20 February, 2006

Urdon, a Jordanian Album!

Yes, This is the 1st ever ARABIC CD in my music collection! Believe it or not, it's Jordanian, & it worths it, It's RUM GROUP's Latest Album (URDON).

As some of you, particularly some Jordan Planet Residents, had already felt the experience of Rum's new album in the release event at Zara Expo last January and me being too evolved in everything but my self and my spiritual self (now there's a difference in my opinion between the both! Freeky!!) I finally got my Hand on the CD it self, been hearing it nonstop for over 3 days now, getting into a completely new experience, that might, if not sure, is different from being at a life concert by them, having the 1st impression built directly from the CD's tracks, that have been heavily repeated in order to get as deep as possible into them!

Conclusion: The CD worths 50 JDs, not Only 5! for real, todays arabic music is not only terrible enough to make this album by Rum the best arabic music I've heard since over 10 years now, but also a loose of the arabic identity, even on the local levels, so that such an album by Rum must be a success, if not in the arab world then in Jordan at least!

The album, entitled URDON (that is, “Jordan” in arabic language, but in an easy going arabic language format) really express Jordan as a community and culture as well as Jordan as part of the culture of Arabia. Awesome!

I'm feeling like listening to each and every track now and telling you the experience it moves me to, I guess this is the most simple way to assess this CD:

1 – Urdon: The piece of music that truly represents Jordan, and the best start for such an album! Music that represents everything in Jordan, the heritage, the history, the people, the daily life in the Capital, town, village and desert!
The Music is compiled of usual rhythms each and every Jordanian hums starting his day, Yeah! Have anyone noticed that but me!?

2 – Rohy Ya Roh: The music for the soul, probably the incidents of 9 Nov had an influence in putting this track the 2nd in the tracklist. The song is a song for the soul, it's a song dedicated for a soul mate the somebody misses for a reason or another, where only his spirit would be able to meet that somebody's soul urging the need of the physical meeting, but away from it in fact!
Is This the way we arabs love in here or what!

3 – Lamma Teshty: I don't know, but I felt like I'm singing this song, It's my talks, my conversation with my self, the conversation that nobody would appreciate but my own life,,, yes that little piece deep inside of me is the only “thing” accepting it, Life is a mate of my life, this one is typically my song!

4 – Jtna Resalah: I guess this track with Ma'ani Originated rhythms entitled “We got a message” is just a message from Tariq Al-Nasser and his band for todays Urban people, that simply mentions: “This is Your Culture, this is You, This is What You Are, it's not like you think or make it look like, it's this hyper, this relaxing, this dynamic, this pure and simple,,,,, THINK!” .... Got the message?!

5 – Iram: This is a musical session of all the sounds of arabia, with its all sorts of lives and environments, This is Rum's message to the world regarding arabia, away from the fantasies of 1001 nights, Buddah Bar's Indiano-Arab fictional identity, and from Radio Orient's erotic representation of Arabia fantasies.

6 – Ya Yumma:an Arab east Mediterranean's (one of which is Jordanian) girl's call for her mother. This is arabia's romantica... one built on real life though.

7 – Hob: It is 100% a typical Jordanian Love story, I just feel it, the first look, the first smile, the first informal meeting, the first formal meeting, the happy moments, the hand touch, the hangout, the hours spent together, the nights spent thinking of each other,,, even the progress of engagement and the happily lived days after, it's the peak, definitely the peak during minute 3 of the song.... what's after,,,, The Wedding and the marriage life by the beginning of minute 4, the couple are old now, wishing their kids will ever love as they did once, is it gonna happen, kids are not loving their parents even, what kind of love would they practice if they lack the very least of it..... Oh my God! Is it just another song with a message in the album!

8 – 3Eshna: This is the life of a typical Urban Jordanian.... (and Urban Doesn't being cool and winning an i-budd!) It's 90% of Jordan's 20-30 aged girls and guys' life, it's the kick start of a Jordanian's life, with all it's daily life suffering, little deep happiness that would keep'em up for this life, and celebration ;) there are two parties featured in this song, I feel that one is a real one, while the other is a Love-Fest ;) which is deep inside the soul. Hehe, a yelling wife and a bunch of kids are next... Typically Jordanian ;)

9 – Dagg Galby (music): it's a listeners exploration for the next track which is supported with vocals. It's a love state with all the emotions a Jordanian girl would go through (an Information based on my observation). In this track you feel the fact that she's making it all secret and discreet, until that moment of time when she speaks out, and finds out that nothing can protect her love from speaking out loud declaring everything, just a wonderful piece of art by Tariq Al-Nasser.

10 – Dagg Galby: the vocal piece of this song, recorded in 1994 as mentioned in the cover is really “too good” to be done in 1994! it's represents a Jordanian female's feelings to her mom obviously, a story to tell. Also with a peak, a happy one, marriage ... isn't that every girl's dream after all.

11 – Min Nus Sa3a: The Jordanian couple, ironically a true usual story, on which a Jordanian couple's story is built, because of certain life circumstances, actual ones that cannot be ignored. This Jazzy humming gives irony for the track, I love it ;) a Jordanian guys suffering is notable in the track... ma tseebini mal6o3 fel ma7al ;) ..... God, is it a fight their by the end, yes it is, a way if life based vocal fight, resulting in what .... getting back to the beginning of the track once again ;)

12 – Mosaic (Urdon): I liked the fact that Tariq used the word “Mosaic” instead of remix. This closing track is the same track which the album has started with, this one represent the “mosaic” and variety of the Modern Jordan's Life. Another point of view would be that the 1st track was Jordan at day, while this represents the Jordanian night, good thought as well, probably jordan's “modernism” appears in night more obvious as well!

In short, By the Album it worths it, BUY IT ORIGINAL, save 5 JDs from your mobiles useless chit chat and buy this one, IT WORTHS IT! Believe me.

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Abu 7amarneh said...

OK... i cannot agree more, same here,,, this CD in my player for almost a month now, i cannot stop listening to it.


Anonymous said...

i find it hard to take music advice from a guy with a pink webpage/blog.

nasimjo© said...

abu 7amarne, yeah indeed... thanx for the traceback, good post.

Anonymous,it's easy, just click the [X] button on the top right! and get your own "non-pink blog!"

Anonymous said...

nasimjo, thats no fun, besides I dont really want a blog. We have launched a grassroots campaign to get you to change the colour of blog - pink is no good. Especially if you like saving trees.

I have one more gripe, on the 24th of Jan (thats ~ a month ago) you promised that the following week you were going to discuss 'Intellectual Property in general in Jordan.' I have been waking up early every day since 24/01/06 and visiting your blog in eager anticipation only to be disappointed that this article was not forthcoming. You had a great opportunity recently, apparently law enforcement agents from the IPPO confiscated more than 18,000 illegally copied cassettes on Sunday. I feel let down you havent taken advantage of this news item.

PS Since the Urdon CD is apparently worth 50 JDs, luckily I have 10 copies of the CD which you can have for only 40JD each, saving you a whopping 10JD on each CD!! What do you say?

nasimjo© said...

Dear Anonymous,
and I wont change the color just because of this campign anonymous people are having!

about the IP post, yes... I know & im really trying to get time for it, I dunno, maybe if you'd give me an extra couple of hours from your life! just to make one day of mine 26 hours instead of 24!

anyway, the IP related IP is to be general about the situation in Jordan, and by the way, IP is not only Computer Software and Music!

Moey said...

have u tried "sign of thyme" ?

nasimjo© said...

Actually I've heard and read about them but never heard them, but willing to, 4 sure, I wonder if they released the CD they promised to already!?