusiastic Jordanian students leading the .net clubs in Jordanian universities, and starting to spread along the region's .net student communities supported of course by the company, Microsoft.

This is the 2nd ever MAD event, and my 2nd as well!

Here's why i came out with the title up here, based on what i've seen yesterday, and comparing it with the way Oracle Developer Days (The Oracle and Java one that was held on my birthday particularly speaking) where there was a pretty wide space for Open Source technologies around.

Since the very start of the event, the Microsoft personnel had came over open source technologies in his keynote session out of nowhere saying “oh, what interpreted PHP, or MySQL ... we are giving you real technology talk in here !”.
more over, later during one of the ASP.NET 2.0 sessions, one of the guys, I really cant remember if its the guy from compu-base or a .net brain washed student, saying: “la2nno haik a7san, e7na mesh PHP hon” (English: because this is the way it should be, we're not interested in PHP in here).

I mean: I've worked on Microsoft's .net technologies, and on ASP.NET 2.0 particularly, and it is a pretty powerful platform, and supported by a “kinda still buggy if you want my opinion about Visual Studio 2005” but a strong one for sure that you can't really not take into consideration when developing.

But you have no single right to talk about PHP in such a way only because you are a lousy lazy person or a personnel at a company that is considers open source technologies its primary enemy.

PHP and that small shell toy called MySQL is running millions of people's manners and information in the best possible way and with less than 5% of the costs of running the same manners and information with the same reliability and performance with Microsoft's technologies (ASP.NET – MS SQL Server – MS IIS - MS Win Servers).... and the Web says it all!

On the other hand later on, talking about ASP.NET 2.0, the guy from compu-base international, while talking about validating forms data said: “Now its even easier to make it with Visual Studio 2005, no need for any line of Javascript, who's the lousy that writes Javascript anymore, its all here!”.

And another [being-funny] guy talking about Microsoft's AJAX platform ATLAS said: “you need to write code if you are not using ATLAS, you need to write Java .... Javascript in order to do it, who still writes Javascript nowadays, who even likes to write code!”..

Hell Ya! Many got Java and Javascript confused yesterday, despite there's absolutely nothing in common between them but the 1st 4 letters!.... and who do you expect to hire you baby when telling him in the interview “who still writes Javascript nowadays” ... if you don't know Javascript then you should know that you aren't developing web really better than a 15 year old school student using pirate tools!

And isn't the “so-called lousy stupid” Javascript that enabled you to get to this level in development, actually the methods you are using for form validation my dear trainer in Visual Studio comes out in Javascript by the end of the day if you have ever tried to give a look at the generated code at the client side.

& By the way, mostly no one could understand what is AJAX nor examples implementing it until Rami Arafat mentioned Google MAPs and GMAIL. Wasn't that strange after all to find most of the students not knowing about Web 2.0 , neither conceptually nor technically, if there were speakers not knowing Web 2.0 concepts as you might read later in this post in the RSS lousy experiment on IE 7.

Of course the event couldn't but get by Mozilla firefox making it the stupid (i-dunno-why-people-use-it) browser that is used by old fashioned people! Starting from a question made by one of the attendants (a Microsoft .net club committee member with a certification badge on his shirt), asking why ASP.NET components are not rendered properly on Mozilla's browser, of course the answering discussion (where the asking, answering, and a note-to-add personnel were the contributors of it) resulted in making Firefox a non-standard, stupid, buggy that browser that people that are using it are stupid just because a couple of security issues!!!!!!!!

Not because Firefox is the standard and Microsoft is just making its own standards out of its minds trying to imply them on people's lives!

By the way, those Microsoft .net club committee members and students that were blinded by Microsoft were clapping each and every 5 minutes just to make people clap for the speaker on his silly jokes, drag and drops, and WOW-y actions..... DUH!

I Worked with Microsoft, It was a pleasure and a very nice experience, but .... why is this un-ethical stupidness acted by some of those guys!!! I clapped only when there was a reason to do it (example: the Vista session speaker wanting to show IE 7 opening google.com ;P )

Further more, during the Vista session, that was introduced proudly with: “Who still uses less than 1G RAM on his home PC”... talking about IE 7, tabs were made to be a (New Cool Stuff) that Firefox's tabs are old fashion, forgetting the fact that the tabs fashion was born long long time ago in Netscape and the fact that the guys at Microsoft took over 4 years to understand the tabs code from the open sourced Netscape in order to implement it and be the LAST web-browser on planet earth to implement it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course totally wrongly describing RSS, without forgetting the claim that IE 7 is the master of RSS!! of course, IE 7 couldnt resist that much when it simply broke down when clicking the RSS feed icon, where it simply entered the feed's xml file instead of bookmarking the feed just like IE 6, this is when the speaker said that if this was IE 6 it would have been XML code appearing, ignoring the fact that most the XML RSS feeds on the web are decorated with XSL transforms just in order not to appear in an XML tagged structure!
Epically that the experiment was don't on engadget.com, which was also introduced as (one of the famous companies) instead of a BLOG!

