26 March, 2006

More About Public Transportation in Amman (Pictures Inside ;)

Just to have some notes clearer from the previous post, this post will be featuring a number of pictures i took last thursday just to convense some people about the points I've illustrated.

Those pictures show the LATEST URBAN BUSES in amman (Which are pre-used ones, and imported from europe), and the bus signs installed during 2005, the sign in the picture is one situated in a WRITE PLACE ;) at Xpress, Mecca Street, unlike some other ones (Hint Hint: opposite to The Housing Bank Street, shmeisani ;).

The buses photos were taken at Raghadan Bus Terminal.

By the way, the guy in that picture is my partner in crime, Ehab ;)

& of course, all the pictures grow up amazingly when clicked (Copyrights by andfaraway.net ;)

1 comment:

Firas said...

Thanks a lot Nasim
Yes these are the ones, they look nice don't they?

Good job, I'll try some week to go in busses only to see if it really works, though it has to be in summer. Now I've tried once reading those map and it was confusing no need to mention that some has pasted sticky posters on the thing!

Again, thanks a lot and keep up the good work