02 March, 2006

FASTLINK, Enough is ENOUGH! (Part #2)

Today, being in a “White Taxi Service”, where the driver was tuned to Fann FM, I heard this new Fastlink Adv for their Post-Paid lines (Keep Close), of course, and obviously, this ad was targeted for the prepaid Fastlink subscribers mass, which i was one of (and still in fastlink's counters of 2 million subscribers though My Fastlink Mobile is turned off and abandoned) , until My last summer's switch.

So, getting back to the ad, it was all about switching to post paid as simple as CALLING 1234 AND PRESSING ON NUMBER 1 THEN 6!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!
Yup, Remembering my last January's annoying story with Fastlink's Customer Care service and listening to this Ad brought to my mind the wonder of wonder, how do they dare to promote a service that is not working “Practically” for, i guess it's not all but the very most of Fastlink's subscribers! I'm saying not all cause i bet those heavy Keep Close 1000++ customers, the lines of Fastlink executives, and those governmental Fastlink lines are gaining what the claimed 2 million subscribers – 200+- 50 are Not!!!!

For the sake of being fair, I just opened my Fastlink line after i got home and started pinging the Customer Care service until this very moment I'm writing this post, and still with the same old results for all the tens of made calls to 1234, between which by the way, other tens that were failing calls with the NETWORK BUSY BEEP!
Ah, and by the way, there's an improvement in the time waiting until they cut your line after pressing Nr 6!
Last January, the computerize system indicate to wait in order to be transferred to an operator, after which was indicating that the phone call is recorded for quality assurance purposes, then reclaiming that you'd be transferred to the operator, after which you where told that your request wont be taken and cut off. While now, you would be indicated to wait in order to be transferred then told that your request wont be taken and cut off directly, without even being taken into the quality assurance fake thingy, Cool! It's not wasting my battery like before!

How can a service provider be such an ignorant for his customers right?!
How can a service provider be such an ignorant for his customers?!
How can a service provider be such a lier for his services?!
How can a service provider be promote his dumbness and weakest feature on the mass-media?!
How can a service provider be a FAST LINK when it's working with a PAST THINK!

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