Of course there were many “stuff” in Vista's session that i don't wanna mention, nagging to buy it and buy a hardware that has 2-3G of RAM and 256M VGA cards!!!!!

The Microsoft blinded kidos of course got amazed with Vista while I'm still satisfied with running a 3D that they will never face as far as they will keep blinding their self with Microsoft Technologies with Looking Glass running on my 4 years old machine powered by 1999 Megas of Processor speed, hubbling and bubbling with its 384M SD-RAMs and a loudy built-in intel VGA.

The Best speaker was, no doubt, the Jordanian Story of Success, khaireddin Bushnaq, a Direct X developer that has really rocked the event, away from the usual business application stuff, and showing us a trailer of the 3D Petra project he's working on...... He was the best person that i gave away my hardest claps to, and it wasn't only me of course ;)

Eh, so ..... where is the problem ... why is this still going on more and more ...!

I've always considered the problem in Microsoft's technologies in the Jordanian IT community the Mass out of Microsoft technologies' developers, more particularly those introducing the technologies, certified center trainers, and students thinking .net technology instead of information technology where .net is considered a choice of a development platform and tool set.

And Yeah,,, this turn to use a technology to think off instead of information technology made this lack of ethics available and spreading more and more....

Are those at Microsoft liking it, maybe, and apparently they are in away or another, they are considering it an investment maybe, but its worth mentioning that the best Microsoft technology freaks are actually all-kinda-technology developers not Microsofto-mono-logy developers, people with ethics not just hand clappers!

11 April, 2006

The Hashemite University's Computer Center Blocking most of the internet Websites including Jordanplanet and the Jordanian Governement!

Yes, The computer Center at the hashemite University just hit the wall with their latest update of the Websense (a.k.a Proxying Software) filtering the traffic of internet coming through inside the universities LAN, and this time they got it much more over the limit, after blocking all sort of interesting useful websites since my 1st days at uni, in favour of stupid arabic chat websites and arabic forums talking about haifa and i dunno who & what they did the other day and the DAMAR love sites with creapy poems in favor of tech forums, categorised as ADULT CONTENT and MESSAGE BOARDS AND CLUBS!

Starting LAST THURSDAY, a new prooxy policy caused blocking MOST of the internets websites, mentioning JORDAN PLANET IT SELF!
My Blog, actually ALL The Blogs on BLOGGER, including Google's Blogger it self.....

but also Harvards globalvoicesonline.org

the JORDANIAN GOVERNMENT's official media center jordan.jo

Allllllllllll the newspapers, Addustour, Alrai, Alghad ... etc

All the audio visual corps websites, ranging from bbcarabc.com until the poor jrtv.jo!

Amman Net's website is blocked since ages even, probably a couple of years now!

Not to mention websites contributing to HM King Abdullah the 2nd!!!!!!!!!
I thought its called the HASHEMITE university after all!

and tataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Logging out from your yahoo account is HIGHLY prohibited!!!!!!!

I have sent an email to the cheif of the computer center last sunday morning, up to now i got nothing from the guy, and as far as sunday was concerned no changes happened, lets wait and see till tomorrow , and ill be posting any updates about.....

I think the hashemite University is passing by its worst night mares anyways since the current Mr president got his hand over the university, where the whole university turned into a gang of employees from the same family (the presidents of course) and with each and every small paper should be passing under the presidents nose in order to get any approval or paper passed!

One last thing to mention is that since the policy applied for the student's account is strict enough so that not even the standard Windows Paint utility is banned, I've sent these screen shots for the cheif of the computer dep inside a word document and attached in my email (nothing more stupid apparently).

heh, gal paint utility gal, even the right click is disabled! couldnt they put some Macs and end all this screwing!

[UPDATE] 12-April-2006:
Everything is back up and running this morning, where what should be banned is back banned again, and what should run is running again....

It Didnt Last more than a couple of days, most of the thinks are back blocked again, including JORDANPLANET.NET

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طلاب أو طلاب

بينما يتظاهر مئات الألاف من الطلبة في فرنسا ضد قانون العمل الذي يسمح لرب العمل بطرد الخريج بدون مبرر بعد سنتان من عمله.

تصل درجة اهمال طلبة جامعاتنا اللذين لا يكترثون الى قانون العمل الأردني اللذي يسمح لرب العمل بطردهم بعد 3 أشهر فقط, بل و من أول يوم بدون دفع فلس واحد على جهدهم بحجة أنهم "متدربين" .... فتصل بهم درجة الأهمال الى ترك كتبهم التي يجلسون عليها في العراء لعطلة أسبوع ماطرة

Really shame, This picture I took the Sunday before, those books on which our nowadays university student sit, in order not to waste their dirty expensive jeans, were let there from the Thursday before, upon a very rainy weekend….

If they don’t respect their books our them being in a university, made for learning, can’t they just respect their parents paying for those books 3 or 4 times a semester!?

