13 February, 2006

My 2nd JordanPlanet Meeting

Yes, only Khalida have posted about it ;)

The Feb 06 Jordanian Bloggers meeting was My 2nd, and my 1st at Wild Jordan. The meeting's attendants weren't 30+ as expected, but around 20.

Abdul Aziz from Kuwait and I were the 1st to be there around 6:15, as well as Ibrahim Owais who was waiting on a table with out us knowing him. Abdul Aziz & I were both spinning ,searching and asking the employees about the meeting and coincidently got to know each other, we searched each and every place at Wild Jordan, we even got to the kitchen by mistake and opened a door through which we simply saw the foundations of Wild Jordan and the ArabBank of Downtown! Feeky!

Anyway, everyone started to come slightly after, khaleda, Ala'a Ibrahim, Lina,Darwish, Isam and Abeer,,,, and the rest followed.

Unlike Always, Roba was the last to reach! No not Ammar, but Jad and Roba!

Topics discussed were mainly about having Jordan Planet's citizens involved in group work and actions, and how can this be done respecting opinions of other citizens in the planet. this issue was shifted to a current similar action done by some members regarding the book club.

Also, suggestions for next meetings were discussed, suggestions for having a meeting in a WiFi-service place to post about the meeting directly from location was discussed, a problem was having free WiFi service,, well, since the nr of citizens is increasing, a suggestion was to get benifit of closing the 4th circle for the new tunnel and intersection being built in there and have a meeting at the 4th circle, free Wifi will be available from the Prime Ministry Complex "10 Zahran Street", and it will be a place to accommodate us all ;)

Discussions for having one of the meetings where blog readers to be invited to the meeting, explicitly, this would be a nice experience, but a place to accommodate all of us will be needed.

other meeting related discussions were held. And of course JameedKast also had a focus during the meeting ;) photo tagging between laith and ala'a occured!

As You are reading this post, n@simjo 1.9.86 is ON, after some fixations occurred in relation to some trouble for those reading the blog with screen resolution over 800*600 in 1.9.85, and technorati tags are added now. 2.0 is getting closer everyone! still accepting your suggestions

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Oleander said...

thanks for the update on the meetup Nasim.
and mabrook the site re-design, and coral my shoe it's pink dude :)
anyway I'd be interested to see your take on categories on blogger, maybe we can steal that from you? as a suggestions, maybe drop the effect when opening the commenting window, it's a bit too much :)

Dar said...

Nasim , it was really a pleasure to meet u ! :)

Khalidah said...

Hey Nasim, I was the first to post about the meeting, with pictures kaman, but maybe you missed it; here is the link:

It is always a pleasure to meet you Nasim, and hopefully next time, people would more enthusiastic to come to the meeting .. :D