06 March, 2006

Tag Tag Taggieh!

The Other day being on Technorati, I figured out that I've been tagged by Amino (Early, Right!)!

So here is my Tag Tag Taggie;)

Five Facts about me

1. I was dreaming to be a bus driver when i was a kid, and i'm aiming to get deep into Transport Intelligence when i'm Big ;) well this is one of multiple future plans !
2. I weight 100 +/- 10 kgs, depending on my mood!!!!!!!!!!!
3. My Life is built on love! yeah! I love my PC and RAMs even! I cant stand anything i dont love
4. I never ever lied to anybody but my parents! My Lies were all with the mession of preventing my parents from thinking about my worries, their are more than enough, i have always wanted to make them feel better in the remaining days they have in this life!
5. I Dont drink coffee, & sleep less than 6 hours a day! actually I dont drink anything but water mostly, Mountain Due is a drink that i use to fresh up from time to time, It's our faculty's moto ;)

Three things i like about others

1. Clearity and Honesty, both merged inside out!
2. Quality, both in doing things and dealing with others.
3. Thoughts! I like people who make that effort to THINK , Compile THOUGHTS, and Show them Up!

Three things i hate about others

1. Cheating
2. "Carelessity"!
3. Not Appreciating Life and god's willing!

People to tag...! hehe, I guess I'm the last person to resolve this tag in the circle of 500 light years from here ;)

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Khawaja M. said...

Hey Nassim ...
I felt that about you from the first day, I have met you :)

Keep the good work!

nasimjo© said...

Khawaja, Ur TAGGED!