Kudos to the French university students……

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Beat is Speaking

Yeah, Finally a live on the air show on Beat FM, and who can make it better than the aries talky walky man him self Yanal Kasseh ;)The Show is called THE JAM and its on weekday mornings until 10 am, Yeaaaah! Yanal is back in our mornings, the show is "almost" a typical yanal morning ;) (saying almost since when he used to be in Jordan FM 2003 and beyond he used to wake us up with dedicating a fat boy slim to his girlfriend at 6 AM :P) hehe....
things here are some how different in case you were used to his mornings on Jordan FM... different enough that he has a co-hosting lady, one that unfortunately aint of his professionalism yet, and the way the show goes aint typically his style we do remember, but fair enough i say, you just have to listen for 10 minutes to know his out there ;) he's YANAL MAN!

Way to go man, good job so far, despite the fact that u need to ask for some better mics, u know, its still the 1st Live show on beat, the voice is pumping every now and then...

Good Luck jamming us Yanal!

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09 April, 2006

Wednesday's Late Night Rock back on Radio Jordan FM

Finally, and due to High Popular Demand, a 100% ROCK and ONLY ROCK dedicated show is back on Radio Jordan 96.3 FM...

and yes, it's the Wednesday's Late Night Rock, not with nice old days of Dj Ranya though (a.k.a the Queen of rock ,,, just before some changes in her taste to turkish music and leaving to the states ;P) but with Dj Laith Shankitee, who was a Dj in the station in the back old days....

Oohh, I hope it will be upon my expectations, especially in such a rock-lousy radio airwaves nowadays, especially after the host of the Sunday Alternative Show on Radio Jordan, the not that long stayer Dj Haitham Shishanee, and with other stations around claiming their considerations of Rob Thomas and Shakira's "Dont Bother" as Rock (holly crap maybe).... and the non-stop identity-less music policy that some stations apply, making even the few played rock songs evaporated in the mass of junk music.

Its true that some Djs Still consider Rock ( & I MEAN ROCKKKKK!) a major part of their play list (The Morning Madness guys, and “The Middle of the Road Show's” Dj Safana on RJ FM, as well as some Mood FM Silent Djs) but This is not really what a rocker wants, Thus, I'm thinking big on those 4 hours of rock starting this Wednesday night,,,

Be there, 8 PM – Midnight.

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Open Source Group @ the Hashemite University

As some of you dear reader have already heard, either from some guys around and about or yours truly, an Open Source group is developing inside the Hashemite University's Faculty of Information Technology.

Some thoughts and passions, along with other disappoints and frustrations, lead to forming this community in HUIT, with the listening ears and mind of Dr Khaled Tahat (chief of the Software Engineering Dept) and the support of a few number of instructors, thoughts were refined, compiled, and debugged in order to start the activities of the club slightly from the backstage halls deep inside the community of the students.

The Drs, the ones who got inside the whole thing from the beginning, are paying their duty in mentioning Open source Technologies in their lectures in each and every possible bit, taking advantage of the instructors credibility among student, especially those freshmen and 2nd year students, despite the fact that there are mainly only 2 Drs and a TA that got knowledge in Open Source Technologies.

The TA even volunteered to give a free Linux course along the semester.

Now We, Students, will are getting deeper inside the students community using an in-lecture evangelism method, that is, given the needed privileges, we have the right to get in any lecture, and giving a Open Source seminar in that lecture for its students in the scope of the course we have invaded, spreading our existence to the public, and capturing any passionate skills willing to work with the group for the benefit of the IT students community (delivering by that the fact that the groups members are the workers, and the whole community of students is getting the group's benefits).... building by that the base for our big bang desired to take place by the end of May 2006, which will be a full “Open Source Open Day” , a day on which technical and cultural open source seminars and sessions, installation fests, are aimed to take place, and a Multi-tech open-to-public lab will be hosting computers running different Open Source Operating Systems, Technologies, and Open Source Supporting Technologies just there for everyone to experience.

Enterprises and Individuals supporting, running, using, and spreading Open Source Technologies are also an objective for that day, Oracle Jordan is interested so far in presenting the way their RDBMS system and accessories are supporting Open Source Technologies especially using Java.

And if you my dear reader are one of those mentioned above, please drop me a line at nasimjo@gmail.com in order to have more information about participating in the Open Source Open Day, or supporting the group with Ideas or hot offers for students in the Open Source Technologies merchandise, ranging from books, workshops, courses, consulting free ideas, upto penguins ;) yeah ... geeky accessories ;) for real no, we'll be dying for a penguin doll ;)

Until then, more of lectures invasions will be on the way, spreading the word among the students. A lecture is done already, a 60 student Human Computer Interaction was introduced to the other level of 3D HCI delivered by Project Looking Glass 3D. topics to come vary from Open Source, Licensing, and Web 2.0 concepts upto JSF, MySQL, and Cairo (Hopefully) technical sessions.

So, stay tuned to get more and more about the OSG @ HUIT, and please, for any feed back or interests, you've got the comments and the mail..

Aiming for an IT students' community where everyone would feel being an IT STUDENT :)

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