02 March, 2006

Martsishor, Celebrating Spring and Women in Romania

It's the 1st of March, and in many cultures and civilizations, those past ones and many still-existing ones, this day was meant to represent the beginning of Spring, and the bloom of a new life for a new year.

In the Romanian tradition, from which i inherit half of my blood and soul, the 1st of March is the “Martsishor” day, the day of celebrating Spring and Women.

In the Martsishor day, (originally from “Martie”, that is, March in english. Hence, Martsishor explicitly means in English “Lil' March”), Women are rewarded with flowers and “Martsishors” for being the symbol of beauty and bloom of this life, celebrating their spring blush for a new beginning.

Martsishors, the things that women are rewarded with in this day, are small funky handmade badges, that men give to the women that he loves and and respect. Those badges consist mainly of Red and White fabrics and filaments (Yeah, The Dacia nation figured the beauty of Red and White together before you Roba ;) along with different sorts of small stuff!!!

Doing a small Photo googling, those pictures might help you more realize what a Martsishor is.

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Roba said...

hehe, cool. happy martsishor..

kinzi said...

Naseem, I remember this tradition! Happy Martsishor...trust you made a big fuss over your mom!

Anonymous said...

vă doresc, ţie şi mama ta, un mărţişor fericit!


nasimjo© said...

Rashaaaaaaaaaaa ;) mărţişor fericit to you my dear ;) cred ca tremiti din romania fiind ca literele sant cum trebuie ;)

cred ca e prima oara cand am visite din romania ;P

Roba, Happy mărţişor to you, this is how its actually written in romanian, thanx to rasha who is seamingly sending from romania, I wrote it so that non romanians would spell it write!

Kinzi, hehe, glad you do, and glad i brought up some memories for you

Rasha said...

Actually no i'm sending from jordan, but i'm half romanian like you are :)

nasimjo© said...

Nice to meet you rasha, in case you r not a tech girl, this is probably the 1st time that i see a non tech person that can deal with Charsets ;)

hehe, we hybrid ppl are FALTE:)

by the way, how did you pass by?! a google blog search (cause I found some one accessing my blog searching on Romania on google,com/blogsearch ), or you are a jordanplanet reader?!

Rasha said...

you're absolutely right, we hybrid ppl are special :D

i'm a computer engineering student but i'm not sure how much of a 'tech' girl i am :)

and yeah i came your blog via jordanplanet, i got excited when i read your 'mărţişor' post, i just had to comment :)

Anonymous said...

So nice to see that people everywhere remember this day, yesterday a friend of main give me a bracelet and explain the tradition, he’s from Bulgaria. To day we will celebrate it hope every women do especially in Jordan (I miss it ... :-( )