29 March, 2007

Radio Guide Update: Fann FM starts its transmission from Salt on 94.7 FM

Fann FM recently started a new antenna in Salt area on 94.7 to cover Salt, Middle Jordan Valley, and northern dead sea.

Microsoft and its Vista can kiss my *ss*!

Because its my birthday, because i say so, and because Micro$oft know nothing but to imitate ...
Project Looking Glass ROXX!

and this is what we call, a Filthy Rich Java client for Amazon.com :)

26 March, 2007

Radio Guide Update: Sawt Al-Madina on 88.7 FM

Sawt Al-Madina started its Test transmission yesterday on 88.5 FM.
you may find that the quality of the sound is still not that good. and the name of the station is still undecleared.

the station is owned by members of Al-Badded family, most probably the same owners of the free weekly newspaper: "Al-Madina"

Update: The Station switched its transmission on 88.7 FM

25 March, 2007


Its ugly ....
to know that
a dream ...
in the future ...
will never happen!

when a dream, that you're waiting for to happen after a week or so ...
will not happen neither on-time ,,, nor in-time.

its a dream after all !
isn't it ....

but in my dictionary, a dream is something applicable from my side,
but impossible from others' ...

Damn i hate the reason dreams were called so...!

18 March, 2007

BiSCA @ DCCA 2007

BiSCA will be participating in DCCA, which will be the 1st conference BiSCA will ever participate in.

The 1st International Conference on Digital Communications and Computer Applications (DCCA2007) is a forum for scientists, engineers and practitioners to present their latest research results, ideas, developments and applications in all areas of Digital Communications, Computer Science, and Information Technology. DCCA2007 will include presentations of contributed papers and state-of-the-art lectures by invited keynote speakers. This conference welcomes papers focusing on, but not limited to, the following research topics

DCCA will be held in parallel with WEBIT2007 as well.

You all are invited to attend BiSCA's session at the Amman Intercont'l hotel, Tuesday the 20th of March, Between 11-1 PM at Nebo meeting room.

15 March, 2007

the Irony of Radio Stations on such a snowy day..

In the morning, 7 AM ...
Watan FM was the only Station that gave interest for the snowy situation.
Jordan FM, Amman FM, The Official Jordanian Broadcasting corporation, Fann FM's 7.15 AM News didnt give any interest for the situation.

Starting 7.30, Fann FM's Al-Wakeel Show, Amen FM's Open Show, and Amman Net FM's "Tallet Sobe7" gave interest for the situation. other Morning shows around didnt give interest, neither sawt al-ghad's, jordan FM's, Amman FM's nor Play's really gave that interest.

At 8 AM there was Al-Bath Al-Mobasher, they were blaiming the ministry of Education of not responding, and cooperating regarding declearing in what schools will the educational process be stopped, and forgetting that their show actually starts late enough for all those who need to go to work, school, or university!

Amen FM and Fann Fm also mentioned the lack of cooperation regarding the ministry of education...

now the irony of most of the above... Play Started getting interested in the snowy situation, and ... The fine morning show was extended in this occasion, same as Amen FM's Morning Open Show ... The difference was the way both of them helped people ....
Amen FM received 10s and 100s of calls from people, and the were in touch with Police central operation rooms through the Talky Walky, and getting Police patrols to deliver people that are having an emergency case ... and until this hour they helped 10s of people ...
Play 99.6 had SMS and emails from people troubled, but here, They decleared a promo from the Hummer dealer in town that they any one who had his/her car into trouble, Hummer will offer him/her a ride to his/her home or place of interest!!! and until this hour they helped .... tattaaaaaaaaan ( ONE MAN!)

12 March, 2007

هاظ مجلس بدّو حل بالخل

يا صبّاح يا عليم ، يا رزاق يا كريم

زعمت فتاة كانت تعمل في مكتب أحد النواب أن ثلاثة نواب بالإضافة إلى مدير إحدى دوائر المجلس الكبرى حاولوا التحرش بها جنسياً صباح اليوم الأحد
Via AmmanNet this morning

“Play” Shakira and “Beat” it!

So Shakira is performing in Dubia later this month. And 2 Jordanian stations are “fighting” to get you tickets to her concert.
It all started when Play 99.6 launched the campaign to win a trip to dubai for 2 and tickets for shakira's contest in cooperation with Umniah, where you'd get ready to sing a shakira's song, text a message to an Umniah nr for 3 piasters. And, if u get chosen the next morning on the lee morning show, you have to sing, win a CD for shakira, and get into the draw to win the tickets. Play 99.6 claims to be “The official radio station for The 1st Ever Shakira concert in the middle east”

Beat FM, pumped up with another way to win the trip and tickets, claiming to be “The first station to give away shakira's tickets in Jordan”. The difference her is that you had to call a 0900 number with 0.5 JD/ a minute. And sing sth for shakira, and they have gave away tickets already.

so... you choose, you can pay little and win later with Play, or pay more and win earlier with Beat .... SIGH!

Play are playing promotions of people singing on the phone trying to win, and Beat is playing promotions with someone who expresses her excitement of winning the tickets

Shall i say that a very similar situation happened on both stations when 50 Cent came to lebanon.

Ma 3alena .... Free tickets for some Jazz anyone!

Madaba Jazz Festival