09 February, 2006

n@simjo 1.9.84 is ON!

Yes, Finally a new look!
this is still before 2.0, just to see your reaction and tips on it.
And before you'd say a word, the theme is not PINK, it's coral, getting back to my roots when I had Lived in Aqaba during the 1st couple of years in my life on this earth.... so it's coral not pink.

I guess im having trouble with IE 6 and earlier regarding the PNG images, I mean, c'mon, get a REAL BROWSER

Waiting for your comments, I wont tell you more about the changes till the official 2.0 release....
Ok Ok, I got my own Categorization touch since blogger doesnt have this feature!


Anonymous said...

whats with the pink theme? Looks a bit gay

nasimjo© said...

Coral Please!

damdoumz said...

nasim:(...i knw u meant coral..bt it's a bit girly!...bt...mmmm i like it...n i dnt knw y...bt it's really u..i meant the color -nt tht u r girly or anythn-..bas the color is warm n thts u:)

Anonymous said...

about the browsers, IE is the BEST!
im a web developer, i use more than 7 browsers to check copitablity .. bs really nothing is better than IE, at least you know how to save image ... :P

opera and FF are good, give a try to avant


nasimjo© said...

good day Web Fellow ;)
heh, avant is just a UI built on IE's engine, Opera is a modified IE engine. and FireFox ROXXXXX;)
I just wonder how can u develop Javascripts, and Server side scripts and test them on IE when u have that annoying Yellow bar appearing all the time ... grrr!

IE has some advantages by having some javascript and AJAX features to work on it particularly, but i think FireFox got it all now!