19 March, 2006

iSystem – Apple Center on the Air... Play Vs. Sawt El-Ghad

During the last couple of weekends, live radio broadcasting shows had been transmitted from the iSystem Apple Center in Sweifieh, This Friday for an hour and 45 mins on Play 99.6, broadcasted in english and hosted by Dj Lee, and the saturday before for an hour and 20 minutes on Sawt El-Ghad, broadcasted in arabic and hosted by Jessy.

I wanted to post about sawt Al-ghads broadcasting last week but i had to do anything but this, but now with Play's broadcasting, I have a reason to post about it!

Again, The English spoken radio industry in Jordan shows how much its in front of the Arabic spoken radio stations, not only local ones but nation wide ones!

Starting with Sawt El-Ghad's broadcasting, they started later than scheduled, at 8 PM instead of 7 PM as promoted by them, and broadcasted for more than the promised one hour.
The quality wasn't that good, and the cooperation between the station's team at location,including the radio announcer: Jessy, and the studio based team was obviously bad, and Jessy sort of showed it off explicitly saying each and every while that the broadcasting will get back to the studio in order to hear a song, not to forget the sound gaps when transitions between the songs and the on location broadcasting were made. While on the other hand Play's transmission was better, and I know what instruments they use for out-door transmission anyway ;) Lee was managing smooth transitions between his on location transmission and the songs being played on air, without blank gaps, and with smooth vocal linking mentioning the songs to be played next on the play list and the ones played before getting back to air. Showing it like Lee was playing the music from location directly.

Not to forget that Sawt el ghad had Mic Echo problems several times during the transmission, I dunno how the people in the store rested that noise from the big speakers!

Sawt El-Ghads transmission was full of wrong information about the products, those faults were done within Jessy's discussions with the people, mentioning few are her claims that the nano iPod is bigger saying “el nano beji akbar zai ma intoo shaifeen”, and when urging a kid's father to buy his sun the game his son was playing on an Apple Power G5, forgetting that a MAC is not a PC! And repeating the MAC-PC confusions several times when claiming that people can visit the store in order to upgrade their existing PCs at home!

Play's Lee was well informed about Apple and its products, presenting them in a really professional way like if he was a sales man at the store. Also to mention is that Jessy was always asking assistance from the stores sales personnel on the air, but still, repeating mistakes.

The Music aired by Sawt El-Ghad wasn't that suitable for the event, especially that the show's music is aired for the public at the store, from the 5 songs they played during the transmission, a song was an Eminem song with Explicit lyrics! Remember,its in public and by sawt El-Ghad!

Play's music was in the scope of it's music list, but with avoiding even the cleaned rap and hiphop songs, the show had more music than talk.

Despite the fact that Play's show had more music than talk, but it gave a greater number of opportunities for the people at the store to participate in the contest, that is since Lee was asking direct questions and accepting direct rapid answers, with a question/person, with the right answers put all together in a final draw.
Jessy's way was by asking, or rather negotiating a number of 4 different questions with each and every person, spending quite a boring time with the same person repeating the questions and answers (yeah there were 4 choices for each question, the Jordanian way) and not to forget Jessy's use of French along her Lebanese accent confusing the participators even more!

Fortunately, no surprising "Ohhs!" with "Nice Butts" occurred during Play's transmission ;)

I wonder when will those Arabic speaking Radio stations learn how to do their stuff professionally, even from their local English speaking colleague stations! Not to forget that most of the non governmental operated radio stations in the arab world are pan-arab radio stations and not local ones if you take the spreading factor into consideration (that is since the number of private radio stations in Lebanon it self exceeds the number of pan-arab radio stations)!
Noting that the local english speaking radio stations in the arab world (either state owned or private) are even better than arabic service provided by foreign state radios like the US operated Sawa, or the French operated RMC.

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salam said...

don't forget that she(jessy) called it an i-pot a nuber of times!